Zhao Haoxing talks about the four keywords of China's commercial innovation in 2024

  (Reporter Peng Tingting) At present,breaking news website entrepreneurs' "heart", "new" and "line" are facing multiple pressures and challenges. Global business is also undergoing major changes in the entire department and the whole process. In 2024, Chinese business urgently needs to go through a more game.Deep "standing" and "broken", welcome the new business "golden age" that will not be late for too long.

  Zhao Haoxing, Dean of the China -Africa Institute of Economics and Commerce, Zhejiang University of Technology, Dean of the Hangzhou Electronic Commerce Research Institute, and deputy dean of Zhejiang's new key professional think tank.(The picture is provided by the respondent)

  What development trends will Chinese business usher in 2024 and what are the key to innovation?On January 7, Zhao Haoxing, Dean of the China -Africa Institute of Economics and Trade, Hangzhou Electronic Commerce, Dean of the Hangzhou Electronic Commerce Research Institute, and Zhejiang New Key Professional Think TankThe reporter said that system reconstruction, conscience and good deeds, multi -dimensional fusion, and scene revolution will become China's commercial innovation keywords in 2024.

  Keywords 1: System reconstruction

  The traditional business sales era that is based on the lack of economy and ensure the supply of quantitative supply and the "strategic" business sales has passed. The wholesale, retail, and traditional e -commerce of traditional "dinosaurs" are difficult to meet digital and personalized.In the new consumption era of branding and service, the requirements of high -quality, high efficiency, and high satisfaction of commercial circulation services need to reconstruct business thinking as the source and foundation of continuous iterative new consumption as the source and foundation of commercial innovation (ie, C -side drive)And service model, reconstruct the industrial chain, supply chain, and value chain system.At the same time, we must strive to promote business innovation with a new strategy of "standing first and then break", incubation and cultivation of new business formats, without love and entanglement of "transformation and upgrading" of the old business format.

  Extended word: first stand and break the C -end drive "three chain" integration

  Keywords 2: Conscience and good deeds

  Innovation is the eternal soul of the business world, but it is more basic and more important than "new business".The systemic recession of traditional business is a big reason for the lack of business conscience, the lack of good deeds, and the lack of his heart.Modern logistics, e -commerce, and highways have accelerated the speed of business, and have not fully effectively improved the "temperature" of business.Although commercial education today has improved corporate strategy, strategy and competitiveness, there are also some sharing and win -win situations that ignore the new business ecological environment.The conscience of business is that we must have a correct and beautiful understanding of the business world; the good deeds of business refer to the behavior of all business behaviors must be good, love, and relatives.Line, reach the ideal realm of knowledge and action.

  Extended word: altruistic temperature sharing

  Keyword three: multi -dimensional fusion

  It is no longer a single circulation service to enter the business in 2024, and it should not be the business definition of "approval, zero, residence, and meals", but the entire business service system with the goal of satisfying people.The whole process of R & D, production, circulation, and consumption is also integrated with the entire scene of life of eating, accommodation, travel, travel, travel, travel, and entertainment.Integration and docking; traditional international trade and domestic trade dual -track services difficult to meet the "dual -cycle" pattern of globalization and internationalization of supply chain, and urgently need to build an international commercial marketing system without domestic and foreign trade.

  Extended word: Digital integration of integration of domestic and foreign trade integrated literary and business travel integration

  Keywords 4: scene revolution

  The commercial change faced in 2024 is a comprehensive change of people, goods, and fields. It requires the "wash -hearted noodles" at the level of producers, operators, and consumers.Available, service and personality.These changes are quickly optimized under the drive of new consumption, but in my country, whether it is a wholesale market, retail terminal or online sales space. There is still a gap between the image and temperature of the commercial scene and the demand for modern new consumption.Compared with the continuous evolution of urban and rural residents, the business scenes are also insufficient in consumer aesthetics and living aesthetics. Consumption and operation scenarios cannot effectively make immersive positive incentives for consumers or operators.The consumption scenarios in the new consumption era should be good at cross -border integration and time and space crossing, so that consumers are unknowingly intervene in the scene where active participation consumption.At present, the business formats in my country should use the hardware transformation and software layout through disruptive manifestations to a scene revolution of "break and standing".


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