Help Qingpu's "big health" development!This medical technology industrial park builds the future of the health industry 2024-01-03 Source: "Green Qingpu" WeChat public account name

In recent years,Exclusive information website Qingpu District has continued to make efforts in the three industrial fields of "big figures, big health, big business".The Guanrui (Shanghai) Medical Science and Technology Industrial Park located in the Zhangjiang Qingpu Park in Shanghai, seize the opportunity of high -quality development of the large health industry, is characterized by "high -end medical equipment and equipment" to provide supporting services for industrialization of high -tech achievements in the health field.Create the future of the health industry.


Recently, at the concentrated project signing ceremony of "National Health and Hydrogen Love Dedication · Common Wealth and Create a New Journey -Guanrui 25th Anniversary Celebration", hydrogen health and its industrial digital operations, big data cloud computing, big health new new new operations, big data cloud computing, big health new new new health, new health new new new health, new health and new health new new new health new operationsMore than ten projects including retail supply chain, brain decoding, and dozens of companies have successfully signed the contract and settled in Guanrui (Shanghai) Medical Science and Technology Industrial Park.The operation business has injected new impetus into the development of Qingpu Great Health Industry."The development direction of Guanrui Industrial Park is to lay out aimed at the large health industry in the medical field. We plan to introduce hundreds of enterprises related to large health and medical technology industries., Business Park Education and Training Service, Capital Empowerment and Financial Innovation Services, the Pressing Different Alliance Localization Living Platform Service, Digital Mission Marketing System and Platform Construction Service. "Guanrui (Shanghai) Medical Science and Technology Industrial Park operationCao Yayan, deputy director of the Management Committee.

Guanrui (Shanghai) Medical Science and Technology Industrial Park takes investment operations as the main body to actively develop the platform economy and industrial economy. At the same timeThe construction of the Yangtze River Digital Marketing and Silk Road E -commerce Innovation Base is the main business.As Qingpu District vigorously promotes the development of the biomedical industry, the industrial park relies on functional facilities and policy advantages, attracting more and more healthy high -quality projects.In order to better serve the development of enterprises, the Industrial Park actively carried out the construction of the national -level incubator of the Yangtze River Delta, providing support for enterprise innovation, research and development, production and other fields, and building a new ecology of the large health industry."We hope to push good projects and good products through the incubation of the park to the market, and in a new era where the market competition is becoming increasingly competitive, it provides a cradle for major health related enterprises." Guanrui (Shanghai) Medical Science and Technology Industrial ParkCao Yayan, deputy director of the Operation Management Committee.

Guanrui Industrial Park played a platform to activate innovation and provides the transformation and landing of rapid realization of concepts for the settlement enterprises."The reason why choosing to settle in Qingpu mainly considers that Qingpu is layout of the big health industry, and at the same time, it is also very important for the R & D atmosphere of Qingpu here. Guanrui Industrial Park also provides our enterprise with a co -creation platform. By strengthening linkage, the new product has been shortened and the new product has been shortened.In the development cycle, industrial parks and enterprises go to two -way and develop together, which can push new products to the consumer market faster, "said the project leader of the Big Health Products Center.

According to reports, Guanrui (Shanghai) Medical Science and Technology Industrial Park will make every effort to promote the construction of carriers, industrial investment, park operations, professional services and industrial investment in the future, and strive to create a healthy industry form with excellent quality, and vigorously cultivate high -end health industry formats., Help Qingpu build a world -class health industry cluster.


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