Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was established on January 1,High-speed information website 1984.On October 28, 2005, the overall restructuring was a joint -stock company.On October 27, 2006, it was successfully listed on the same day on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.After continuous efforts and steady development, it has entered the ranks of the world's leading large banks, and has a high -quality customer base, diverse business structure, strong innovation capabilities and market competitiveness.As the foundation of service, actively build the "first choice of customers", and provide comprehensive financial products and services to 6.271 million company customers and 567 million personal customers worldwide.Consciously integrate social responsibility into development strategies and business management activities, and has been widely praised in the development of inclusive finance, supporting precision poverty alleviation, protecting environmental resources, and support for public welfare.Always focus on the main business, adhere to the origin of serving the real economy, coexist with the real economy, share storms, and grow together; always adhere to risks, firmly adhere to the bottom line, control and resolve risks as the only iron law; always insist on adhering toThe grasp and compliance of the business bank's business laws are committed to creating a "century -old store"; always adhere to the steady progress, innovation, and continuous deepening of large retail, large asset management, large investment banks, and internationalization and comprehensiveization strategies.Hug the Internet; always adhere to professionalism, open up professional business models, and forge "big craftsmen".The internationalization and comprehensive operation structure has been continuously improved, and the overseas network has expanded to 45 countries and regions, and its profit contribution has been further improved.In 2017, a number of core indicators continued to maintain the world's first, ranking the top 1,000 global banks in the UK for five consecutive years, the top 2000 global enterprises in the United States, and the top 500 commercial banks in Fortune.Brand Finance the world's most valuable banking brand.

Business overview

At the end of 2017, total assets were 260,870.43 billion yuan, an increase of 1949.778 billion yuan from the end of the previous year, an increase of 8.1%; total liabilities were 239,45.987 billion yuan, an increase of 17,89885 billion yuan from the end of the previous year, an increase of 8.1%; the annual net profit was 287.451 billion yuan, an increase of 3.0%, The average total asset return rate (ROA) is 1.14%, the weighted average net asset yield (ROE) is 14.35%, the core first -level capital adequacy ratio is 12.77%, the first -level capital adequacy ratio is 13.27%, the capital adequacy ratio is to the capital adequacy ratio15.14%.Business income was 675.654 billion yuan, an increase of 5.3%, of which net interest income was 522078 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6%; non -interest income was 153.576 billion yuan; operating costs were 1,86.194 billion yuan, a decrease of 3.6%, and cost revenue was 26.45%.

Company financial business

At the end of 2017, the company's customers were 6.271 million, an increase of 487,000 households over the end of the previous year.In the eighth consecutive year, he was awarded "Global Finance" "China Best Companies Bank" and was first rated "Global Finance" "China Best Renewable Energy Bank".

1. Company deposit and loan business.At the end of 2017, the company's loan balance was 893,6864 billion yuan, an increase of 796.18 billion yuan and an increase of 9.8%over the end of the previous year.

2. SME business.Promote the specialized model of the small and micro finance business center, set up 234 small and micro financial business centers, adopt batch, standardized, one -stop service methods, rely on the Internet to strengthen product innovation, enrich the scene risk control and credit model, and achieve credit approval.Online and intelligent, R & D and launching online pledge loans and online small loan products.Won the "China Business Daily" "2017 Excellent Competitive Small and Medium Enterprise Service Bank".

3. Institutional financial business.Realize the opening of provincial accounts in 26 regions, the regional coverage rate reaches 68%, and the revenue expenditure households, fiscal special accounts and occupational annuity collect accounts are newly opened in the same industry.Payment of penalties for the widest coverage and the largest business volume, the number of local bond investment amount ranks first, and the financial bond underwriting business has continued to maintain the first position of the banking institution market.

4. Settlement and cash management business.With the help of industrial and commercial enterprises, small and micro enterprise platforms, ICBC E -payment, and large funding monitoring, etc. to expand the size of customers, innovate global cash management services, and actively provide customers with account information, collection and payment, liquidity management, investment and financing and risksManage the comprehensive financial solution of the six major product lines.At the end of 2017, the number of public settlement accounts was 7.489 million, an increase of 7.6%over the end of the previous year, and the settlement business volume was 25.63 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.5%over the previous year.Cash management customers were 1.381 million; global cash management customers 6,388 households, an increase of 10.8%.

