Innovation -driven technology empowers the high -quality development of bidding and bidding in the new era

Innovation Technical empowerment

Promote the high -quality development of bidding and bidding in the new era

—— Remember the China Bidding and Bidding Association2019Annual Member Unit Exchange Symposium


    In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, and promote the high -quality development of the bidding industry in the new era,11moon12day, China Bidding and Bidding Association2019The year of the member unit exchange seminar was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi.The theme of this meeting is "new era, new technology, new development".He Ruiqi, director of the Comprehensive Division of the Regulations and Regulations Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the expert consulting group of the construction market and the bidding and bidding research branch of the Chinese Civil Engineering Society, the Yangtze River Military Academy attended the meeting and introduced the relevant situation.Ren Long, president of the China Bidding and Bidding Association, gave a speech at the conference. Deputy President Jia Jianhua and Li Xiaolin presided over the meeting. Vice President Shi Guohu made a meeting to summarize. Vice Chairman Wu Qiang attended the meeting.From the whole country31The provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and departments, and major central enterprises463Representatives of member units of the China Recruitment Association attended the meeting.The meeting was co -organized by Jiangxi Provincial Consulting and Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Provincial Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Bidding Co., Ltd.

    President Ren Long first gave a speech and introduced the main agenda and content of the meeting.She pointed out that the just -closed party of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has raised the socialist market economy system into a basic social economic system. In accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economy system, it is particularly emphasized to strengthen the basic position of competitive policy.According to the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the bidding and bidding system is a competitive policy that is based on competitiveness. It is also a basic system that allocates resources in the market. It must play a greater role in improving.She said that the number of participants in the meeting was the most in the previous exchanges of the China Merchants Association. In order to provide accurate and high -quality services to member units, in addition to inviting government officials and industry experts to introduce the latest system construction and industry hotspots., Also selected six exchange themes based on the surveys of membership units before the meeting. I hope to help everyone better understand the forefront of the bidding and bidding field, the current status of the industry, and the future development trend of the bidding and bidding field.Service capabilities, broaden development space.President Ren Long pointed out that my country is currently facing a major change in a century. The development of the bidding and bidding industry is in a critical period. I hope that everyone will seize opportunities and be courageous to innovate. More contribution.

    In the report of the conference report, Director He Ruiqi introduced the latest situation of the revision and optimization of the bidding industry's business environment.The leader of Jiang Junxue introduced the relevant situation of the "Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Bidding and Bidding for House Buildings and Municipal Infrastructure Projects (Draft for Soliciting Opinions).Jing Guicuo, senior vice president of Guoxin Bidding Group Co., Ltd., introduced the current situation and future development trend of the bidding and bidding industry.Vice President Shi Guohu explained the "Implementation System for the Evaluation System of the Professional and Technical Capability Evaluation System of Bidding Purchase Practitioners" that the China Recruitment Association has been carried out.The four reporters also interacted with the participants and answered everyone's questions on the spot.

    In the conference exchange seminar, the representatives of the six member units participated in the meeting -Chen Lingxin, deputy director of the Materials Department of the State Grid Co., Ltd., Yang Weidong, managing director of Shanghai Tongji Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.Wu Zhenquan, deputy general manager of Beiqi Engineering Project Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Huang Junli, Deputy General Manager of Tianhe Guozhuan Holding Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongchang Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.BimLi Donghai, general manager of the center, exchanged the development and transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, respectively, on the diversified development of modern (intelligent) supply chain, strong talent, digital technology, bidding agency business, and the transformation practice of the entire process engineering consulting agency, and the transformation of the entire process of engineering consulting agencies, and the transformation practice of the entire process of engineering consulting agencies, and the transformation practice of the whole process engineering consulting agency.BimThe technical application made the theme, shared the company's innovation practices and experiences, and answered questions from representatives.

    Participants fully affirmed the meeting. They believed that the theme of the conference was clear, the content of the content was rich, and the dry goods were full. Not only did it respond to the industry's concerns in a timely manner, inspired the work ideas, and further united the industry consensus and strengthened their confidence in development.Everyone said that the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be carefully studied, keeping pace with the times, taking the initiative, and taking this meeting as a new opportunity, advanced to target, accelerate innovation, and make new contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.Essence

    Vice President Shi Guohu summarized the conference. He pointed out that the exchanges and sharing of this meeting made everyone more deeply realize that the development of the enterprise is retreat.EssenceAlthough the external environment is changing at all times, it is eternal to do a good job of projects and serve customers. In a new competitive environment, we must use talent as the first resource of the enterprise, and pay more attention to the application of new models and new technologies.Core competitiveness.He said that the China Recruitment Association will further play the role of bridge bonds, continue to set up a good Taiwan, take good care of the membership units, and strive to create a new situation in the industry's high -quality development.In the end, he expressed his sincere gratitude to Jiangxi Consulting and Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Provincial Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Bidding Co., Ltd. for the thoughtful arrangements and quality services provided by the meeting.




Keynote Speech



"Guidance on Further Strengthening Housing Building and Municipal Infrastructure Engineering Bidding Supervision (Draft for Consultation)"


Leader of the Advisory Group of the Consultation Group of the Architectural Market and Bidding Research Branch of the Chinese Civil Engineering Society  Jiang Junxue


   one, background


    9moon30dayThe letter issued by the General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development issued a "Guidance Opinions on Further Strengthening the Supervision of Bidding and Bidding for House Building and Municipal Infrastructure Engineering (Draft for Opinions)" (referred to as "Draft for Soliciting Opinions") to publicly solicit opinions.

    The announcement of the "Draft for Opinions" is mainly based on the background and reasons for the four aspects: first, actively respond to the reform of the country's "decentralization of service"; the other is to implement the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of the Construction Industry" (National State "(National State" (National State "(CountryDafa [201719Number); Third, focus on the outstanding problems in the field of bidding and bidding found in the central inspection team in various inspections; fourth is to respond to the concerns of the deepening reform of the bidding and bidding in the industry in a timely manner, and actively promote the housing building and municipal infrastructureThe reform of the project bidding and bidding system, strengthen the supervision of project bidding and bidding activities, severely crack down on illegal issues of bidding and bidding, and effectively maintain the order of the construction market.


    2. Basic evaluation of bidding and bidding


    At present, the industry has a variety of views on the bidding and bidding system. A mainstream point of view is that under the conditions of the market economy, the direction of my country's bidding and bidding system is correct, and the results are obvious. Interests, standardized construction market behavior, improving investment efficiency, and promoting the construction of clean government have played an important role, but at the same time, the problem is also relatively prominent, especially the lack of responsibility for the main responsibility of the bidder in the current project bidding and bidding activities, as well as colluding bidding, fake violations of laws and regulations, etc. The problem is still prominent, and the system needs to be continuously improved and improved.


