Feng Zikai: The world of art is the real world

When we first entered the WTO,一刻资讯 it was not so narrow and suffocating that the world was not ascended.

Although we have changed from children to adults, our hearts are always consistent, that is, it is still childhood soul, but after a long time of depression, all the buds of all the blooming and hot feelings are repeatedly grinded and dare not dare not dareIt happened again.The root of this feeling is still deeply in our hearts when we are an adult.This is the source of "the depression of life".

Everyone with this bitterness, we always want to vent this bitterness in order to ask for a happy life.The situation of art is the paradise that we open up and venting this life.Our body is restrained in reality and on the ground.

However, in the life of art, we can temporarily let go of all our oppression and burdens, relieve our hard work of life, and do our own life and understand our unrestrained life.We can see the "infinite" gesture, experience the lofty and immortal of life, and discover the meaning and value of life.Art education is to teach people to live with this art.

Knowledge and morality are necessary in the world. However, if this kind of art is lacking, pure knowledge and morality are all boring laws.This outline is more and more narrow.

The so -called art life is to apply the attitude of creative art and appreciation art to life, that is, teaching people to see the emotions of art in daily life.If you can dream of the eyes of this beautiful world because of the cultivation of art, the world we see is beautiful everywhere, and our lives will moisturize everywhere.

Art education is to teach people to use the attitude like painting and see painting to the world. In other words, it is to teach people to learn to be children, which is to cultivate children's "childlike hearts" so that they will never die when they grow up.Children are a kind of "fun" in adults.Cultivating childlike heart is to cultivate fun.

Adults and children, separate two different worlds.Children's views on life's natural attitude towards life, that is, the "insulation" of nature's nature.In the philosophical field, "insulation" is the "truth" of the world, that is, the world of art is the real world.

Initially, human beings were naturally peaceful and love.So children are born with an artistic attitude.

Those who educate children in the world, parents, teachers, must not be reprimanded by children's dementia. They must not be treated with children.Because this obiureity is childlike.Children are a kind of "fun" in adults.Cultivating childlike heart is to cultivate fun.Children's lives are all interesting life.

The so -called cultivation is to be parents and teachers. They should take the opportunity to promote their views on things.To leave the cause everywhere, do not keep the tradition, do not get used to it, and cultivate its new and pure "people" heart.

For things in the world, he must teach him everywhere to use this new pure heart, or use this new pure heart to criticize the choice.

The universe and life that know the great mystery is this heart.The highest pleasure in life is this heart.

The heart of the red.

Mencius said: "Adults, those who have no loss of their reds." The so -called red heart is the child's original heart. This heart is brought from the end of the world, not after the creation of this world.

In short, it is to cultivate children's purity and innocence, so that adults, "do not seduce things", can actively observe the world, correct the world, and blindly obey the habit of becoming in this world.Luo.com's bond of the world.

Ordinary people raise their children, gradually growing up, gradually taking off their dementia's childlikeness and becoming an era of adults. Parents are often comforting. In fact, this is the most sad situation!Because this is to miss the heart of the redness, and it is a slave to this world.

Original title: "Feng Zikai: The World of Art is the Real World"


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