5. International settlement and trade financing business.Accelerate online transformation and innovation, and promote the in -depth integration of international business and "Internet+".Accelerate the construction of the electronic system of international business, promote the development of cross -border remittance projects of enterprise online banking, and put into production; for key customers to put into production banks such as banks and enterprises, and SWIFT direct connections, and improve the efficiency of intensive business processing and personalized customer service capabilities.In 2017, the domestic international trade financing cumulatively issued a total of US $ 66.730 billion.International settlement volume is US $ 2.8 trillion, of which foreign institutions handle 1.1 trillion US dollars.

6. Investment banking.Expand mergers and acquisitions consulting business, innovate debt financing consulting business model, carry out equity financing consulting business, and actively develop bond underwriting business.The annual main underwriting of 1,497 domestic and foreign bonds, the main inheritance scale was 1293.778 billion yuan.The scale of the main underwriting of the domestic main underwriting continues to maintain the market ranking first, with a market share of 13.26%.

Personal financial business

At the end of 2017, the total financial assets were 130 trillion yuan, an increase of 781.7 billion yuan over the end of the previous year.Individual customers have 567 million households, an increase of 37.58 million, of which personal loan customers are 12.26 million, an increase of 930,000 households.Personal loans were 494.458 billion yuan, an increase of 749.289 billion yuan, an increase of 17.9%.Individual deposits were 8380.106 billion yuan, an increase of 239.825 billion yuan, an increase of 2.9%.

1. Continue to deepen the application of big data analysis technology, continuously improve and comprehensively promote customer portrait functions, and form an integrated and precise marketing system for online and offline multiple contacts.

2. Optimize the promotion of "ICBC Cloud Butler" services. Through the remote service methods such as E -Union, telephone, and SMS, it provides customers with professional financial services including information, product promotion, and problem consulting.

3. Continuously innovate and deepen the connotation of salary products on behalf of the "ICBC salary management", and improve customer service levels; innovate personal deposit products such as "Tiantianhui" and "Salary No. 3".

4. Strengthen the innovation of agency fund products and business, and the joint CSI Index company released the market's first bank custom fund index, and the influence of the agency fund business brand has further improved.

5. Private banking business.Accelerate the innovation of private banks' independent wealth management products, and issue product portfolios such as Fubuka Series and Winning Series.The continuous development of private banks in overseas institutions provides customers with green accounts, asset allocation, financing convenience and value -added services covering 21 countries and regions of overseas countries and regions.ICBC Asia and ICBC Macau private banking customers have exceeded thousands of households.At the end of 2017, there were 75,500 private bank customers, an increase of 5,431 households at the end of the previous year, an increase of 7.7%.Management assets were 1.34 trillion yuan, an increase of 126.6 billion yuan, an increase of 10.7%.

6. Bank card business.We will conscientiously implement the requirements of account classification, accelerate the transformation of mobile payment products, enrich the rights and interests of the card, and further improve the security of payment.The introduction of pure credit, the entire online personal credit consumer loan product "Rong E to borrow", in 2017, a total of 98.315 billion yuan was issued.The "Rong E Lending" product won the "Top Ten Internet Financial Product Innovation Award" in "Bank of Relief".At the end of 2017, the number of bank card issuances was 908 million, an increase of 80.96 million from the end of the previous year, of which 765 million card issued card issued cards and 143 million credit card issuance.The credit card overdraft balance was 534.776 billion yuan, an increase of 82.737 billion yuan at the end of the previous year, an increase of 18.3%; in 2017, the bank card realized the consumption of 6.7 trillion yuan, of which the debit card consumption was 4.3 trillion yuan, and the credit card consumption was 2.4 trillion yuan.Essence

Financial asset service business

Actively seize the opportunity of customer wealth growth and capital market development. Relying on the business advantages of the group's asset management, hosting, pension, and other business advantages, as well as the functions of comprehensive subsidiaries such as funds, insurance, leasing, investment banks, to build a full -value chain of large asset management business system.Provide customers with diversified and integrated professional services.

