What points should the business plan (BP) contain?What do people who look at BP want to get from them?

We used this BP to fade 4 million ...


Huang Fei · 1 hour ago

Although many entrepreneurs have read my "The best business plan for the first creation team is the story!》 This explosive original article (the traffic reposted by many platforms is more than when I first released), but the BP I sent to me did not catch the main points.

Today, I was out, and we basically announced our BP. I wo n’t talk nonsense, go straight to the theme, and then blind BB.

1. The real case of the soybean seed wheel BP

P1: This is the cover. Because there was no team at the time, there was no logo, and the logo used the font directly.

P2: We are compared with chicken thieves. As an old driver, we know that as soon as BP is sent, we may fly around in the investment circle, so we add this page to remind you, and there is a watermark on each page.We know which VC did!(Don't blacketed me in the VC circle)

P3: This is our brand explanation, because we think that our brand is very storytelling and forced, so the focus is on the emphasis, which shows that we are still very connotative.

P4-P6: Our founding team introduced it and spent more space. Rumors of rivers and lakes. If you think the team is awesome, we will be introduced earlier, and feel that it is low-key to put it at the end.

P7: After a bunch of bragging content above, the topic started. This is our starting point, about the description of the pain point of the user.

P8-P9: Since there is a pain point, it is our solution. Because it involves both ends, we also introduced in two pages.The essence of business lies in exchange. The premise of exchange is to meet demand, so through the previous 3P, investors should be able to immediately understand what we are going to do.

P10: The user pain points and interpretation schemes are finished. The next question is how we convey the product/service to customers, that is, marketing, or customer acquisition.It is a model of innovation.

P11: This P shows that our money is made. In this year, your products and services are even more powerful. If you do n’t make money, you are bragging.

P12: Talk to investors with data, telling investors how big is our industry market and how high the ceiling is. Although investors who are concerned about this field must also know, but if you do n’t say this, it means that you have not studied seriously.In addition, the market capacity must be related to you, and it is very large, and investment talents will be interested.

P13: Simply tell investors, what is your project promotion plan? As of the end of October, our business has landed in Beijing, Xiamen, and Chengdu.The mode runs relatively mature.

P14: Analysis of competing products, a simple table, tell investors who are competitive products and where are we, but sorry, because it involves competing products, we can only hide the specific name, but it does not affect yourReading and understanding.

P15: Since there are so many competitive products, why can we win in competition?These are the three points we listed by us. Investors are very concerned about this. Any business model will have a large wave of people doing at the same time. So why can you win?

P16: Now just a few pages of PPT are difficult to get money, so you have to have certain results, and investment talents will believe you.Our logic is that I have made a public account. At that time, there were thousands of entrepreneurs fans. I said to the investors, you see, I already have a user, you give me a sumUsers into customers. This is a model with users and then products and services. This is very confident to say this!

P17: After speaking, a lot of above, the most critical point is to enter -I want money!How much do I want, how much valuation, how much shares are diluted, and preliminary planning for the future financing planning, let investors know that we are very interested and far -sighted teams.

P18: It is not enough to ask for money alone. Finally, we added that our future revenue, costs, profits and cash flow plans. After all, we are doing finance. If we ca n’t write this, it is too unprofessional.

P19: At the end of the end, the elements of the whole feelings, we care for the attitude of the soybean as a work. Of course, the contact information is also added, otherwise how do others look for you?

2. Production process description

Since there was no team at the beginning, each punctuation, data, and design of BP were made by me alone. There is no professional institution or designer packaging. Therefore, this BP is still relatively low from a design perspective.At least, at least, I follow the four principles of comparison, alignment, repetition, and intimacy, and it still looks more comfortable.

