Chairman of the First Commercial Network attended the China Merchants Conference on Zhongshan's "Sihai City" investment conference

On the afternoon of December 27, 2023, the Honorary President of the Guangdong Commercial Real Estate Lease Association, the senior vice president of the Guangdong Catering Service Industry Association and the honorary chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Professional Committee, Executive Vice President of the Guangdong Provincial Commercial Economic Society, First Commercial NetworkThe chairman Huang Huajun attended the wave of four seas and the situation moved forward -Zhongshan's "Four Sea City" investment promotion conference.


▲ Honor President of the Guangdong Provincial Commercial Real Estate Leasing Association, senior vice chairman of the Guangdong Catering Service Industry Association and the honorary chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Professional Committee, vice chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Commercial Economic Society, Chairman of the First Commercial Network

Zhongshan's "Four Sea City" investment promotion conference was held in a warm atmosphere. As a leading figure in the business field, Mr. Huang Huajun, Chairman of the First Commercial Network, came to the scene and delivered a speech to discuss new opportunities for business development with many guests.

The event marks that the "Four Sea City" is gradually becoming an important business center in the Pearl River Delta region, attracting many eyes.As a commercial project with unique positioning and development potential, "Four Sea City" will continue to lead the trend and create a better future.


▲ Brand signing ceremony

Project Description

Zhongshan's "Four Sea City" was built by the Sihai Group independently. It is located in the golden area of the "Commercial Street" in the center of Banfu Town, Zhongshan City, with an area of more than 40,000 square meters.After two decades of operation and development, it has become a landmark in the town's service industry, providing consumption, leisure and entertainment one -stop services for town and surrounding people.At present, the "Four Sea City" will be fully upgraded and renovated, and the investment promotion will be opened.

At the press conference, the person in charge of the investment promotion of the Four Sea City introduced the planning, positioning and development prospects of "Four Sea City" in detail, depicting the business blueprint for the development of the project to the guests, and was recognized by a group of guests and merchants.

The newly upgraded Sihai City will highlight the functions of tourism, culture, social networking, and living, explore trend consumption trends, and introduce a number of fashion trend brands, food, catering, children's heaven and earth, fitness entertainment, cross -border cultural and creative, creating a diversified commercial ecosystem, catering to cateringFashion young people consumer experience.Sihai Hotel upgrade to a business hotel in accordance with the four -star decoration standards. At the same time, it will create a starry night market food street and create a new landmark of Banfu's leisure consumption.Four Sea City will create a variety of social life scenes, superimposed humanistic innovation and theme space, holding various cultural activities, art exhibitions and community exchanges, and creating a community space with a cultural atmosphere for local residents.

At present, the investment promotion work of Sihai City has been fully launched. Combined with the overall business planning and immersive scenarios, we will invite the leaders of the industry and the heavyweight brand big coffee to gather in Nakayama Banfu., Baby Island, Huawei, Tubu, Ruixing and other well -known brands, bring together new international fashion concept stores, international benchmark sports brand flagship stores, trendy light food tea online red shop, original design experience hall, etc., add special art beautyThe layout of the Chen, increase consumer interaction, and shape the most attractive Internet celebrity sanctuary.

At the press conference, Sihai City signed a cooperation agreement with a number of brand investors.Among them, involving many fields such as commerce, culture, and tourism, they will jointly participate in the construction and operation of the "Four Sea City" to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the project.Four Sea City will continue to move forward with all brand merchants to create a better future!


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