1. Wealth management business.Continuously enrich the personal wealth management product line, and enrich the customer's differentiated choice of the investment cycle.Focusing on serving the real economy and preventing and controlling financial risks, the financial business business of legal persons will be improved to improve customer financial service experience and transaction efficiency; actively use new technical means to improve business risk prevention and control capabilities, launch product authenticity online verification services, and ensure customer funds.At the end of 2017, the balance of wealth management products was 301.2084 billion yuan, an increase of 11.4%over the previous year, and the scale maintained the first industry.

2. Asset custody business.In the fields of securities investment funds, insurance, bank wealth management, corporate annuity, fund special accounts, global asset custody, etc., they have maintained market leadership.Successful custody markets are the first public offering FOF Fund, and have obtained the qualifications of the first domestic professional annuity fund collection account custody, and obtained the appointment of QFII, Jingshun Invesco, and WFOE private fund custody in the country of WFOE.At the end of 2017, the total net value of custody assets was 15.5 trillion yuan.

3. Pension business.At the end of 2017, the entrustment management pension fund was 107.9 billion yuan, 17.3 million personal accounts managed pension, and the custody pension fund was 501.6 billion yuan.Trust management Enterprise annuity scale, the number of individual accounts of management of enterprises, and the number of custodian enterprises in the banks are the first place in the banking industry.

4. Precious metal business.Accelerate the innovation of physical products, launch new types of processes and physical products of light luxury, accelerate the construction of supporting logistics systems, and meet customers with the diverse, timely distribution, and convenient service needs of customers.Promote the integration and development of online and offline physical sales, and the physical sales revenue of the "ICBC Golden Expert Store" of the "ICBC Golden Master Store" has increased by more than 100%over the previous year.Carry out the business of financial integration to meet the needs of customers in the precious metal industry chain.Accelerate the international development of your precious metal business, carry out the business of the London Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) International Gold Fixed -time Merchants Business, and participate in more than 500 international gold fixed -market business participation in the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which has continuously enhanced the international influence.The annual precious metal business transaction volume was 16 billion yuan.The liquidation volume of the Shanghai Gold Exchange was 466.6 billion yuan, an increase of 14.8%over the previous year.

5. Transaction of valet funds.In the whole period, the number of foreign exchange and sales business volume was 422.8 billion US dollars.The foreign exchange trading business has developed steadily, and the leading advantages of the "Belt and Road" and emerging market currency business have been further consolidated.The number of foreign exchange trading business throughout the age was US $ 203.4 billion.In the industry, we will first launch the continuous transaction products of the basic metal and account agricultural products of the account. All account products have achieved continuous transactions to solve the customer's long -term investment needs for account products and further consolidate the market advantages of account transaction products.The annual account transaction volume is 41.0 billion yuan.Actively provide customers with financial services based on foreign exchange rate and interest rate risk management. The trading volume of foreign currency derivatives in the whole year was US $ 30.3 billion, an increase of 77.9%over the previous year.With the outstanding role in the internationalization of the RMB and promoting the construction of the Chinese derivative market, he won the "Asian Risk" 2017 "China Best Bank".Vigorously expand agent trading customers to establish agency transaction cooperation with 127 institutional customers from 36 countries and regions around the world; steadily promote the innovation of counter bond business, complete the first phase of special bonds for poverty alleviation and relocation for investors in the counter market.The first single "Yangtze River Water Basin Governance" green bond distribution work helps the country's poverty alleviation strategy and green development strategy.

6. Asset securitization business.In 2017, a total of 7 securitized products were issued in the inter -bank market, with a cumulative distribution scale of 46.565 billion yuan.Optimized adjustment; issued 3 -phase personal housing mortgage securitization project, effectively support the demand for new personal housing loans.

7. Agent sales business.In 2017, the agency fund sales were 923.2 billion yuan, the agency government bond sales were 65.3 billion yuan, and the agent's personal insurance sales were 136.4 billion yuan.

Capital business

In 2017, combined with the needs of the financial market trend and liquidity management, the investment and trading strategies were adjusted in a timely manner, the investment varieties and structures were reasonably arranged, and the level of profit business profit was increased.

