Xingsheng Commercial rose nearly 5% of high -quality expansion of the business landscape agency optimistic about its external extension capabilities and operating toughness

  Xingsheng Commercial (06668) rose nearly 5%. As of press time,高速资讯 it rose 4.88%to HK $ 1.29.

  On the news, Xingsheng Commercial and Jining City joined forces to extend the business territory.On December 31, Jining Xinghe ICO Shopping Center ushered in the opening.It is reported that the project is located in the center of Jining's core city. The total construction area of the project is nearly 200,000 square meters, the commercial area is 66,000 square meters, and 81 radiation residential communities are radiated within 2km range, covering 280,000 people.In addition, the Coco Park of the Nansha Xinghe in Guangzhou also officially opened on December 23. So far, the project has completed 95%of the investment rate, and the cumulative number of members exceeds 100,000.


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