    3. Analysis of outstanding problems and reasons in the field of bidding bidding


    At present, there are a series of outstanding problems in the field of bidding, which mainly include false bidding in the bidding session, the siege bids in the bidding link, the non -objective and fair bid evaluation in the bid evaluation link, and the black and white contracts in the signing linkAnd the lack of responsibility of the bidder.

    The cause of the formation of these problems is mainly six aspects: First, there are defects in the existing state -owned investment construction supervision and management system, resulting in a variety of disadvantages difficult to eradicate; second, the current supervision and management system is insufficient, making it difficult to implement administrative supervision;Third, the market credit mechanism is initially built, and it is yet to be improved.At the same time, the market integrity atmosphere has not been fully formed, and the restrictions of the credit mechanism have not achieved the expected results; the fourth is that it is difficult to implement the main responsibility of the bidder, which weakens the effectiveness and enthusiasm of the management of the bidding subject;Realizing objective and fairness; sixth is the huge temptation of the bidding bidding project, making the exercise of public power facing a huge risk of clean government.


    Fourth, the road to bidding reform


    At present, the reform of the bidding has been put on an important agenda by the government.The advancement of the reform of the bidding and bidding and the improvement of the system needs to unite all parties in the industry under the standards and guidance of the government authorities. Through facing the problem, the root causes, discussing countermeasures, finally reaching consensus, forming a joint force and active force.Realize the goal of "seeking development with reforms and seeking industries".

    Specifically, there are three major breakthroughs from the reform path to the reform target: the system level, establish a government investment construction management and bidding subject responsibility system; at the level of mechanism, establish credit mechanisms and price mechanisms; technical level, promote network electronic intelligent bidding.


    5. The main measures for the reform of bidding for bidding


    The "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" has made opinions on strengthening the supervision of engineering bidding and bidding activities from five aspects of consolidating the rights and responsibilities of bidders, optimizing bid evaluation methods, strengthening the supervision of bidding and bidding process, optimizing the bidding and bidding market environment, and strengthening protection measures.Taken together, the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" conveys the reform ideas and main measures of the government authority on the bidding of the project from the following ten aspects:

    (1) Implement the management methods of centralized construction of government investment engineering; (2) implement the primary responsibility of bidders and realize the consistency of responsibilities and rights;The guarantee system, improve the equal competitive insurance mechanism; (5) strengthen the information disclosure and encourage all parties to supervise; (6) promote the market to form a price mechanism, maintain fair competition order;; 8) Implement electronic bidding and achieve the entire process of covering the network informatization; (9) Strengthen the supervision of contract performance and do real recruitment

Bid results; (10) unblocking complaint channels and standardizing complaint behavior.

    The full text of the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" reflects the four clear orientations of my country's bidding and bidding reform: first, the market concept, that is, the reform must establish the correct market concept and meet the basic laws of the market; It is also necessary to look at the world, take the initiative to target international general procurement standards; third, network information, that is, reform must comply with the trend of Internet information technology development, and to "the Internet+"The development of intelligence and intelligence; the fourth is innovation development, focusing on innovation, and promoting the high -quality development of the industry with high quality innovation.

    The above is only an individual's first analysis of the current status of bidding and bidding and the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions". In the end, the documents and interpretations officially issued by the government authority must be subject to the documents and interpretations.(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)



Analysis of the current status of the bidding industry and the future development trend analysis


Senior Vice President of Guoxin Bidding Group  Jinggui Suo Suo


    1. The development status of the bidding and bidding industry


    With the improvement of the legal system, the deepening of the awareness of all parties, and the popularization of various practical applications, the bidding and bidding have become one of the most important resource allocation methods in the market economy system of Chinese characteristics, especially in engineering construction, government procurement, and imported electromechanical products imports.The fields of business procurement of state -owned enterprises have been fully used and widely used. The total transaction amount reached by bidding and bidding is huge, and it shows the overall momentum of rising years.

    As the state has successively canceled the qualification identification of the bidding agency, the entry threshold of the bidding agency has been officially demolished and entered a new stage of comprehensive opening competition.A large number of new institutions have entered the bidding agency market, and the number of institutions has grown rapidly.From the perspective of the main factors that affect the competitive structure of the industry, the existing enterprises have intensified competition, new entrants continue to influx, the talent team is facing difficulties, technological and service innovation has triggered alternative changes, and customers' choice and bargaining capabilities have improved.Affected by the profound changes in the external environment, the development and competition pattern of the bidding agency service industry have entered a new stage of more open, fierce and turbulent.Generally speaking, a specific professional service such as the bidding agent has entered a mature period in its product life cycle. Among them, the traditional bidding agency business mainly based on simple programmatic business has even entered a recession period.


    2. Analysis of future development trends


    (1) Analysis of the overall situation of the industry

    The government has transformed from pre -supervision to neighboring and post -after -to -post supervision.At the macro environment,PPPThe expansion period has passed, and it is returning to reason.PPPThe tightening trend of the bidding market is obvious; the development of the entire process engineering consultation is about to enter the growth period, and the era of consulting business will be coming soon; with the advancement of the “Belt and Road” and the change of development, the pace of domestic enterprises will be further accelerated.The bidding and bidding industry will have a significant and far -reaching impact, which will derive various opportunities and challenges; in the "Internet+"Driven, the informatization and intelligent transformation of the bidding industry is imminent.

    (2) Market trend analysis

    In the new macro environment, the bidders have put forward new expectations and new requirements for the evaluation standards, technical requirements and comprehensive capabilities of the bidding agency.First, the evaluation standards are inclined to soft power such as business experience, technical level, and industry reputation.Second, from the traditional bidding agent to engineering technology, bidding management, project management, contract management, legal consultation, financial analysis, etc., the transformation and upgrading of high -precision comprehensive consulting services such as high -precision college is increasingly urgent.Third, in the context of expanding opening up and driven by the "Belt and Road" initiative, the bidding agency needs to actively discover and meet the needs of international markets, and highlights international and specialized capabilities.

   (3) Main impact analysis

    For small medium -sized bidding agencies, after the qualification is canceled, market competition opportunities are more fair, but they are more intense.For large -scale comprehensive bidding agencies, in the new situation, the two -way decline in the number of business and income may be faced in the new situation. It is necessary to in -depth analysis of the development situation and new technical requirements of the industry.There are innovations and breakthroughs in development and other aspects, improve the level of comprehensive business, and achieve diversified development.For large -scale professional bidding agencies established within the state -owned enterprise system, the environment has limited impact on its business in its system, but it has a greater impact on the business outside the system.Market competitiveness meets new requirements for industry development.

