U.S. media: The U.S. Small Army implements a commercial acquisition strategy "to be treated"

  According to the US "Defense News" website reported on January 6,突发新闻 the Space Army is about to adopt a commercial acquisition strategy.

  It is reported that the strategy of the Space Army's ability to purchase and integrate commercial space will be "just around the corner."

  Lieutenant General Diana Berte, the deputy commander of the space combat of combat, network and nuclear forces, stated on January 5 that the strategy will solve the problem of how to use a business system to fill the ability gap and provide backup capabilities when needed.It will also consider how the Space Army relies more on the industry instead of its own complete system to provide services -such as launching satellite or satellite communication.

  "What we are trying to do is ... to ensure that our strategy is to buy some of these functions (especially as satellite communication), how to treat it as a product, not that 'I must have and operate the entire satellite to operate the entire satellite'Attitude. "Berte said at a network seminar hosted by the Institute of Michell.

  The Space Army Strategy and Project Office submitted a preliminary commercial space strategy to General Chase Salzman, Commander of Space Battle last fall, hoping to get approval.Salzman has returned it and demanded more information about the services and products who want to buy from the commercial company to buy from the commercial company.

  It is reported that in recent years, the Space Army has paid more attention to strengthening partnership with business and industry.Officials call on the purchasing personnel to consider purchasing services and systems as much as possible, rather than building customized government satellites.Last year, it established a commercial space office to help them better integrate these capabilities into the task field.

  Berte said that the reason for the implementation of this move is that the space army needs to vigorously strengthen the foundation of the space industry.

  "The space sector has not been able to have a very strong industrial foundation in the past, because ... mainly because the government is running these functions," she said. "Now you see that entrepreneurs and commercial companies have entered the field, and more and more areThe country has also become a powerful country, and you have begun to see the establishment of the industrial foundation. "

  It is reported that Berte said that a space forces must continue to cooperate with the industry to determine how to protect commercial space assets during the conflict.


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