Town affairs | How does the business "circle" drive the consumption circle?Speaking from the "heavy luxury shop" in Nanjing

  The facade of the crystal cutting shape is arranged like the welcome club of the lobby of the hotel. More than a hundred world -class brand stores are together ... On January 3, the Nanjing Guojin Center (IFC) of Yuantong refreshed the high -end business of Nanjing people.Physical cognition, showing exquisite, elegant, luxury and other commercial elements to show their enjoyment. Since the opening of customers, customers have surged, and the traffic of Hexi Avenue has been tight.

  In the "Nanjing Business Outlet Plan (2021-2035)" announced recently, the Yuantong Business District positioned "high -energy comprehensive business function zone".At present, the two commercial complexes of the Yuantong Business District IFC and Huazai Tiandi, whether they are benchmarking the new street entrance of the "China First Business District" in Nanjing, or the "aggressive" Baijiahu, Bridge, North, Xianlin and other businessmen.In the circle, the commercial volume and influence of the Yuan Tong business district is not enough.Compared with the "high -energy mission" given to Yuan Tong, there is still a long way to go.

  "Commercial‘ circle ’up, consumption can get angry.” Su Ling, director of the Detailed Planning Division of the Nanjing Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, said that the business circle is also called a “business district”, which is a distinctive feature of the modern urban business system.Not only is Nanjing's leader in the "first business district" like Xinjiekou, it also needs the growth and growth of the second and third -level business districts such as Yuantong, Muzi Temple, and Baijiahu.The corresponding layout of the urban business district is layered. At the same time that the service place is in the new city and the region, it radiates the surrounding cities and urban circle cities, and works together to build Nanjing International Consumer Center.

  "Heavy extravagant" predators fall, and the business district is positioned "high -energy"

  For high -end commercial industries that have appeared in various business districts in Nanjing in recent years, people are used to called "light luxury" and "tide shops". Nanjing IFC, which opened on the 3rd, was rated as "heavy luxury" by the industry.Regardless of the "luxury lineup" of as many as 168 world -class flagship stores, or decorative cloths with elegant and extremely focused on details, you can see the clue.

  Although the safflower is good, when the green leaf support is required, the IFC obviously knows this.The top international brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc. are distributed in various floors. Customers visit "on the way", pass through the magnificent lobby, step on the escalator with a wide range of views on the upper and lower rolling fields.The sense of atmosphere was pulled full.There is only one western -style garden dining bar area and several chocolate and perfume shops on the whole floor. The wide space is used as the "preface hall". The space for each floor for environmental layout, aisle, and rest is also extremely "generous".People feel "very wasteful" and very comfortable.

  Not only the brand's "top flow" and "ritual sense" are full, but it is also different to buy "atmosphere" in the store.There are not many customers in the store. Many brand stores guide customers in front of the door to line up. However, such a "current limit" is not an pretending attitude, but to ensure the experience of customers' purchase. It is a "big store".The consistent practice.Catering shops such as Yu Huan's fresh hot pot, ocean private kitchen, Xianfu Zunxian, and persimmon fate are mostly black pearls and Michelin restaurants.Number.

  After the opening, the first Saturday IFC continued the fiery momentum.The reporter saw on the evening of the 6th that Bai Longjiang East Street, Lushan Road, and Jiangdong Road auxiliary roads around the IFC were full of cars. Hexi Street leaders in the underground garage vehicles in merchants, and there were rare congested phenomena.The subway was out of the station. On the street passing through the streets of Hexi Avenue and Jiangdong Road, a group of customers rushed to IFC.The crowds of floors on the shopping malls are surging. "No wonder the New Streetkou Deki Store has a lot of people today, and the original IFC has opened." Some customers whispered.From the perspective of dressing and expression, most customers are fashionistas and white -collar workers. Obviously, they are frequent customers of various "luxury shops" and "tide shops" in Nanjing.

  "Nanjing IFC is the third IFC store in the country after Hong Kong and Shanghai. It shows the recognition of Nanjing's business status in the international luxury brand store." Zhu Xiaoyan, a senior media person in Nanjing Finance and Economics, believes that as a second -tier city, business and commerceCore competitiveness, with commercial energy levels in first -tier cities in the country.Xinjiekou's concentration exceeds Beijing Wangfujing and Nanjing Road in Shanghai. The passenger flow of the holidays exceeds one million. In 2021, the turnover of 69.4 billion yuan is the only business district in the country that has 4 annual sales of more than 4 billion yuan in department stores.Among them, Deki Plaza ranks second in China for 21 billion yuan, second only to Beijing SKP.