Every time I have seen an investor, I will revise and iterate according to the investor's advice, so I iterate 11 versions in front and back. The following figure is proof:

Sending it to investors must be converted into a PDF format. The reason is 仨:

1. The PDF format will not be modified and stolen. For example, if I add a watermark, others cannot change it;

2. After converting from PPT to PDF format, the size of the file will usually become smaller, and the forwarding and download speed will be faster;

3. Many investors are used to viewing WeChat. PPT formats may occur below WeChat. PDF will not.

3. Review of the financing process

Many entrepreneurs asked me: "Lao Fei, I don't have time to do BP, can I help me refer to some investors?" In this regard, my answer is that they can't do it.The leather strips also have to introduce the situation of both parties!

For investors, it is a stepping stall. Investors are usually very busy. Where can I spend 1 or 2 hours listening to the entrepreneur blind BB for half a day before they know what you want to do, and then say: Sorry, this is not the field we are concerned about.Mutual damage and waste the time of both parties. If you have a BP and investors can make decisions within 5 minutes, you can make further contact.

In addition, the process of doing BP is also the process of organizing ideas for the founders. For example, in terms of market capacity, it may be only about a data before. If you want to make BP, you have to find data.In terms of competitive products, you will analyze more thoroughly when you do BP.

In addition to showing investors, you can also tell BP to team members again. In this way, let team members have a clear direction in the future. This is also a matter of being happy to see it.

At the beginning, I personally felt that I was a continuous entrepreneur. I felt that I was young, handsome, and frustrated. I talked to investors and said that I did n’t have BP, just blow with my mouth.After trying a few, I found that there was no BP that it was a bad thing. I needed more time to describe it, and the other party also needed more time to understand.

Therefore, in the end, I also realized that although I was handsome, but compared with the money, I still had to make concessions.So I made BP seriously, and then took this iterative BP, and found more than 30 VCs or individuals in front and back. Finally, we got the money in a high and "smooth".

In the end, when I was desperate, the super handsome Yiyi Capital appeared. Their handsome investment manager Ni Yuanlai, in addition to recognizing my Yushu Linfeng, also recognizes our founding team, so I recommend them to their investment team.After WeChat video conferences and face -to -face communication, they have a lot of money, but they are not stupid. They want to take over the shares and are willing to give us 5 million, but the chickens are unchanged.As an old driver of entrepreneurship, of course, we know that they want to take advantage of us. After the game of emotional, rational, blog love, mutual trust, and friendship, we finally determined that the 30 million subsequent valuation, 4 million financing accounts for 13.33%!

Of course, if you want to know more gossip, I will have another one more thing.Lao Fei himself and Ni Yuanlai Shuai pot actually met through fishing 14 years ago. It was not me bragging. He was shocked by my fishing skills at the time.Hunan, it must be reliable to do things!

This story tells us two points:

1. It is important to have a proud interest;

2. Make more friends, maybe accidents will happen someday.

Many entrepreneurs told me that seven or eight investors were not talking smoothly, and they were too tired.In this regard, I can only hehehe, as an old driver in the entrepreneurial industry, whether he is asking him or soybean, the financing process is tears!

4. Why do we dare to announce our BP

  • Funding must not represent success. It is just a starting point. We are willing to announce our privacy. I want to uniformly reply to too many friends to ask before, how do you get financing and how do you write BP.

  • After you do the BP, get money, and communicate with the team, forget BP.Because BP is just a hypothesis, it is your original assumption that the specific business will continue to change with your continuous action.This is our BP 4 months ago. Now the specific business is very different from the original BP content, so it is okay to see the competition, because it is history.

  • This BP is a seed wheel. The BP of our angel wheel is re -planned. Since our project has been launched for several months, the new BP focus is not to tell stories, but data.Of course, we now have a strong chicken team. In terms of UI, we will do better.

  • Because it involves privacy, we hides some data -Do you bear to let the last underwear take off the last underwear?But this does not affect the reading of the officials, please don't mind.

  • Entrepreneurs, please note that I rarely use "I" in the article. Basically, "Us", entrepreneurship is a Team, not an individual, so try to use "us" in public speech, articles or internal meetings.


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