1. Currency market transaction.In terms of the RMB currency market, reasonably arrange the scale of banking and non -bank financial institutions to improve the efficiency of capital use; vigorously develop bond lending business, revitalize existing bonds, and improve the scale and income simultaneous improvement;
In terms of the foreign exchange currency market, domestic banks with relatively high income are proportioned to domestic banks and increased capital operation income.Throughout the year, branches have been incorporated into RMB 2.6.233 trillion, of which 18.58 trillion yuan was incorporated; the foreign currency currency market transaction volume was US $ 780.2 billion.

2. Investment business.In terms of investment in RMB bonds, make overall arrangements for investment progress and rhythm, optimize the structure of investment varieties; increase investment in local government bonds and domestic bonds with less economic capital, and actively support the construction of the real economy.In terms of investment in foreign currency bonds, increase the active management of foreign currency bond investment portfolios, increase the frequency of operating band operations, and increase the price difference income; foreign currency bonds do a leapfrog development in the market, serving 44 Chinese -funded institutions, and in the foreign currency bond market marketThe influence is significantly improved.

3. Financing business.According to the needs of funds and liquidity management, reasonable arrangements include the integration of inter -bank market interbank integration, short -term interbank deposits, and large -scale deposit orders such as active liabilities and structures to enhance the supporting capabilities of diversified liabilities on the development of asset business.

Internet banking

Comprehensively promote the development strategy of E-ICBC 3.0 Internet finance, accelerate innovation leadership, upgrade and improve the overall structure of Internet finance with three major platforms as the main body, covering and connected financial services, e-commerce, payment, and social life.

1. Follow the line of E.Introduce fingerprints, face login and payment functions, one -click transfer, online banking scan code login, free logging query and other series of products and services.With professional security as the goal, we will launch mobile banking security centers, launch security testing, account security locks and other functions.At the end of 2017, the number of customers of Rong Es reached 282 million.

2. Rong E Buy.Improve the customer experience of Rong Ebu's mobile terminal, launch a series of special platforms such as asset trading platforms, commodity product matching platforms, etc., and create a characteristic business integration scenario.Signed a contract with 943 high -quality green food companies, which basically covers green food companies with domestic e -commerce operation service capabilities, becoming one of the most complete and authoritative e -commerce platforms in China.In 2017, Rong E's purchase platform achieved a total of 1.03 trillion yuan throughout the year.

3. Rong E united.Line the "I am in the ICBC" annual bill of big data portrait products, and use the advantages of big data to provide customers with information value -added services.Build an integrated service platform, launch an important functions such as the launch of the commissioning group, the overall channel service evaluation, the private bank statement, and the precious metal transfer of the account, and help the customer's manager's service capacity improvement.At the end of 2017, the number of registered customers in Rong Eliang was 114 million.

4. Financing product line.Create the financing model of the entire industry chain, extend financing services to the industry terminal, and penetrate the financing needs of suppliers, dealers and end personal customers.Innovate the pledge financing product of the online bill pool pledge, the types of online pledge financing pledge of legal persons have further increased, and the functions of network financing system are optimized.At the end of 2017, the online financing balance exceeded 840 billion yuan.

5. Pay product line.The industry's first QR code payment product was launched, and mobile payment cooperated with Beijing and Wuhan Metro Group, becoming the first commercial bank in China to support mobile phone QR code ride.The "ICBC E payment" payment scenario has been enriched, and has covered multiple convenient service scenarios such as hydropower, gas, heating, and social security.The legal person wealth management product "Legal Elita", which is the first to launch 7X24 hours of transactions in the industry. Corporate customers can flexibly and quickly carry out financial investment through the Internet platform.

6. Invest in wealth management product line.Innovatively launched intelligent investment consulting products in the field of wealth management, applying artificial intelligence, big data technology and quantitative investment models, and comprehensively providing customers with fund investment portfolio recommendations and dynamic positioning services.Online banking channels have continued to optimize, and the functions of new foreign exchange sales business quotations and interest rate drop transactions have further increased the varieties of public product transactions.Comprehensively build a domestic -leading multi -channel, full product line, multi -model, and full -process management to public agency trading system.

