What are the main types of yeast in the market and what are the characteristics of?

Classification of fermentation yeast

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Baking yeast is a kind of fungus, it played during the baking processSwelling agentThe role.The separate yeast cells are very small, with more than 10 billion cells in a spoonful of yeast.

Since it is a cell, if you want to survive, you have to eat naturally.sugar; When the starch in the dough is fermented to sugar, it becomes the energy source of the yeast.When eating sugar, yeast is separated and exhausted.Carbon dioxide, and ethanol(It's alcohol).

Under the siege of gluten, these substances will form many small bubbles, making the dough larger.After the dough is baked at high temperature, yeast will disappear, and the previously formedAirbagAfter staying, it formed a unique and elastic bread.Soft texture and flavorEssence

Soda powder and baking powder can also play a role in puffer agent. When we make bread, we choose yeast instead of the first two, partly because the yeast is made of finished productsUnique taste and smell, It is unable to surpass other puffer agents; if there are more soda powder, it will have a very unpleasant taste; in addition, yeast fermentation occurs in the oven, and we canEasier to controlEssenceMoreover, the baking powder requires acidic substances to react.

Yeast type

At present, the yeast we can buy on the market is roughly divided into 3 categories:Fresh yeast(Cake/Compressed/Block Yeast), Active dry yeast(Active Dry Yeast), High -active dry yeast/That is, dry yeast/Instant Yeast (Instant Yeast).Usually home use is the last two kinds of dry yeast, so it will focus on it.The difference between these yeil is that in the water content, the fresh yeast has the most water content and the least dry yeast.It should be noted that no matter what kind of yeast, if the water added when mixedOver -hot, yeast will lose its effectEssence

High -active dry yeast

High -active dry yeast is a family bakingThe most common yeastIt is made to improve the active dried yeast (Active Dry Yeast)Symatic light coffee color particlesEssence

Zhang like this (please quickly pass by dense phobia)

The cell density it contains is higher than that of other yeasts, so the amount of use will be relatively less.Divided into 2 categories in high -active dry yeast: one isNormal versionAnd another isHigh sugar versionEssenceThe normal version is used to make sugar content inBelow 7%The bread of bread, the content of the sugar in the square isMore than 7%It is best to use a high -tolerant version.

Although the yeast needs to survive, it is just like that when we eat too much, Ge You will lie down. Normal yeast will strike, stop operation, and even hang it directly.Therefore, after the improvement of high -tolerant yeast, it can make yeast bouncing even if many sugar points are still bouncing. What should I do?

Active dry yeast and high -active dry yeast

The most convenient to use high -sugar -resistant high -active dry yeast can be used to use it with dry materials together.But on insurance, I will still wake up it with water, and then add flour.Sugar and salt will be put at the end,Will not let yeast contact them directlyEssenceDry yeast pairOxygen is more sensitiveTherefore, it is usually sold at a seal vacuum packaging. The shelf life is about 1 year at normal temperature.If a small bag is not used after opening, you need to be sealed and then put in the refrigeratorRefrigerated storageAnd bestUse it within 3-4 months(Don't be more than 6 months).

The common normal version of the high -active dry yeast brand on the market is (all red and white packaging):

Swallow card

Common high sugar -resistant active dry yeast (all gold packaging)

Swallow card

How to use high -active dry yeast

1. Pour water at room temperature in the container.

2. Sprinkle the yeast above and stir without mixing evenly.

3. Pour other materials according to the order in the square.


1. Mix the yeast in the flour, and then add the remaining materials.

Active dried yeast

Dry yeast is the predecessor of high -active dry yeast.Slightly larger than high activity.

Before use of dry yeast, you need to add warm liquids to activate it and restore the fermentation vitality in fresh state.Water temperature35 ℃ to 43 ℃Yeasts will be the most active. Those without the thermometer can feel it with their hands. It is slightly higher than the body temperature.almost10 minutesYou can activate them all.

Because there are certain requirements for temperature, it takes time to wake it up. Now the use rate of dry yeast is also less and less, and it will basically be replaced by high -active dry yeast.

Use of dry yeast

1. Pour warm water in the container, the best between 35 ℃ -38 ℃.

2. Sprinkle a layer of dry yeast evenly above the water.

3. No need to stir, let the yeast stay quietly for 5 minutes.

4. Stir once and let the yeast stay for 5 minutes.5. Pour other materials according to the order of the recipe.

Fresh yeast/concentrated yeast

Fresh yeast is compressed by removing most of the moisture in yeast breasts.Usually what we can buy will be made intoEarth -colored blockAnd tightly wrapped, if it is not disassembled, it looks like butter.

The texture of fresh yeast is soft, smelling ... It is a bit of ecstasy, a bit like a smell of stinky beer, but don't worry, of course, it will disappear after baking.Because fresh yeast is very easy to rot, the preservation time is short, and it must be stored inStable low temperature environmentBelow, so it is not often used for family baking, but is common in commercial production. If you are lucky, some bakers will buy it.

So trouble, why do you still use fresh yeast?There is still a certain gap in the taste made by the bread made by fresh yeast and the taste of dry yeast, which is also an important reason why most bakers choose to use fresh yeast.

Use of fresh yeast

1. Pour the liquid into the container, usually between 21 ° C -32 ° C.

2. Pour in fresh yeast and stir until the yeast block disappears.

3. Pour other materials according to the order of the recipe.

common problem

Q: What should be yeast usage?

The amount of yeast directly affects the fermentation of the dough.According to different types of bread, the amount of yeast usage is usually inFrom 0.5 ~ 2%of the flourThe higher the amount of yeast required for bread with a higher sugar content, rememberDo not exceed 2% of yeastOtherwise, make the finished productThe fermented flavor will be very heavyEssence

Q: Is there a difference in taste of different yeasts?How to judge which one to use?

Bread made by fresh yeastThe best taste, Have a stronger adaptability to low temperature, butNot easy to buy and storeEssenceFor dry yeast and high -active dry yeast, some people say that the finished products made by dry yeast will be delicious, but I personally feelNo differenceIt is so convenient to use high activity. There are many places where bread is wrong. Why do you have to trouble yourself?But in the final analysis, which yeast is used when makingSee personal preferences and which one is easy to buyEssence

Thousand layers of meringue need to be frozen

In one case, I will strongly recommend using fresh yeast, that isNeed to freeze the dough and freeze it.In the case of, for example, if you want to freeze the pastoral messenger, you can use fresh yeast to bake it for some time.You like everything else.

Q: How to calculate the sugar content in a recipe?The amount of yeast?

When calculating the content of each material,Flour is always 100%Then, on this basis, calculate the proportion of other materials.

For example, this recipe: 240 grams of flour, 65 grams of water, 20 grams of sugar, 3 grams of yeast.

Q: How to change the amount of different yeasts?

If the three yeasts I mentioned this time, if you want to replace them with another, there are the following conditions to adjust:

1. Use of yeast

2. The amount of water

3. The temperature of the water

Q: Do you have to be accurate when using water to make the yeast?How big can it be?

If the temperature of the water is accurate, it is determined according to the room temperature, flour temperature and the temperature of the dough at the end.Sex is also greater, how to calculate me here first.

In short, the temperature of the dough is not too high, and the best dough temperature of most breadNothing will exceed 27 ℃EssenceBut if you use warm water to wake the yeast, and then rub the noodles with warm hands, resultingPut in the refrigerator to cool down, Take it out and continue the operation.Just remember that the water temperature must not be too high when soaking the yeast,Over 60 ° C yeast will be completely killedLost effect, resulting in bread unable to get.

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