    (4) Related countermeasures and suggestions to expand services and improve service levels will be the direction of the transformation of bidding agencies.The bidding agency shall gradually change from the low -level procedure service of heavy programs, light professional, and transform to high -level technical consulting services with professional and valuable high -level technical consulting services based on law.Based on law, professional services, professional services, high -quality and efficiency as the cornerstone, gradually extend the service chain, explore the bidding procurement full life cycle service model, and develop to a multi -element, multi -directional group comprehensive consulting agency.

    In the direction of development, the bidding agency should extend to the preliminary consultation of the project based on the bidding business, and extend back to the business field of engineering cost, project management, performance evaluation and post -evaluation to achieve the diversified development of the business; it should be accelerated to accelerateCultivate a compound talent suitable for the development of new situation and market demand to achieve a leap in human resources; actively respond to the "Belt and Road" initiative, look at the world, and actively develop the international market;Informatization level, comprehensively accelerate the process of informatization, attach importance to the transformation of business to electronicization, and realize the full integration of business and information technology.

    On the development path, the bidding agency needs to explore the path of transformation and upgrading that is in line with its own actual situation, and explore feasible development paths in terms of development strategy, human management, technological innovation, organizational structure, and risk management.The overall principles should grasp their basic conditions, service areas and regions, comparative advantages, etc., scientifically and reasonably determine the market positioning and development goals of the enterprise. While adapting to the new characteristics of the industry, tap the value -added point of enterprise bidding agency services and pursue their own competitive advantages.In the end, a new situation of innovation and development in the industry and the differentiated development pattern of differentiated development.(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)




Introduction to the professional technical ability evaluation system of bidding and procurement employees


Vice President of China Bidding and Bidding Association  Shi Guohu


    1. Concept: Professional and technical ability of bidding and procurement employees


    Middle Advance Association2019Year8Article 1 of the "Interim Measures for the Evaluation of the Professional and Technical Capability Evaluation of the Bidding Purchase Practitioners" (referred to as the "Interim Measures") will explain the purpose and concept of the professional and technical ability evaluation of the bidding procurement employees (referred to as "recruiting personnel").It is pointed out that professional and technical capabilities refer to professional work experience with project management knowledge system and contract management professional knowledge and have bidding procurement.Article 3 stipulates that in accordance with the professional ethics, professional theoretical knowledge, actual bidding procurement professional work experience and other professional qualities that recruiters should have, and conduct professional technical ability evaluation of recruiters (referred to as "ability evaluation").Article 4 emphasizes that the ability evaluation of recruiters will follow the principles of voluntary participation of employees to participate in the evaluation, and ability evaluation results to voluntarily choose to use.


    2. Method: How to evaluate the professional and technical capabilities of recruiters


    Article 5 of the "Interim Measures" stipulates the evaluation method, that is, the ability evaluation work adopts the method of online testing and online review to divide the recruiters into three levels: primary, intermediate and senior.

    Among them, primary and intermediate ability evaluation focuses on evaluating basic knowledge and practical ability.Senior recruiters emphasize the theoretical literacy and performance level of employees, and highlight the innovative leadership role of participants in industry development and the socioeconomic benefits achieved.Article 9 of the "Interim Measures" stipulates the registration conditions, ability evaluation methods, test subjects or review content of recruiters. Recruiters can choose different levels of ability to participate in the evaluation according to their own ability level.Police who originally held the "Professional Level Certificate for Bidder" and "Professional Qualification Certificate of Bidder" may apply for intermediate recruiters directly in accordance with regulations.At the same time, it is emphasized that the academic qualifications, working years of the participants, and the implementation of the reference (evaluation) personnel commitment system for academic achievements, and the project performance and related academic achievements shall be agreed by the unit where the unit is located.Education, working years, project performance, and academic achievements are all online public supervision.


    3. Content: Evaluation of the professional and technical ability of recruiters


    The professional and technical ability evaluation of recruiters pays attention to practical experience (project performance) with professional theoretical tests.In terms of professional theoretical tests, there are four test subjects.Among them, subjects1"Laws and Regulations for Bidding Procurement" and subjects2"Practice of Tendering Procurement Professional" is a required content of primary and middle -level recruiters; subjects3"Bidding Procurement Contract Management" and subjects4"Bidding Procurement Project Management" is a required content of intermediate recruitment personnel and learning content of junior recruits.


    Fourth, why: Why should you establish the professional and technical ability evaluation system for recruiting personnel


    First, strengthen the needs of the basic status of competitive policy.The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which just closed, reviewed and approved the "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on adhering to and improving the socialist system of Chinese characteristics to promote the national governance system and the modernization capacity of modernization."The "Decision" has clearly stated that "adhere to and improve the basic economic system of socialism and promote the high -quality economic development of the economy".Improve antitrust and anti -unfair competition enforcement.

    Second, policy and supervision needs.In the background of the state's cancellation of administrative licenses (qualifications) and in -depth promotion of the reform of "decentralization of service" and continuously optimizing the business environment, the government supervision from the era of pre -supervision to the incident and the supervision of the event needs to be changed.There is a criterion for judgment.

    Third, the needs of the development of the bidding and procurement industry.First of all, the ability evaluation system is the employment standards and guidelines for recruiters.Secondly, the development of industry development requires recruiters to develop compound talents with four aspects of project management with the ability to understand regulations, explicit contracts, accounts, and income.Thirdly, under the situation of electronic bidding and procurement of full -process process, the bidding and procurement occupation should truly return to the essence of the "bidding procurement plan planning" and "contract management".