Channel construction and service improvement

1. Continue to promote the optimization of the area layout of the outlets.Continue to focus on "adjusting structure, excellent formats, and efficiency", highlighting key branches, key cities, and key outlets.Continue to improve the matching degree of outlet resources with customer needs, and financial resources, and enhance the service supply capacity of key areas and major customer bases.Accelerate the establishment of a community -oriented management system for outlets, while making small, fine, and living lights while making bigger, excellent, and strengthening core outlets to achieve complementary functions of outlet formats.At the end of 2017, there were 16,092 business outlets, 27,196 self -service banks, 95,043 automatic tellers, and the transaction value of automatic tellers was 1186.1 billion yuan.

2. Comprehensively promote the smart service mode of the outlet.Steady implementation of the intelligent transformation of outlets, continue to improve intelligent service processes and functions, and promote the transformation of outlet marketing services.New menu fuzzy query, open account account, face recognition auxiliary card opening, safety media management and other intelligent service functions.New equipment such as R & D and production passbook automatic tellers, portable smart tellers, and upgraded version of the product collection machine can effectively improve the intelligent service customer experience.

3. In -depth promotion of the online and offline transformation of the outline.Continue to enrich and improve the entrances and tools of new channels such as two -dimensional code, outlet WIFI, and outlet mini -programs, and carry out joint promotion activities for new products to build multi -interface promotion, online and offline promotion of employees, outlets, self -service machinery, and mobile APPs, online and offlineInterconnected new three -dimensional marketing model.

4. Service improvement.Focusing on the general goal of "building customers to satisfy the bank", through specific measures such as improving mechanisms, strengthening management, and optimizing experience, we will promote customer satisfaction and experience optimization, steadily improve service efficiency, continue to improve service appearance, and continue to improve customer reputation.Essence

Internationalization and integrated operation

Steadyly promote the global network layout and channel construction, and deepen the extension of overseas institutions.The Prague Branch and the Mongolian representative office officially opened, and the Swiss Zurich Branch was awarded licenses, and the global service network was becoming increasingly perfect.ICBC Moscow St. Petersburg Branch and ICBC American Houston institution have opened, and the overseas local service network has been further enhanced.The unveiling of the ICBC Asset Management (Global) in Hong Kong has created a unified operation platform for the Group's global asset management.As of the end of 2017, 419 institutions have been established in 45 countries and regions. The bank group has indirectly covered 20 countries in Africa, and established an agency relationship with 1,545 overseas banks in 143 countries and regions. The service network covers six continents.And important international financial centers in the world.Among them, there are 129 branches in 20 countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”.A total of 358 projects in the “Belt and Road” project were supported, with a total loan amount of 94.5 billion US dollars.In 2017, there were 123 new loan projects, with a loan amount of 33.9 billion US dollars.The total assets of overseas institutions (including overseas branches, overseas subsidiaries, and standard banks) were US $ 358.597 billion, an increase of US $ 52.147 billion at the end of the previous year, an increase of 17.0%, accounting for 9.0%of the Group's total assets, an increase of 0.2 percentage points.The report on the reporting period was US $ 3.918 billion, an increase of $ 671 million over the end of the previous year, an increase of 20.7%, accounting for 7.0%of the Group's pre -tax profit, an increase of 0.8 percentage points.Various loans were US $ 216.360 billion, an increase of 40.489 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 23.0%; customer deposits were US $ 12.424 billion, an increase of 23.201 billion US dollars, an increase of 23.9%.

The comprehensive subsidiary has further enhanced the contribution and strategic synergy of the group's profit.ICBC has strengthened the Group's strategic coordination, continuously consolidated the core competitiveness of investment and research, continued to enrich and improve product lines and improve customer service levels, and the scale of asset management continued to maintain a good trend of steady growth.ICBC Leasing has made every effort to promote the transformation and development, effectively improve the level of internal management, stable growth in various businesses, the quality of assets has remained stable, and the operating situation continues to improve.ICBC Ansheng actively promoted the development of health guarantee, achieved steady growth of premium income, and continued to improve business structure.ICBC International's four major business segments Investment banks, sales transactions, investment management and asset management actively connect with the group's business development strategy, operating performance at a high speed, and brand image and market influence have greatly increased.Established the first batch of domestic commercial bank debt -to -equity implementation institutions and industrial bank investment, giving full play to the advantages of comprehensive financial services, and orderly and effectively to promote the implementation of market -oriented debt -to -equity swap projects.

