Create a veritable world "three seven capitals"!Wenshan is doing this ... (6)

December 6,一刻资讯 2023

Wenshan Prefecture was released

"Wenshan Prefecture, which is dominated by Sanqi, has a high -quality development of the biomedical industry

Three -year Action Plan (2023-2025) ""

Proposed in the scheme

To create a veritable world "three seven capitals"

So, how do Wenshan do?

What are the key tasks and specific paths?

Come to understand today

Implementation digital empowerment project

Build a three -seven digital public service platform

Relying on the construction of the Wenshan Sanqi International Trade Center, integrate the existing digital platforms in the state, promote the standardized production and digital coordination of Sanqi, strengthen the supervision of the Sanqi Agricultural Input Products, standardize the standardized production process of Sanqi, and continuously improve the industry as the foundation, data as the data as the foundation, data as the data.The core and the Internet -based sustainable operating service system provides digital empowerment for the high -quality development of the Sanqi Industrial Chain.

Improve the construction of Sanqi Agricultural Internet of Things platform

In accordance with the development of market -oriented operation, based on base enterprises, cooperatives, and large planting households as the main body, actively explore and promote the construction of the Sanqi Agricultural IoT projects, build and improve the three -seven planting digital models, and rely on Sanqi Agricultural IoT to build characteristic Chinese medicinal materials plantingThe digital platform explores a new model of the wisdom and digital development of the March 7th Chinese Medicinal Materials Base.Explore the construction of three -seven planting land resource management systems to conduct investigations and digital management of land resources suitable for planting Sanqi in Wenshan Prefecture, and comprehensively grasp data such as the area, planting period, and output of Sanqi.Establishing and planting traceability provides data support.

Explore the construction of the Blockchain of Wenshan Sanqi Industrial Blockchain

Connect to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, apply blockchain, the Internet of Things and other technologies, based on the three -seven digital market, link three seven digital bases, digital processing, and build a seed seedlings, planting, processing, warehousing, logistics, sales to terminal consumption.The entire process of quality of Sanqi can trace the digital system, comprehensively improve the development process and level of the digital development of the industry, and promote the upgrade from the traditional industry to the digital industry from the traditional industry to the digital industry.It can be investigated "to create a Wenshan Sanqi Smart Industry, and provide consumers with high -quality digital digital digital digitalization of green, reassuring, authenticity, and quality guarantee to consumers, and strive to build Wenshan Sanqi Industry into the digital development of the Chinese medicinal materials industry in Yunnan Province.Bebe.


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