    Fourth, the state advocates and encourages the needs of the reform of the talent evaluation system.2017Year1moon6day, The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Notice on Further Reduce and Standardize the Reform Plan for Vocational Qualifications and Confirmation Matters", which proposes to "give full play to the decisive role of the market in human resource allocation, classify and promote the reform of the talent evaluation system, and give play to enterprises, industries and industries and industries and industries and industries and industries and industries and industries and industries and industries and industries.The important role of social organizations in talent evaluation. "2017Year9moon12day, The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Notice on the announcement of the National Vocational Qualification Catalog", "Encourage industry organizations such as industry associations, society, and other social organizations and enterprises and institutions to carry out capacity evaluation activities according to the market needs."2018Year6moon4dayThe executive meeting of the State Council proposed that "the vocational qualification system that has been evaluated by social organizations such as industry associations and society" is proposed.At the same time, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs also put forward requirements for industry associations and society to organize talent ability evaluation work. It stipulates that "industry associations, society and other social organizations and enterprises and institutions will carry out their own capacity evaluation activities according to the needs of the market.And identify. "


    5. Arrangement: Arrangement of the evaluation of professional and technical ability of recruiting personnel


    In the second half of this year, the China Recruitment Association will successively carry out capacity evaluation related preparation work, formulate evaluation standards, establish corresponding levels of evaluation question banks, and develop online evaluation systems.According to the relevant work arrangements, the first is to accept the work of the original bidder certificate to apply for the "intermediate ability evaluation certificate".2020In the first half of the year, the evaluation of primary abilities was carried out;2020In the second half of the year, the evaluation of intermediate capabilities was carried out.2021In the year, it is expected that the organization will be organized to conduct high -level capabilities.For the specific situation, please pay attention to the news of the official website of the China Recruitment Association.(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)



Experience exchange



The practice of bidding procurement management to modern (smart) supply chain development


Deputy Director of the Materials Department of the National Power Grid Co., Ltd.  Chen Lingxin


    1. Active practice and explore the development model of centralized procurement


    State Grid Corporation2005 Over the years, we have taken the lead in carrying out two -level bidding services in state -owned enterprises, established a centralized procurement management system for "centralized, unified, lean, and high efficiency", set up the concept of "quality priority, reasonable price, and integrity"The brand, explored the development path from scattered to collection, extension to lean, from a single purchase to supply chain management.

    The first is to optimize the business operation mechanism.Establish a group material management and operation mechanism for establishing "first -level platform operation, two -level bidding services, third -level functions guarantee, and four -level material supply". All procurement activities within the group are carried out in a unified platform to implement "directly organizational implementation" and "headquarters of the headquarters" and "headquarters headquarters"Uniformly organize monitoring and provincial companies to implement the two procurement models, and the supply chain business implements three -level functional management.

    The second is to improve the support of procurement standards.Vigorously promote the standardization of procurement, unified classification and encoding, model types, technical parameters, technical interfaces, technical specifications, and accumulated release3860Wanzi procurement standards, forming the largest domestic electrical equipment procurement technology standard library.In -depth analysis of purchasing big data, vigorously promoting the streamlined and optimization of standard materials, and the standard materials of the power grid2010Year710,000 kinds of pressure to reduce6000kind.

    The third is to deepen business electronic applications.Build an e -commerce platform (ECP) And enterprise resource management system (ERP) Mainly, the main data platform, auxiliary decision -making system, etc. supporting the supply chain management information system, to achieve comprehensive connection between various business links.参与起草《电子招标投标办法》,采购全流程实行电子化单轨制,爆炸新闻向中国招标投标公共服务平台传输有效数据量居全国各类市场主体之首,rep shoes爆炸新闻实现“流程统一、操作公开、过程受控、The whole process is in the case and permanent traceability "to ensure openness, fairness and justice.

    The fourth is strict supplier relationship management.At the source of purchasing, the supplier is closed.In the contract performance session, comprehensively implement the performance evaluation of suppliers, and strictly handle the bad behavior of suppliers.Collect all -round provisions and equipment full chains, full life cycle data information, carry out big data analysis, implement supplier classification management, regularly release evaluation standards and evaluation results, and promote the formation of a good fashion of "heavy quality and integrity".


    Second, the pan -in -ION, create a modern (wisdom) supply chain


    State Grid Corporation2019The strategic goal of building a "three types, two networks, world -class" was proposed annually.To create a pan -power Internet of Things and implement the field of procurement and supply chain, it is to create a modern (smart) supply chain.

    The first is to build a "five -way" supply chain system.Build the three major business chains with intelligent procurement, digital logistics, and panoramic -quality control, and the “five -way” modern supply chain of the State Grid characteristic “five people” internally and externally.

The system, that is, intelligent procurement electronic, digital logistics network, panoramic control visualization, internal and external coordination and convenience, and the intelligent operation center.

    The second is to create "5E"Supply Chain Platform. Create" "5E"Supply chain platform for support (e -commerce platformECP, Enterprise Resource Management SystemERP, Electrician Equipment Smart IoT platformEIP, Smart Operation CenterECIO, Application on Palm "EMaterials "), accelerate the digital transformation of traditional business, and realize the" data source "of the supply chain, from" business data "to" data business ".


     The third is innovation -driven, implementing smart procurement throughout the process


    Intelligent procurement is based on the entire process of procurement, using big data and artificial intelligence technology, and realizes the completion of all -business intelligent applications from planning to procurement.

    The first is intelligent bidding, and the purchase of purchases has been accelerated in an all -round way.Application project reserves, investment plans and other information, build the material demand planning reserve, realize the purchase plan from passive reception to active reminders; through structured

The key points are the key points, quantities, budget unit price, delivery period and other key points of automatic screening procurement plan, and realize intelligent review of procurement plans and bidding documents.

    The second is intelligent bidding, and the file is generated with one click.Establish a comprehensive supplier's qualification performance library, and automatically update according to the bid of the supplier and the performance.Each supplier can generate multiple qualification performance vouchers according to different projects, while supporting the batch maintenance of multiple bidding documents, intelligent calling data of historical project bid data, and realizing one -click generation and intelligent reporting of bid documents.

    The third is intelligent bid evaluation, quantitative assisted score.Objectively quantify technical parameters, test reports, operating performance and qualification performance, and apply artificial intelligence to automatically determine the veto elements such as the ultra -limited price, the difference in tax rates, and bad behavior of the bidding, automatically prompt the bidder's historical review, and automatically associate the performance evaluation of performance., Automatic comparison of key parameters such as technical parameters, experimental reports and qualification performance, assist experts in efficient, objective, and fair reviews.Built -in online automatic bidding module, automatically recommend the sorting of multi -bid candidates for multiple projects to achieve online control of the entire process of procurement.

    Fourth, intelligent experts, the review is more efficient.Information on bid evaluation experts and information andERP The integration of human capital modules, realize the intelligent comparison and automatic update of personnel information.Establish the professional level standards of the expert database and continue to optimize the structure of the expert library.Carry out bid evaluation experts to extract the intelligent verification of the plan, reasonably determine the composition of bid evaluation experts, and improve the efficiency of expert resources.