Information Bank Construction

Optimize the production operation and management of the whole group.With the rising business volume, the security operation situation of the information system of the entire bank has reached the best level of over the years, and for the first time, it has achieved the normalized New Year's operation in the same city.Promote business system monitoring and intelligent operation and maintenance platform deployment, promote the automated operation and maintenance tools such as the automation deployment of the system, and deploy emergency automation switching tools such as database switching.Carry out production and maintenance data analysis, mining and realization of the value of operation and maintenance services, and promote the progress of business and scientific and technological management.Implement the "National Network Security Law", establish a network and information security reporting mechanism throughout the bank, continue to build information security monitoring and disposal platforms (SOCs), establish a national offense and defense drill system, and comprehensively improve the overall security protection capabilities.

Accelerate the transformation of new technology research and application and IT architecture.Establish the seven innovation laboratories, comprehensively deploy the cutting -edge fields of fintech, and actively explore application scenarios such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing, create a blockchain platform for poverty alleviation in Guizhou, and use blockchain technology to promote the male.The transparent management of construction funds in Anxin District, launched the intelligent investment advisor "AI investment", and build a "ICBC IoT Service Platform".Continue to promote the transformation of the IT architecture, and take the lead in building an application platform cloud in the industry. Through the combination of infrastructure cloud and software definition networks, we can realize dynamic management of basic computing resources and application resources.Implement the optimization and improvement of host application architecture, increase distributed applications, build big data clouds, carry out in -depth IT blueprint planning and design, and lay the foundation for the new generation of smart bank information system (ECOS) construction projects throughout the bank.

Promote business innovation services for all customers, omni -channels and products.Promote the Internet financial strategy from E-ICBC 2.0 to E-ICBC 3.0 Smart Bank upgrade, successfully promote the new generation of enterprise online banking, unify the "ICBC E Payment" brand, and release the "ICBC E-Loan E-Lend" product.Accelerate the construction of the Internet financial ecosystem, launch a new version of ICBC E life, complete the construction of uniform APP Cloud Flash Payment, and innovate the "ICBC Xiaobai" digital banks.Promote the construction of internationalization and comprehensive related systems, and the new overseas anti -money laundering system (BRAINS) is put into operation in 23 overseas institutions; Moscow, ICBC has become the first RMB clearing bank set up based on the core system of overseas platforms;The core system of the first generation of rental business.

In 2017, it was first in the industry in the information technology supervision rating of the China Banking Regulatory Commission for four consecutive years.4 research results won the 2017 China Banking Regulatory Commission Information Technology Risk Management Award, and 8 scientific and technological achievements won the Bank of Science and Technology Development Award of the People's Bank of China.The National Intellectual Property Office has been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, and a total of 506 patent authorization has been obtained.

Risk Management

In 2017, the construction of a comprehensive risk management system continued to promote risk management technology and management methods, improved risk prediction and dynamic regulation capabilities, and further improved the forward -looking and effectiveness of comprehensive risk management.Promote the implementation of the latest regulatory requirements, improve the comprehensive risk management system, strengthen the construction of the three line defense mechanisms of risk management, strengthen risk preferences and risk limit management, and carry out research and monitoring of cross -intensive financial risks;Bank subsidiaries' risk management capabilities, promote the unified management of second -level subsidiaries; continue to promote the construction of credit risk measurement system, improve the accuracy and stability of rating, and further expand the scope of application scope of the internal rating results; improve the level of market risk management of the group, focus on strengthening the focus of strengtheningOverseas institutional market risk management, comprehensively implement product control work requirements, deepen the management of wealth management business risk, strengthen the management of financial business investment management and market risk limit management; continue to deepen national risk managementManagement and control capabilities have strongly supported the internationalization strategy.

Social responsibility


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