Let art education return to the original heart

Some time ago,Current affairs hot websites a 6 -year -old girl was injured while practicing the waist in dance class, and was diagnosed with fracture -free dislocation spinal cord injury and paraplegia.This is not the first example of "lower lumbar palsy" reported by the media.A data released by Guo Xiaodong's team of Cyber Department of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology showed that from 2005 to 2022, more than 1,000 children were paralyzed due to improper practice of dance dance.

Behind the tragedy is the anxiety of parents."You can add points for artistic specialty", "I can't find any talent work" ... I don't know when, in addition to "score anxiety", our parents have become "talented anxiety".In order to cultivate children's talents, many parents sent their children into various art training courses early, and asked their children to learn the art -oriented when they learned arts -learn piano test, paintings to participate, dancing to win prizes, once there is no result of the result, there is no result of the result, there is no result, there is no result, there is no result, there is no result of the result., I feel that the child is in vain.

The disadvantages of utilitarian art education are obvious.According to the law of dance education, children are suitable for kneeling when they are seven or eight years old, and they are suitable for practicing the lower waist at the age of ten. But now they enter various dance training institutions.EssenceChildren are so small, bone and muscle strength have not developed complete, and some difficult movements are done before, which can easily cause irreversible damage to the body.In a professional dance school, I rarely heard that there are paraplegia due to dancing, but at the outside school dance training institution, "lower lumbar palsy" has frequently occurred because parents and institutions violate the laws of art education for early "results" and let the laws and education laws let the laws and educational laws make it allowed to let the laws of art and education make it allowChildren bear too much and unbearable.

The utilitarian art education will also kill the children's artistic potential and aesthetic taste, and even let some children "learn a technology and hate an art."If you carry out artistic education with utilitarian eyes, children will inevitably require children to go to competition, test, and win prizes.Either the competition or the test, it will always be carried out according to certain standards. Those who meet the standards are better, and those who do not meet the standards are poor.Once a "standard" is framed, the child will follow the rules and train according to the "standard". The artistic potential is likely to be suppressed, and it is difficult to play with creativity.

In an interview with Beijing Renyi recruiting people, the dean Feng Yuanzheng found that many boys' shapes showed the Mongolian "chopstick dance", and these "chopstick dances" were exactly the students who were in college four years ago when the students were in college four years ago.The art examination agency taught them.These students have been in college for four years, but they have not formed their own new things.Although they have obtained short -term benefits from the utilitarian art education, such as the grade, winning, and promotion, they have not escaped the framework of utilitarian art education and did not cultivate their own artistic creativity.It is difficult to board the stage of Beijing's artistic art, and it is destined to go further on the road of art.

With the increasing popularity of art education, art education with utilitarian eye education is becoming increasingly feasible, and it is increasingly unnecessary.For example, more than 40 million children in my country are learning piano, and they are growing at a rate of 10%per year.When there are more and more children who play the piano, they will not be artistic at the piano. If you want children to take advantage of piano to take advantage of piano and employment in employment and employment, it will become difficult.

Aesthetic issues are the core issues of art theory. The understanding of art is aesthetic understanding, art creation is aesthetic creation, and art appreciation is aesthetic appreciation.It can be said that aesthetics is the fundamental nature of art different from other things.Therefore, art education is about beauty education. The development of art education should return to the original intention of Aesthetic education, that is, through art education, cultivate people's ability to understand beauty and feel beauty, and then make people have beautiful ideals, beauty sentiment, beauty character and beauty literacy.

Let art education return to the original intention of Aesthetic education, and we cannot just teach art skills in art education."Art is not craftsmanship, it is the transmission of emotions experienced by artists." Art education is not a simple skill teaching, but a flexible personality education and emotional education.In art education, we should pay attention to the cultivation of students 'artistic interests and the shaping of artistic emotions, and pay attention to the development and enrichment of students' internal artistic literacy.At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the education of the knowledge of traditional culture and modern science. This is because the vivid performance of art requires deep cultural accomplishment to support it.Although some artists can sing and dance, they often make a joke of Zhang Guanli Dai not only affect their own image, but also make bad demonstrations for young people. This is the result of lack of cultural literacy.

The essence of art is creation.Aesthetic education is not only to understand beauty, feel beauty, but also to discover beauty and create beauty.Let art education return to the original intention of Aesthetic education, we should focus on the core of creativity, allow children to learn how to create methods, feel the fun of creating through art, and then suffer the hardships of creation and gain the happiness of creation.This creation includes not only artistic creation, but also scientific creation.In reality, the creation of many scientific giants has been nourished by art.Yuan Longping, who has exquisite violin performance skills, once said: "In addition to scientific research, the favorite is music." Einstein of Ella violin also summarized scientific research and violin: "The origin of music and physical research is different, but the goals are the goals, but the goals are the goals.The consistency is to pursue unknown expression. "Art and science always break up at the foot of the mountain like this and meet on the top of the mountain.Therefore, art education should also interact with science and technology education, so that in order to cultivate newcomers with strong cultural spirit, profound scientific literacy, and strong awareness of innovation.

Art is a slow art, art education is "slow education", and the improvement of aesthetic and creative ability is the process of stagnation to thousands of miles and gathered into rivers.Therefore, regardless of parents and teachers, when carrying out art education, they should remember that: If you want to be fast, you will not reach it, but you are anxious but have no contribution.


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