    Fifth, intelligent supervision, risk online control.Closed the bid evaluation, monitor the whole process, use smart devices to build a human -machine perception system at the bid evaluation site, and realize automatic identity and automatic recording of activity trajectory.Integrate big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies into business to carry out intelligent monitoring and dynamic monitoring73The key points of the item business are compliant, so as to achieve key nodes in advance, comprehensive monitoring of core business, real -time warning of major risks, and timely correction of illegal acts.(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)




Promote the high -quality development of engineering consulting enterprises with talents and strong enterprises


Director of Shanghai Tongji Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.  Yang Weidong



    1. The importance of a strong talent strategy


    The engineering consulting industry is an intellectual -intensive high -level service industry. As an emerging industry with intellectual services to the society, the competition in the market is fundamentally competitive.

    Talent is always the first resource.In the country, talents are the foundation of the rich country and Xingbang.In enterprises, excellent talents are the future.This requires that enterprise managers should be unconcerned and wise to use their talents, let go to use outstanding talents, and continue to improve the talent development mechanism in continuous progress, and maximize support and encourage corporate personnel to innovate and create.


    2. What kind of talents need to consult a company


    Consulting companies mainly need two types of talents, one is high -end decision -making management talents with strong ideas, discipline, work, and style.Such talents are the "locomotives" for enterprises to move forward, and are the key to consolidating the high -quality development of enterprises.The other is to reserve business talents.As an intellectual -intensive high -level service enterprise, the reserve of high -quality business talents is the source of corporate vitality.In the final analysis, in the future, engineering consulting companies and even the industry need to have a compound talent with strong sense of responsibility, noble professional ethics, positive work attitude, and excellent psychological quality.


    Third, the implementation of a strong talent strategy


    Enterprises need to establish a strong sense of talent, keep in mind that talents are always the first resources, and strive to make talents do their best.Enterprise managers must adhere to both morality and talents, take virtue first, and strive to choose wisely, use it at the time, know the people and do their best, and use them to find out high -quality talents in time and use them reasonably.We must establish a strong sense of talent, find talents to seek sages, and find that talents are not eased if talents get treasure, so that talents can do their best, so that they can achieve high -quality and sustainable development of enterprises and even the industry.

    1..Improve talent training mechanism

    The three combinations of "market expansion, product incubation, and new employee training" are adopted to actively cultivate corporate backup talents.

    The first is to improve talent introduction measures.In the selection of talents, not only considering education, professional titles, but also pay attention to quality, ability, attitude, etc.Really introduce and select moral quality, noble quality, ability, talent, and talented,

Excellent talents with excellent performance and being able to take advantage of one side.On the one hand, reserve talents through campus recruitment; on the other hand, recruiting elites through social recruitment.

    The second is to implement the training plan in all aspects.On the one hand, always pay attention to the development of young talents.In response to the talents of the school, the company launched a management training student plan, and implemented the 4 -level tutor with the teaching system (senior management team led the way, the direct work guidance of the superior, the seniors led, and accompanied by the talents of the same age).On the other hand, focus on improving the comprehensive ability of high -end talents.For the existing middle and high -level management talents, through pressure on burden, business training, participating in company research and development, and technological research and development, we will continue to improve their comprehensive capabilities and enhance their competence in existing positions.At the same time, cultivate its business management capabilities, select multiple angles in business groups, and encourage teams to participate in business income.

    The third is to carry out training at multiple levels.The first is exclusive training of high -end talents.Regularly arrange high -end management talents to participate in external training and industry high -end management training courses.The second is the training of business talent capabilities.By holding a series of quality and business training courses, it improves its comprehensive quality and business capabilities.The third is the training of talents.For newly enrolled in the school every year, formulate system admission training courses.Through relevant training and preaching, help young talents go through the probation period smoothly, meet job work standards, and continue to enter fresh blood for the company.

    2..Implement the talent assessment mechanism

    Formulate correct assessment standards, use scientific assessment methods and ensure fair assessment subjects.Adhering to the principles of "multi -level, multi -channel, comprehensive, and institutionalized".

    In the business talent assessment mechanism, adhere to the principles of "grading formulation, focusing on, and striving for precision", and on the basis of the comprehensive evaluation of Germany, energy, diligence, and performance, through measures such as transferring assessment, quarterly assessment and annual assessment, workAs the primary basis for the assessment, it provides strong support for selecting reserve talents.

    In the school recruitment talent assessment mechanism, through the formulation of a systematic assessment system, it is committed to scientifically setting up assessment indicators, and evaluating the work of campus recruitment high -quality talents during the trial period.According to the work performance of each employee, a comprehensive and comprehensive rating is performed, providing a basis for elimination and reserve talents, providing reference for fixed rewards, and providing ideas and directions for the company's next training plan.In addition, when the school recruitment talents are determined to determine the post during the probation period, they need to make a final defense.

    3..Improve talent incentive mechanism

    Under the premise of a certain salary incentive, corresponding spiritual incentives should be adopted, such as providing training incentive measures that can meet the needs of personal growth, providing practical promotion incentives, incentive measures to meet personal honor, etc.There is no effective spiritual incentive mechanism, and it is impossible to create a good atmosphere of talent growth.However, only mental motivation, not material incentives, will also crack down on talent's enthusiasm.

    If an enterprise wants to improve the talent incentive mechanism, it is necessary to adopt a combination of material incentives and spiritual incentives.Under the premise of satisfying the material needs of talents, as much as possible to meet the various spiritual needs as much as possible, use human beings and do a good job in service, so that talents can be used to show their talents and provide a steady stream of motivation for the enterprise industry.


    Fourth, experience


    The first is to establish the concept of strong enterprise strength; the second is that talent cultivation is the long -term goal of enterprises; the third is that innovation is the basis of excellent talents; fourth is that the incentive mechanism is determined by its own value; and the fifth is the spiritual contract for the formation of enterprises and talents.(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)




The impact and application of digital technology on electronic bidding and bidding


General Manager of Beijing Zhulong Information Technology Co., Ltd.  Sun Jianwen


    In the era of digital economy, the two major objects of the electronic bidding and bidding industry -government and enterprises have proposed the digital government strategy and corporate digital strategy because of their own needs.Promotion and application.

    The impact of digital technology on electronic bidding and bidding includes two aspects: technology and industry.


    1. The comprehensive application of digital technology is the only way for bidding and procurement


    In response to the problems of full -process electronicization, digital technology can provide corresponding solutions. The digital technologies here include big data, blockchain, and intelligent supervision network.

