Xie Jingyu: In 2023, the Shenzhen Commercial Market began to return to warm office buildings still lingering at low temperature

Viewpoint News: On January 8th,热门新闻 the first Taiping Davis Shenzhen real estate market reviewed in 2023 and the 2024 outlook was held at Pengrui Shenzhen Bay No. 1 T7.Xie Jingyu, the head of the Market Research Department of the South Davis Davis South China, pointed out: "In 2023, it was a challenging year for the Shenzhen commercial market.

In the analysis of the demand of Grade A office buildings, Xie Jingyu introduced that Nanshan District has become the main source of net absorption for nine consecutive years, and its contribution to the city's annual total amount is 88.5%.The data disclosed shows that in the fourth quarter of 2023, the average vacancy rate of Shenzhen in Shenzhen was 28.9%, an increase of 4.0 percentage points annually.


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