Xuanwu Consumption "New Guide" is launched!"521" leads the development of the new generation of business functions

China Jiangsu Net News (Xuan Xuan) has accelerated the proportion of well -known brands of front -line well -known brands to more than 20%of the total number of stores; development and activation of historical cultural tourism resources such as 1912,热点新闻 D9 and other historical tourism resources... Recently, the "Management Guidelines for the Development and Construction of the Xuanwu District Commercial Real Estate Commerce Bureau and Nanjing Commercial Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and Nanjing Commercial Real Estate Chamber of Commerce.It is reported that the guide focuses on the landmark type, ecological park type, cultural tourism type, wedding and digital type 5 circuit, excavating the charm atmosphere of the regional, and with its unique business functions, it is a new model of international business.

New Guide to Consumption of Consumption

As one of the three -driving carriage that drives economic growth, the importance of consumption is self -explanatory.In 2021, Nanjing made it clear in the government work report that it is necessary to "promote the construction of international consumer center cities."The Xuanwu applied for the "leading array" in the central urban area, led by the construction of the central urban area of the international consumer center, and made every effort to boost the consumption "combination boxing".In 2022, the value added of the service industry in Xuanwu District exceeded 120 billion yuan, accounting for more than 98%of GDP, ranking first in the city.

In order to further promote the internationalization of business development in the jurisdiction, seize the development opportunities of one -stop and smart new model business, Xuanwu actively integrates the standard of group standards for the "Management Guidelines for the Construction of Commercial Outlets", and proposes and promulgates the management guidelines for future business functions.Focusing on the overall pattern of "521", including 5 circuits, 15 personalized scenes to create+6 individual tools to accelerate the improvement of commercial core competitiveness and new advantages in development.

Commercial landmarks are the display window for urban economic vitality and cultural tourism characteristics.The "Guide" recommends that on the core area of Xinjiekou's commercial core area and Hongshan New City New Xuanwu Center, superimposed the proportion of commercial landmarks, enhance the proportion of well -known first stores, select new goals for international food, and carry out influential opening ceremony and index release., Cultural Festival and other high -level activities, cultivate new multi -level quality consumption scenes of "first stores, first shows, first shows, first exhibitions, first shows, and starting", introduce Michelin black pearl catering, and create an international landmark business function.

Multi -scenario integration helps the business "breaking"

Urban parks are both cultural carriers and indispensable space for modern business development.In accordance with the development trend of the park, the "Guide" encourages the efforts to strengthen the "park+commercial" interconnection and create an immersive business experience that can be rewarded, traveled and enjoyable.Through landscapes and festivals, the time of customer group activity, improved the efficiency of commercial projects, and enrich the seamless format.Landscape hotels, catering, historical relics and other resources are designed with a line of cultural depth and storytelling to cultivate an unbounded format.In park areas such as neighboring water, walls, and facial mountains, the development of theme -themed green space is laid out, enriching a variety of commercial facilities and literary performances, and shaping the internal and external formats.

To achieve the high -quality development of the cultural tourism industry, Xuanwu broke the problem with the word "meling".Digging regional cultural resources, new scenes of cultural tourism, and cultivation hub business economy is an important part of the "Guidelines" focusing on cultural travel -oriented business.Some experts and scholars believe that public art can not only enhance the image of the city, but also bring new opportunities for urban development with its unique urban marketing power and driving force.To this end, Xuanwu supports business district carriers to strengthen digital technology applications, build characteristic digital landscapes for traditional culture, and develop Xuanwu's characteristic cultural IPs into the "Guide", stimulating to derive consumption of multiculturalism.

At the same time, relying on the transportation hubs such as Nanjing Railway Station and long -distance bus stations, the boutique cultural tourism routes are planned for "fast and slow travel, internal and outer and outside", and commercial complexes, cultural tourism enterprises, neighborhoods and other units are promoted to implement a combination.Discount discounts, release new potential for commercial consumption of the hub.

In addition to the scene of "doing articles", the ideological fusion of the basalt runs through all aspects of functional shaping.Focusing on boosting the development level of exhibitions, Xuanwu will accelerate the efficiency of the exhibition and exhibition, and it is expected that the industry's operating efficiency will remain above 30%.Links to high -quality resource elements, carry out influential, standardized, exhibitors, exhibitions, discharge and exhibition activities, driving the development of related industries such as tourism, catering, accommodation, and transportation, and starting the basalt of the Xuanwu Club.

Newly planned unlocking traffic "password"

Last March, the "Three -Year Action Plan for the High -quality Development of Xuanwu Wedding Industry" was introduced, and proposed to comprehensively build Xuanwu District into a "premiere of wedding consumption" leading domestic and international.This "different approach" is the break point of Xuanwu in the development of consumer homogeneity.

The Guide made a more targeted and detailed plan for this.Cross -industry, cross -field, cross -line and offline layout "wedding+finance", "wedding+creativity" and other types of commercial elements to extend one -stop wedding services, expand street -style cultural and creative weddings, and open "True Sieior Experience" brigadeAs a starting point, creating a romantic wedding business function, and built a more artistic high -end wedding memories for new people.

With the acceleration of digital and networked transformation, how to transform business functions is the focus of future considerations.In addition to promoting digital marketing, intelligent transformation, information sharing and other technical means, the Guide also promotes cross -border e -commerce models to explore the operation of the Xuanwu cross -border e -commerce industrial park "Online Shopping Bonded Import+New Retail" model.Build digital application scenarios, build smart stores and smart business outlets such as 24 hours, enrich the shopping experience, promote traditional business scenarios to experience and interactive transformations, and bring new more digital and immersive consumer experiences to consumers.


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