    (1) The way to solve the siege bid — 围 (标 识

    Using big data technology, the time dimension is stretched. For the identification of the bidding for bidding for the bidding enterprise, in addition to using the hardware information identification abnormal individual relationship of the bidding book, it can also be introduced to digging the historical common bidding relationship of the enterprise through big data -related technologies., Enterprise's bidding situation, the concentration of enterprises and projects, and other data relationships, establish a siege bidding enterprise group recognition model to complete the precise identification of abnormal groups.

    (2) Smart evaluation experts and do not solve -intelligent bid evaluation

    Use the intelligent bid evaluation system -intelligent reminder+Smart clearance can solve problems such as insufficient experts in the current expert review and system, inadequate experts, and unfair experts.In the case of more and more current data and the more accurate algorithms, the conclusions given by the machine based on countless historical records will be more accurate than artificial judgment.

    (3) The way to manage the management of corporate materials (materials) -intelligent materials (materials)

    Intelligent material management has provided new solutions for corporate material management, and is becoming an important part of modern enterprise management.

    (4) The way of poor supervision -smart supervision

    In order to break through the status quo of the supervision system, the company has developed business supervision+Audio and video online supervision+Big data supervision+Blockchain supervision system.The first is trading business supervision.Leave marks throughout the transaction process, set up monitoring points in various process links, and use "to do things" as the task orientation, so that "people find things" into "things to find people".The second is audio and video supervision.Implement "Internet+Supervision "mode, so as to be electronicized in the transaction process, visualization of the whole process, audio and video management archives, and realizing the full coverage of the supervision during and after the event. The third is the big data supervision. Through the application of big data analysis technology, it is the administrative supervision department andThe market entity provides big data services to help achieve scientific, accurate and efficient intelligent supervision. Fourth, blockchain supervision. Solve the problems of electronic data easily, tampering, and loss of loss through blockchain technology to ensure transactionsThe authenticity and integrity of data.

    In the future, "Internet+", Big data, artificial intelligence, etc. will be applied more and more in public resource trading activities, and the Internet+Big Data+Intelligent+The blockchain is expected to build a new ecosystem for bidding and procurement.


    2. Industry -Digital technology -driven return to the essence of business


    (1) Electronic bidding and bidding have become an industry

    According to incomplete statistics, there are currently about about1000 ~ 2000If a trading platform, if you use an average annual investment per platform500For 10,000 yuan calculation, the investment in electronic bidding and bidding for electronic bidding every year is probably the country is probably probably5 ~ 10100 million yuan.

    (2) Industry competition is becoming increasingly hot

    At present, the competition in the electronic bidding industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the goals of most enterprises have changed from "living well" to "survive."Although the electronic bidding industry is an emerging industry, it lacks a healthy and sustainable business model. The per capita output of software companies in the industry is not high, and the technological innovation ability is not strong, especially it is difficult to recruit and retain high -tech talents.Improved improvement in future development.

    (3) Crisis that the industry cannot be ignored

    The "Measures for Electronic Bidding and Bidding" planned a market -oriented, professional, and intensive development path for the development of the electronic bidding and bidding industry.At present, the process of marketization has been carried out for a round, but most people only pay attention to the development of the industry themselves and lack a wider external perspective. This is the crisis.2019In the year, the leading companies of the Internet industry came fromBTOCTurnBTOBAs well asBTOGEssenceAccording to the development of this trend, not only the electronic bidding and bidding industry, the development and operation and maintenance enterprises of almost all information systems will become the "ecological partners" of top companies such as Huawei, Tencent, Ali, and is not only a contest between enterprises and enterprises, but also the technical level and the entire information software ecosystem.Future competition will be comprehensive competition -top companies will not only occupy market share, but also continue to gather business, resources, and talents.

    If it is not possible to respond to the platform for digital technology armed forces, being "cleared" will be a high probability event.

    (4) The electronic bidding and bidding industry will be customized

    DevelopmentSaaSThe future market opportunity of the platform service electronic bidding industry is to make full use of digital technology to realize the transformation and upgrading of various platforms and their business models, and turn the stock market into an incremental market.At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the transformation from the cost center to the operating center to further save costs and improve efficiency.

    In the future, electronic bidding and bidding will be driven by digital technology to achieve the transformation of software companies to big data companies; realize the transformation of information system developers to information content providers; realize project custom development to provideSaaSTransformation of platform services.Those companies that focus on a certain field and continue to broaden the "moat" will be more likely to "overwhelm winter".(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)




Talk about the specific ideas of the expansion of the bidding agency business in the new era


Deputy General Manager of Beijing North Consultation Engineering Project Management Consulting Co., Ltd.  Wu Zhenquan



    1. The main characteristics of the development of the new era consulting industry


    The main characteristics of the development of the consultation industry in the new era can be summarized as four aspects: the consulting industry has transformed into high -quality development, the optimization and adjustment of supervision reform and legal system, the integration of project management and the entire process consultation, and information technology and new technologies promote the change of formats.

    The bidding activities are compulsory, contracted, procedural, timeliness, and competitive. They are realizing project management planning, creating collaborative management situations, and realizing multi -dimensional comprehensive project management, etc.

It plays an important role.


    2. The service concept of "centered by the bidder"


    In recent years, the North Counseling Project Management Company has explored a large number of typical project practice represented by the Beijing Garden Boyuan Project, Government Service Center Project, Tiantan Hospital relocation project, and Xiong'an Hospital Construction Engineering.The management of government investment project management business.

    Specifically, in the development of the project management business, fully show the inherent essence and internal characteristics of the bidding activities, firmly seize the key link of the bidding and procurement, strengthen the bidding planning, and put the project management ideas and the refined management and control of the participating units.It is required that the contract conditions are included in the contract through the method of bidding.In the process, combined with the project characteristics, in accordance with the requirements and needs of the participating units, through the clever design of the bidding process documents, the quality of the bidding is properly improved, which greatly improves the quality of performance.Through in -depth excavation of the potential of the legal person (bidder) of the service project of the bidding agency, the bidding agency participating in the company's project has been expanded in business capabilities and scope, thereby forming new business characteristics.


    3. Specific ideas for business expansion


    1..Consultation to contract expansion

    In the project construction procedure, the bidding bidding is an important part of the upper enabled, and the contract for the participating units covers all the work content of the project.Based on this, the winning contract as one of the important jobs of agency business has rich value connotation.For example, in a large public hospital project in a government, according to the management requirements we put forward, the agency business has realized the business expansion of contract -oriented consultation: in terms of procedures, the bidding agency provides the contracting process of the initial consultation process of the project.Competitive overall solutions; in terms of entity, it provides services such as consulting, interpretation and analysis of various construction laws and regulations, policy documents inquiry, interpretation, and analysis, and providing services for various contractual contract changes, negotiations and contracts and assistance disputes.

