In 2024, Nanjing Commercial Complex is expected to open 20 new commercial projects to create a "third living space" for "scene economy"

On January 3,High-speed information website Nanjing Guojin Center (IFC) trial business.This is the third project of IFC, a high -end commercial brand IFC under Hong Kong and Shanghai.Nanjing's business territory continues to expand, and the popularity of the consumer market has continued to rise.

According to data from Nanjing Commercial Bureau, in 2024, 20 commercial projects are expected to open, and the new commercial volume exceeds 1 million square meters.In the era of stock, the "thousand stores" of commercial complexes gradually become normal.What kind of business and consumption experience can become the "key to breaking" of urban business?

The new and old business districts gather resource fighting patterns

"Taking advantage of the lunch break with colleagues, I am going to buy a strawberry cake cream puff of Butterful & Creamorous.The geographical location of Nanjing Guojin Center (IFC) is convenient, and the parking spaces are sufficient."In the future, friends meet, and even this year's New Year's Eve dinner can be scheduled to be here. There are more choices for shopping and eating, full of happiness."

Entering the mall, whether it is atrium, first -tier stores, high -quality retail stores, beauty nursing shops, or catering stores, people who queue up can be seen everywhere.Especially the negative layer of CitySuper, crowded.

"In the past few days of the trial business, the sense of atmosphere of the mall is full, which has driven the increase in supermarket passenger flow. Many of the customers are from other places." Zhang Ying, chief financial director of City'super, said that as an old -fashioned superiority, this time in Nanjing, it brought all the full brings consumers to consumers.The best food and experience in the world.For example, CITYSUPER has its own coffee brand Cafe Togather is the first store in mainland China. It was found in the early market adjustment that Nanjing's coffee culture is very strong and is a gathering place for coffee enthusiasts."We are not just a commodity, but the whole ideal lifestyle. Every customer comes here to obtain inspiration from inspiration and advanced taste from the full -link process such as browsing, experience, and purchase.","

From a geographical point of view, Nanjing Guojin Center (IFC) north of Hexi Central Park, with large expo and conference centers in the west, with about 1,000 parking spaces.At the same time, the mall is located on the top of the Metro Line 2 and Line 10 Interchange Station to achieve two subway lines to transfer, and the traffic network is perfect.

From the perspective of the store energy level, commercial buildings brought together about 168 world -high -end brand flagship stores, fashion leisure and global specialty catering. Among them, 30 % of them settled in Nanjing for the first time, and about 50 % of the brands entered the Central Business District of Hexi for the first time to create internationals for customers to build internationalsA new retail pattern of retailing, modern, and diversified.

From the perspective of space layout, with the theme of "Elegant Garden", the mall ground western -style garden presents art -themed devices and diversified social theme parks, creating a background habitat for the urban population to return to nature.In addition, the air garden is inlaid in the steel forest that is embedded in the city, creating a comfortable and quiet green space.

By the north, there have been several days since the opening of Nanjing City.It is reported that the number of passenger flows 3 days before the opening was about 500,000, and the total retail volume was about 60 million yuan.There are about 800,000 people in the area where the project belongs.There are as many as 170.

During the New Year's Day holiday just ended, the "new face" opened and the "old faces" were not diminishing. Nearly 20 commercial complexes of Xinjiekou, Muzi Temple, and Baijiahu, etc., created a number of special consumption consumption.New scenes, consumption potential is constantly being released.Data show that 33 department stores in Nanjing's key monitoring achieved a total of 840 million yuan in 3 days of holidays, an increase of 27.3%year -on -year.

From "Business Shopping Center" to "Lifetime Center"

Looking at Nanjing, commercial complexes have "bloomed everywhere". There are more than 170 shopping malls and commercial complexes of more than 10,000 square meters in the city.With the addition of new high -quality projects and the intensification of industry competition, how to tap its own characteristics and differentiated operations is particularly important.

Ai Media Consultation "Deep Insight and Analysis Report of the Development and Analysis of the Development of China's Urban Business District in 2023-2024" shows that Chinese residents usually choose commercial complexes (43.6%) in the business district.Most people went to the business district to stroll in unparalleled (66.4%), followed by the party (58.8%).

"Today's consumers are no longer a single purpose consumption, but gradually turning to experiential consumption. To promote the integration and development of consumer scenarios, this is an important way to stimulate the new vitality of consumption." The relevant person in charge of the Golden Eagle World introduced that the mall in the traditional business format is in the traditional business format.On the basis of creating a 1,800 square meter G · Space bookstore, a 2500 -square -meter "Guangnian Park", 6,000 square meters of Lumier Cinema area, and a star -shaped stage of nearly 1,000 square meters of crown.At the same time, retail, aesthetics and fun space are intertwined to create a diverse experience space for business and art.In addition, the 50 -story air corridor has the first Moutai Cultural Experience Hall in Nanjing. Through historical, present, and future cultural output and scene shaping, it will create a comprehensive cultural experience center.A series of venues such as the Golden Eagle Future World Science and Technology Museum have formed a gathering effect, renewing the imagination of the future urban life of Nanjing.