  The commercial capacity of Nanjing and the good performance of Deki naturally attracted the attention of the international "luxury store" crocodile, attracting "heavy luxury shops" like IFC to settle in Yuantong."But as far as the scale of the business district is concerned, Yuantong has just started." Zhu Xiaoyan believes that only two complexes in Yuantong region have IFC and Huazai Tiandi.The Olympic Suning Plaza project has been stagnant, and Jinyuan Commercial Plaza is so popular after Carrefour closed the store.

  The reporter saw at the scene that compared with the bright IFC and Hua Cai Tiandi, the southwestern quadrant of the Olympic Suning project is still a "dark area"., Black traces on the iron.It can be seen that Yuantong will become a "high -energy comprehensive business function zone" and create a high -energy commercial district that "serves the city and radiates the Nanjing metropolitan area". It is not enough to have one or two top -flow commercial industries.Coordinate the development of ground and underground.

  Multi -level business districts are layered, and the rising show is "reluctant"

  In October 2023, the "Nanjing Business Outlet Plan 2021-2035" consults the public opinion."First -level business district", positioning the core bearing area of the international consumer center city; 9 regional commercial centers such as Xianlin, Muzi Temple, Bridge, Hunan Road/Central Road, Baijiahu, etc.Position "mid -to -high -end comprehensive business function zone".The urban business district has formed a "pyramid" business outlet layout system.

  "Compared with the 2016 version of the 2023 version of the commercial outlets, the construction of the commercial circle is very important. The 2023 version also highlights the step layout and circle services."The planning of the 4 major city -level business centers in the plan is changed to the planning of the one, two, three, and five, which reflects that with the extension of the city's city, the construction of the business district has different role in the urban area, the city and the sector, and the role.The development of the business district's positioning, functions and services is divided into different categories and characteristic development, both layered layout and joint force.

  However, the sectors and room where the business districts are located do not agree with this division."In fact, the Nanjing business community has the division of the first, second, and third business districts. The original first and second business districts are Xinjiekou and Hunan Road.With the silence of Shanxi Road and Hunan Road, everyone scrambled to call out to build the second and third business districts. "Cao Xianwei, deputy director of the investment bureau of Jiangning Development Zone.

  According to Cao Xianwei, Baijiahu Business District has 6 commercial complexes including Jiangning Golden Eagle, Jingfeng Center, and 21st Century Sun City.The crossroads composed of Tianyuan Middle Road and Shuanglong Avenue are centered on the surrounding radiation. The service radius covers more than 200 communities including Jiangning's main urban area and development zone.The purchasing power has reached 8 billion yuan, which has become a veritable "Jiangning New Street Exit".

  Compared with Baijiahu Business District, the commercial area of Qiaobei Business District is larger and has more business formats.Yang Quanyong, member of the Party Working Committee of Taishan Street, introduced that the bridge business district from Bridge to South Fort to Taishan New Village head of nearly 2 kilometers, along the bridge north road, the Hongyang Plaza, Vientiane Hui, Golden Elephant City, Da Ocean Department Store, Impressionhui, Jin Sheng Home Furnishing and so on were concentrated.A number of commercial industries, with a total area of 1.6 million square meters, covering various types of formats such as commercial variety, pedestrian streets, home cities, hypermarkets, and automobile 4S parks.

  The balloon rain in the various business circles of the New Year's Eve New Year's Eve has witnessed their respective market appeal and confirmed the real "rivers and lakes."Needless to say, Xinjiekou is boiling popularity. One of the Baijiahu Business District Jingfeng Center has a passenger flow of 295,000 on New Year's Day and 526,000 passenger flow during the New Year's Day holiday. Sales have increased by 55.7%year -on -year;The first in the country.On the day of the New Year's Eve of Qiaobei, the passenger flow accumulated 580,000, 70 % from the local area, and 30 % came from the Drum Tower Binjiang area from Luzhou, Nanjing, Nanjing Liuhe District, and the riverside.