    2..Expansion to project management

    The formation of various participating units around the project legal person coordination management platform is the prerequisite to ensure the smooth realization of the project construction goals. Creating a management and control system based on contract -based constraints is the ideological basis for the bidding business to expand project management expansion.For bidding agencies, not only must we organize a single bidding transaction, but also provide a richer process management accompanying service for the project.In the above -mentioned large hospital projects, we put forward the requirements of the three -stage expansion service of the bidding agencies to the bidding planning, contracting accompaniment, and performance management: during the bidding planning stage, it requires it to provide overall bidding consultation, contract planning consulting, assistance project management teamThe feasibility of research and construction goals, as well as consulting, design, construction, construction supervision and other types of preparation preparations for preparation work, etc.; At the partnership of the contract, assist our team to carry out the process of compile and consultation for the entire process management process management to provide various participation in various participation.Construction management system consultation, service consultation, performance content consultation, and project management risk identification and response consultation; during the performance management stage, provide performance of important participating units such as survey, design, construction supervision, and project bidding for project biddingLater evaluation service, etc.

    3..To ensure preferred expansion

    Guided by the progress of the progress, quality, cost, and safety of engineering construction projects, to ensure the realization of the excellent customization process, that is, fully meet the actual needs of the project, consider management demands in all aspects, and strive to optimize the optimization of the contract, optimize the bid response, and the most performance quality quality.optimization.In the practice of the company's government investment project, we require the bidding agency to use cleverly designing the bid evaluation methods to expand from the three dimensions of personnel, matters, and goals to ensure preferred: of which for personnel dimensions to ensure that the bidders' organization organizations are the most reasonable and provide bidding for biddingConsultation of the personnel organization plan; in order to ensure the most thorough response to the implementation of the bidding performers. During the process, the bidding agent and the project management team are required to study the performance matters; for target dimensions, ensure that the construction target technical solution is the most scientific. The tender in the process is bidding in the process.The acting and project management team jointly studies the technical requirements of bidding and the main points of the review plan.

    4..Expansion to business information

    Actively explore the development of electronic business systems with independent intellectual property rights to cope with informatization challenges.Build an efficient business management and control platform system for enterprises, build data and knowledge platforms, and actively build a market database system, consulting knowledge database system, etc.Accelerate the transformation process of high -end think tanks, and focus on providing macro consulting services that reflect the development of market development.Establish universal data standards, provide decision -making analysis services for market transactions, actively carry out evaluation services, observe the monopoly, vicious competition, dishonesty illegal dynamics such as the seller, and promote the healthy development of market transactions.Overall, the bidding agency should strengthen the three aspects of the three aspects of the project management needs: that is, the auxiliary project management capabilities of the project legal person, the information consulting service capability of the project legal person, and the corporate background knowledge base resource push capacity for the agency business.Essence

(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)




Discovery the transformation practice of the bidding agency to the comprehensive entire process engineering consulting agency


Deputy General Manager of Tianhe Guokou Holding Group Co., Ltd.  Huang Junli


    1. Focusing on the management concept of the whole process project, we can consolidate the foundation of the full consultation in advance


    Tianhe Guoqiao Group organized the organization in the early days of its establishmentIPMP2. Management training and certification of general contracting projects. In recent years, enterprises have been able to transform quickly in the field of consultation in recent years.Consolidate the foundation of development.2014Since the beginning of the year, with the help of the country, it has been vigorously promotedPPP The development opportunity of the model, the company takes the leadPPPProject Consulting,PPPThe consulting business quickly expanded the market, received praise from customers, and quickly became a boutique consulting service brand.

    In the field of project management, the company has gathered a group of experts and elites familiar with international project management, and has extensively participated in many international project management.The full consultation service laid a solid foundation.


    2. Take the opportunity to encourage the development of full counseling to promote the integration and transformation of enterprises


    First of all, changes in the environment bring new challenges to each single consultation. The integration and coordination of each single consultation business have become an inevitable trend.

    Secondly, the state has successively introduced policies to encourage the development of engineering consulting, and vigorously promote the development of the entire process engineering consulting service in the areas of housing construction and municipal infrastructure.

    Third, the development of the entire process of engineering as the focus of the transformation and development of enterprises, by optimizing and adjusting the organizational structure of the enterprise, vigorously cultivating the composite talent team, and adopting "introduction+Combined with "union"

The way to better adapt to the market's demand for the entire process engineering consulting service.


    Third, try first, explore the multi -combined service method of full consulting business


    The first is to cut into the market with demand -oriented and explore multi -combined service methods.According to their own advantages and needs, the company uses a menu -style combination service list mode (such as "recruitment+Cost+Supervision "" Investment Consultation+Recruit+"Cost" "Investment Consultation+Design+Cost+Supervise+Project Management "" Investment Consultation+Design+Recruit+Cost+Supervise+The whole process project management ", etc.) is selected for the construction unit as a breakthrough in the entire consultation.

    The second is to take the initiative, inPPPThe project was the first to introduce the entire process of engineering consulting services, continuously extended the field of consultation applications, and continuously undertake several full -process engineering consulting services projects in many places across the country, and accumulated useful experience for regulating and innovative development engineering consulting.


    Fourth, take multiple measures, solidly promote the expansion of the full counseling business


    (1) Consolidate the foundation for special consultation and seek breakthroughs in innovation and development.

    Continuously promote the solid consolidation of various special consultations such as investment consulting, bidding procurement, cost, supervision, and project management, and integrate with new technologies and new needs to achieve "specialty, fine, new"; adhere to internal integration, strong weaknesses, supplementationShort board, continue to strengthen the development of engineering design and information technology; focus on the development of the entire process of integration management service model, actively digging the needs, innovate solution to ideas, extend forward and extension, give play to comprehensive superposition advantages, find new consultation and full -process engineering consultation new new new oneEffective binding points.

    (2) Strengthen the service management system and enhance diversification and one -stop service capabilities

    Study and establish a full consultation service quality management system and service technical standards that meet their own characteristics, and improve the one -stop integrated service capabilities of the enterprise's comprehensive diversified services and systemic issues.Research and practice parallel, relying on the "Tianhe Guo ConsultationPPP & PMThe “platform advantage of the research of the research institute, continuously explore innovations in management methods, talent training, service models, market expansion and other aspects, and practice more diversified, professional and customized full consulting models. Actively participate in government and related industry associationsRelated policies and standard system research, and seek high -quality development in the industry. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic universities and well -known consulting agencies, build mutual integration and cooperation and win -win cooperation.