Jiangning Baijiahu Business District is a emerging business district that has emerged in Nanjing in recent years.Introduce a large number of new brands of trendy brands, the main cost -effective 21st century Sun City, Jiangning Golden Eagle, which has rich brand resources, and the 1912 district of the Baijiahu 1912 of leisure culture. Misling competition builds a multi -business ecosystem and forms a "scale effect".In the first half of 2023, the sales of major commercial industries in Baijiahu Business District reached 3.3 billion yuan, an increase of 16.4%year -on -year, and the growth rate exceeded the average of 8.9%of the zero growth of the city in Nanjing during the same period.

"In the past, the shopping mall emphasized the introduction of mainstream brands, and now consumers are just needed to buy nearby. Choose the place they want to go according to the lifestyle, so to create a diverse and compound business circle." China Business Federation expertsLai Yang, member of the committee and executive vice chairman of the Beijing Commercial Economic Society, used the Beijing Sanlitun Taikoo Li. Before that, everyone thought that it could not be a business district. It was surrounded by the embassy area. There were no residents.At the beginning of the year, there was a different approach to introduce young trendy brands, gathered a large number of first stores, relying on fashion trend positioning to continue to attract popularity and become Beijing's commercial landmark.

With the continuous iteration of commercial complexes, commercial complexes are no longer just a shopping venue, but the "third living space" except home and office space that conveys feelings and spiritual sustenance.The empowerment of the diversified "first store economy" has also made the business complex more and more young and vibrant.In 2023, Nanjing introduced a total of 350 high -energy first stores, which have gathered to form a large -scale effect, which further stimulates the consumer vitality of new streets, Yuantong, Baijiahu and other business districts.Essence

Rich business formation and comfort space are becoming increasingly integrated

"Large -scale urban complexes like Nanjing Guojin Center (IFC), not only there are shopping malls, but also two office buildings, a five -star hotel, which can further enhance Nanjing in the operation of the head commercial enterprise Sun Hung KaiThe degree of internationalization in consumption and service. "Wang Meng, director of the strategic consulting department of Nanjing, said that high -energy benchmarking business is a vane of urban energy -level, which can enhance other domestic and foreign developers, commercial brands and events.Market confidence.

The development of high -quality commercial complexes requires solid consumer basic support.As an important center cities in the Eastern region and the Greater Cities of the Yangtze River Delta, the permanent population in Nanjing has exceeded 9 million.They all entered the top ten in the country.

Recently, the "Annual Report of the International Consumer Center City Construction (2023)" issued by the Zhongliang Federation included 29 cities across the country into the evaluation range.Among them, the top ten cities in "Consumption Toughness Restore" occupied the first place in Nanjing.

"The consumer toughness recovery here, the main considerations are the level of rent and vacancy rate." Wang Meng said that from the perspective of the supply side, compared with similar energy cities, Nanjing's high -quality retail vacancy rate is at a low level for a long time; fromFrom the perspective of demand, Nanjing's per capita social social zero ranks first in the country, with strong consumption power and stable, and the radiation effect of the urban circle is also obvious."In the case of comprehensive supply and demand, the commercial rent and vacancy rates fluctuate greatly, reflecting the strong toughness and recovery of Nanjing."

Connecting investment and consumption, how much vitality is injecting the development of commercial composite for the development of the area, which is also related to the layout of the business district."Nanjing Business Outlet Plan (2021-2035)" was released a few days ago. By 2035, the city's planned city-level characteristic commercial street (district), commercial outlets of tourism function areas and several municipal night economic agglomeration areas, forming "The spatial layout of the first economic agglomeration area with one core and more attentive.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Commerce Bureau, Nanjing has always introduced international and high -quality consumer resources, builds high -quality commercial carriers, cultivates emerging trend formats, and innovates the experience scene.At the same time, relying on the excellent context of the context, excavate various types of Jinling characteristic elements, and shape new consumer scenes such as business and Jinling Wenmai, landscape spring forest, and living.Business space, explore the supply of experience, immersive, and scene -type business services, and create a demonstration place for consumer experience with Jinling charm.

In Wang Meng's opinion, enriching business and comfortable space is the development trend of future commercial complexes."In addition to the standard of shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, etc., more and more commercial complexs are configured with service apartments, art exhibition centers, theater, conference centers, theme amusement parks, etc., shared customers in each format, extended consumersStaying time and derivative consumption opportunities can enhance the profitability of complexes. "He believes that commercial complexes are no longer just a place to stimulate consumption. It is different from traditional high -density box business and towering tower.And intensity, provide more public space, rest space, and social space.


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