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On January 7,High-speed information website Xiaolanghua officially learned from the Military New City Management Office that the China Resources Vientiane Exchange Project plan is being optimized. The next step is to start construction after confirmation of the plan, and strive to start construction in the first quarter of 2024.

China Resources Vientiane commercial complex plays a vital role in the development of Junshan New City.The project was constructed by the original Che Guchengfa Group (now named Wuhan Junshan New City Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd.). China Resources Vientiane Life is responsible for the operation of light assets.


China Resources Vientiane commercial complex land use range

This project is a TOD Shopping Center in Wuhan Economic Development Zone and an important functional project for industrial transformation and upgrading during the "14th Five -Year Plan" period.Cheuchengfa will cooperate with China Resources Vientiane Life, and work together to create a new commercial landmark in the Greater Hanyang area, lead the consumption upgrade of the area, and further enhance the city's competitiveness of livable and availability in the Wuhan Economic Development Zone.


China Resources Vientiane Commercial Complex is located near the Xiajun Mountain Metro Station of Junshan New Town New City. It covers an area of about 86,000 square meters.EssenceThe total investment of the project is about 2.5 billion yuan, which will build urban complexes that integrate headquarters office, technology research and development, and quality business, and carry the functions of modern service industry centers in the area.


Miyaman New Town China Resources Vientiane Effect Chart


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