    (3) Improve the level of informationization, enrich and refine and integrated technical measures

    By strengthening learning new technologies, new processes, using new tools and methods to enhance the level of modern information technology application, and create their own characteristic consulting products.By vigorously developing and using architectural information models (Bim), Big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, geographical information system (Gis) This modern information technology and resources continue to improve the efficiency and refined management level of full consulting services.Attach importance to the integration and construction of the project management application platform.PM Visualization technology and comprehensive credit management platforms, improve the level of information management and application in the field of project management.

    (4) Based on the southeast coast, seek international exchanges and cooperation such as the “Belt and Road”

    In the context of the national “Belt and Road” initiative and the “going global” strategy, the company uses Fujian ’s advantages in Southeast Asia to provide international project management and engineering consulting services from Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Maldives.Accumulate international practical experience.By improving multinational management capabilities and gradually extending consulting products that meet the international characteristics, it can not only meet the needs of the domestic consulting market, and it is also of great significance for the way to enter the international consulting market in the "Belt and Road" express cars.

    It can be expected that in the future, the entire process of construction engineering engineering consulting services will be promising. Industry enterprises should actively develop the entire process engineering consulting business under the support of government authorities and industry associations., A positive exploration and contribution to the transformation and development of the bidding agent.(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)




Bim Experience introduction of technical application consulting services


Beijing Zhongchang Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.BimGeneral manager  Li Donghai


    Beijing Zhongchang Company2012Start research on the yearBimapplication,2014Beginning to undertakeBimTechnical application projects, and vigorously develop based onBimConsultation services for all life cycle of technology.existBimDuring the application and project management service process, the company proposedBimThe solution of integrated with project management has solvedBimThe problems in the application are not unified, the standards are not uniform, and the system is not uniform.BimThe information management model that integrates with project management has accumulated rich experience in project management service.


    1.BimTechnology corporate development strategy


    In recent years, the state and relevant ministries have introduced a series of policies and regulations to promoteBimThe integrated application of technology in the whole process of design, construction and operation and maintenance.At the same time, after years of development,BimThe application of technology has entered a rational period from the impetuous period and has undergone a transformation from blind obedience to planning applications.In addition, the company should accelerate the development of professionalism, refinement, informatization, and group development strategies, and open up new blue oceans in business.Based on the above factors, the company will "basedBimThe entire process of technology project management consultation "as the development strategy of the enterprise.


    Based onBimTechnology corporate planning and construction


    In terms of team construction, the company is specially establishedBimThe center, on the basis of consolidating the core consulting business, actively expandsBimApplication business market.Based on the original management and business backbone, strive to create business, management, and understandingBimComposite team.Experts who hire rail transit construction and operation and maintenance to form an expert committee to provide guidance and professional consultation for the project implementation.At the same time, investing in the establishment of software development companies, it has been developed one after anotherCQCCalculation of cloud engineering,PMPComprehensive management platform andIrSmart big data and other softwareBimApplications provide strong technical support and solutions.

    In terms of R & D investment, the company has jurisdiction over Beijing Zhongchang Software Company, Beijing Guangxun Tong Network Company, China Software (Shanghai) Company, and Guangzhou Qizhi Data Technology Company.BimAs well asGis,cloud computing,

The research and development of advanced information technology such as big data, and successfully break throughBimModel fusion, data information integration, model data standard management and other technical difficulties, realizeBimApplication and project management integrated.


    Three, based onBimTechnical project implementation experience


    1..clearlyBimImplement application goals

    Systemic applications, platform management, and digital delivery make it use to design and serve construction, convenient operation and maintenance, and can provide visual models and data information for the operation and maintenance stage.

    2..MatureBimImplement management mode

    Leaded by the construction unit, managed,BimConsultation unit provides overall consultation and management, and jointly participated by functional departments, design, supervision, construction and other unitsBimImplementation mode.

    3..advancedBimComprehensive management platform

    Can integrate functional systems such as progress, investment, security, quality;BentleyAs well asRevitFormation of different data formatsBimModel fusion to ensure that the model and data are not lost; standardize the model database to form a fixed asset database and equipment maintenance database, which is convenient for digital transfers.

    4..UsefulBimImplement standard system

    Including technical standards, management standards, and data standards, the models can be passed, information can be passed on, and can be applied and applied.

    5..professionalBimImplement technical team

    The company has a group of proficient engineering management and masteryBimTechnical, professional teams with comprehensive skills, complete design, construction, operation and maintenance personnel, good at usingBimTechnologies carry out full -process engineering management consulting services.

    6..abundantBimImplementation project experience

    likeBimTechnology in Qingdao Metro13During the application process of the number line, in many aspects of improving the quality of the project, reducing safety risks, and saving construction period, it has played a significant role; the electromechanical system realizes prefabricated installation and construction.This project has obtained Shandong ProvinceBimApplication of model engineering and being international organizationRicsBe appointed2018YearBimApplication of the best excellent award.


    Four, based onBimFuture development plan for technology


    1..Service mode expansion

    byBimThe technology is a breakthrough, updating the company's business philosophy, adoptedBim+Service mode:Bim+Calculation, metric,Bim+Cost,Bim+Bidding+Cost,Bim+Project management, meet the actual needs of customers, provide customers with multiple service options, and find the common points of the win -win situation between the two parties.

    2..Company transformation and upgrade

    Cost consultation and bidding agency business transformation to "BimFor the whole process of project management with investment management as the core, to achieve breakthroughs in new business; establishmentCQCModeling calculation center, batch calculation

The business transfer to the center to realize the basedBimCalculate the amount of engineering, improve work efficiency and service quality; increase the training of traditional business personnel, speed up the transformation of personnel business, and become the companyBimThe project provides composite talents.

    3..R & D direction positioning

    BimThe maximum value of the application is in the operation and maintenance management stage.passBimTechnology integrates management systems such as fixed asset management, maintenance management, emergency evacuation management, education and training management, etc., and research and developmentBimData interfaces with various management systems provide data foundation and technical support for the smart transportation and smart transportation of rail transit.

    along withBim, Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT, Geographical Information System (Gis) For the development of modern information technology, the threat of the construction industry consulting unit is getting more and more obvious, andPPP The development of emerging fields such as project consulting and process management consulting will be squeezed to occupy more consulting business, forcing the consulting company to find new growth points.Based on traditional professional advantages and use technology methods to armed themselves, and then provide customers with high -quality services, it will be the future development trend of consulting companies.(The editorial department of this magazine based on speaking materials and on -site recording excerpts)

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