  Regarding the doubts of various sectors, the relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Planning and Natural Resources Bureau explained that it planned to focus on the overall business layout of Nanjing and the development vision of development in the next ten years.Although the current popularity and influence of the Yuantong Commercial District is less than Baijiahu and Bridge North, the Jiangbei Business District is currently "white paper", but these two business districts are Nanjing Modernization New City and the core area of the national new district.Among them, the Jiangbei Commercial District is in the center of the Jiangbei New District, and three subways are planned; Yuantong's Hexi has concentrated modern business science and technology sectors such as the Central Business District, Financial City, and Jianye High -tech Zone, as well as city -level public services such as conference affairs, expo, and sports.Known as the "Tower Tower" in Nanjing, it has a large number of business white -collar workers and high net worth people. Its influence and radiation range are not only in Hexi, but also Nanjing City and the metropolitan area.

  The business circle of the resource construction, the consumption naturally fires out of the circle

  A few happy and sad.Compared with the rapidly rising business districts and the prospects of the prospects, the 2016 version of the "Municipal Business Sub -center" Hunan Road/Shanxi Road Business District, and more than ten years agoThe central door business district of Nanjing's "Third Commercial District" is obviously sinking.

  On the afternoon of New Year's Day, the reporter saw in the business district of Hunan Road that, affected by the construction of Shanxi Road Square and Metro Line 5, the Lion Bridge Food Street was so popular that many hot pot restaurants and fast food restaurants were closed.Transfer to the Central University Hospital for him.After the transformation of the Shanxi Road Plaza Youth Theater and Xiliu Bay Park, after some "piles of wood", the entire square vision has opened a lot, but there is still a stagnation of construction sites.The building is still a traditional department store format, and the customers in the store are mainly middle -aged and elderly people.

  Faced with the impact of e -commerce, the central gate business district, which is mainly based on department store wholesale, has declined.However, just ten years ago, Hunan Road/Shanxi Road Business District or Nanjing's "top flow existence" enjoys the reputation of "Wangfujing in the north and Hunan Road in the south".In this round of planning, Hunan Road is still planned to be Nanjing's "third -level business district". The expert's explanation is that the construction of the project does drag the business district of Hunan Road.In the central area of Gulibei, there is a dense population nearby and has a good business tradition and foundation. With the transformation of Shanxi Road Plaza to open the city's "new cover" and the entire area of traffic and environmental appearance, the business district will eventually usher in the day of revitalization.

  "The ups and downs of the business district witnessed the changes in the city, and the development of the new city promoted the development of the business district." Su Ling believes that the "new generation business district" such as Baijiahu, Xianlin, Bridge, and Yuantong has risen.The layout of the city, attracting the population, transportation, and commercial resources to gather to the new city.Analysis of these business districts is not difficult to find that there are millions of population support, and there are two or more subways in series.Logic, this is the "king" built by the business district.

  "From the development to maturity, from low -end to prosperous, it has experienced more than ten years of tempering." Yang Quanyong mood, in the early years of Mingfa Binjiang, Venice Water City, Suning Tiandun City, etc.The building materials and furniture markets are dense, and it is a area where residents of the main city are unwilling to look back.With the opening of Metro Line 3 and Ningtian Intercity, the Binjia North Binjiang has built ecological parks, and the rapid transformation of Bridge North Road has been implemented.Highlighting.For nearly one million residents in the north of the bridge, this is both a "living room" and a tourist destination; it is both daily life and "poetry and distant".

  Serving Dongshan Main City and teachers and students of Jiangning University City, Baijiahu Business District pays more attention to environmental construction and format combination, with Baijiahu and Lake shore as the background, creating a business district form of "natural landscape features+emerging amusement formats+young fashion business"The commercial district is the scenic area, shopping is traveling.Around the lake shoreline, the business district has created amusement scenes such as silver beaches, fountains, sailing docks, love Ferris wheels, etc., attracting comprehensive shopping malls Jiangning Golden Eagle, "Light luxury and youth" Jingfeng Center, Night Life Gathering Area Jiangning 1912 to settle in each.Every family has its own exclusive DNA, and never "fights" with each other. Even the underground space between shopping malls is connected. Whether it is an avant -garde boy, a fashionable white -collar worker or a family of three, you can find your own "consumption export".


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