Which is the car insurance that the owner should buy?

What are the types of auto insurance?breaking news website First of all, the traffic insurance is a state -stipulated car insurance required by the state. Therefore, when each car owner is insured, the strong insurance must be insured; in addition to the strong insurance, the owner and friends can also choose whether to apply for insurance according to the situation.Commercial insurance such as car damage insurance and business third liability insurance. Generally speaking, if you are a new car on the road and the price of the vehicle is expensive, it is best to insure multiple insurance types for car love, which includes strong insurance insurance, car damage insurance, and three.Insurance, theft and rescue, carrier liability insurance, exemption special insurance, body scratch insurance, and glass crushing insurance alone.Except for strong insurance, all commercial insurance, car owners can buy voluntarily without compulsory.The car insurance has only expired for one month, but it has received a number of auto insurance calls and urged the renewal. It is really cost -effective to say that there are various activities?Will there be cat greasy?As an old driver for more than ten years, buying car insurance has also gone through many detours in these years. Here, the "inside story" that people inside people will not say, know more, so as not to buy car insurance more money!

On November 22, the eight major head property insurance companies insurance insurance, Ping An Property Insurance, Taishou Property & Casualty Insurance, National Life Property & Casualty Insurance, China Union, Sunshine Property Insurance, Earth Insurance, Taiping Property & Casualty Insurance Signing Auto Insurance Compliance Management Self -discipline ConventionIt has attracted widespread market attention.In the car insurance market with a significant effect of Matthew, the eight major property insurance companies almost occupy almost 90 % of the market share. Their actively regulating market order and strict control of handling fees are of course very important for the market.

The content of the Self -Deficiency Convention is exciting

A total of 18 self -discipline conventions

Formally, I took some points since the signing of the signing.


Do not expand or reduce insurance liability at will

Do not change the clause rate for approval reports at willDo not deviate from the basis of actuarial pricingDo not sell at a price below costThe proportion of handling fees is not exceeded in the upper limit of the report.In terms of expenses, the intermediaryNot to pick up the feeNot in advanceDo not delay the account Non -regulating feeNymphoNo reflection in terms of non -contract benefitsNot send a cardNot sending a voucherNon -insuranceNot to send the real thingNot send pointsNymphoHigh -risk vehicle underwriting does not refuse to protect, and refuses to insure strong insurance in disguiseDo not bundle commercial insuranceActively underwrite motorcycle commercial insuranceActively underwrite the commercial insurance of the operating vehicleMake sure that the realization should be guaranteedPromoting business danger to guarantee

Tiger and flies can be stable in order of the car insurance market. Tigers are because of the high market share of the head company. As mentioned in Document 450, the large company must take the lead in maintaining the market order, and the tiger's deterrent effect is great.

From the perspective of actual management actions, despite the differences, it is extremely targeted.There are encouraging car owners to report the situation of commission returns, and even give rewards; some main companies conduct phone random checks on the losing business to verify whether there is a rebate situation; there is a market share, and the system of the daily signing index of the daytime degree must provide the system to provide the system.Screenshots; some owners who have the owner of the car and boat tax, the source of business channels, the accounting method, and the entry of the warehouse; there is a retrospective of the car insurance execution rate ...

From public documents show that various pastal avoidance methods are monitoring, and the supervision pattern without dead ends and full coverage has already formed.

Because of the asymmetry of information, it is difficult to make a comprehensive evaluation of the rectification effect of the auto insurance market order. On the one hand, most of the regional rectification effects have significant effects and the extrusion effect is obvious. On the other handFor example, the auto insurance market in some provinces has repeatedly fluctuated, the repairs of the 4S shops in some markets are re -burning, and so on.

However, no matter what the situation, it cannot change the trend. Repeated in the short term does not represent the inertia of previous governance and chaos and recurrence. It is necessary to judge from the height of macro environment and management agency adjustment. It also needs to be understood from the stage of industry development.

Public account: Today's guarantee data:

In the first three quarters of 2023, the premium income of the auto insurance industry cumulatively 641.552 billion yuan, an increase of 5.70%year -on -year.In the first three quarters of 2023, the cumulative underwriting profit of the auto insurance industry was 7.804 billion yuan, a decrease of 10.668 billion yuan at the same time, a decrease of 57.75%.

The comprehensive cost rate of the auto insurance industry reached 98.73%in September 2023, 1.89 percentage points higher than the same period in 2022.The business of auto insurance has entered the most difficult stage. On the one hand, it is supervised and rectified the order of the car insurance market. On the other hand, the industry is at the critical point of profit and loss.

In the third quarter of 2023, auto insurance premiums and profit rankings (100 million yuan):

The above is the status quo of auto insurance operations and the background of auto insurance remediation.The "reduction rate of the newspaper bank" reducing the cost, eliminating "commission" evil habits, allowing car insurance competition to return to rationality, reducing industry risks, can there be room for the next reform.

Any decision cannot satisfy everyone, and emotions cannot replace rationality. At the moment, recognize the situation, abandoning fluke is the first step. Thinking and exploring the development of car insurance under high -pressure supervision is the biggest positive energy.

Sweeping the code to follow the applet -Sanqi to help the treasure, the low price of auto insurance may be a future trend, and the high price and high expenses will not be able to go.

After scanning the code, in the homepage, find a car insurance. After clicking, the QR code is generated.Scan the code QR code and enter the insurance mall.Choose a car guarantee and click to share, or apply immediately.Upload the front and back of the ID card, the license is positive.Enter the mobile phone number, mailbox.Select the underwriting plan, ABCD package (generally select D package directly), automatically quote.Check the offer in my order.

In the end, you can see the quotation. How to be appropriate can send a two -dimensional code.After paying, the policy can be viewed in the mailbox.

Scan this insurance code, you can directly insured

Important reminder of auto insurance insurance

Advantage business on the platform:

Vehicles that have not been in dangerous cars for many years,

The price range of the car is from 100,000 to 300,000, and the owner is 30-50 years old.

Autonomous pricing coefficients of business insurance containing business insurance contains minimum 0.5.New energy vehicles meet the requirements of scores, and commercial danger discounts are about 0.7.

There is no need to upload the quotation in the following situation. System control:

Single -intensive, single business, household vehicles, vans, off -road vehicles, and car prices are greater than 500,000, which is more than 11 years of damage. It is more than 11 years.The score is x, the license plate, the operating vehicle, the truck, and the unit.

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Thanks to the invitation of Zhihu, the dad is a professional insurance broker. For"Which is the car insurance that car owners should buy"In this question, the dad has his own unique insights, and he will give you a special confusion.

The majority of car owners will allocate a car insurance for their car every year. Let's see what kind of types of car insurance must be bought together?

That is, the "mandatory insurance liability for traffic accident accidents", we can see from the name that this is a type of insurance that every car owner needs to buy, and you can't go on the road without buying a car.

The converted insurance premiums are unified nationwide, and different models will charge different intensive insurance fees, and each guarantee is set to pay a settlement amount of liability.

Picture source: Daddy Bao

Everyone may wish to understand that the strong insurance is like social security, only to improve the basic guarantee. If you want to obtain more comprehensive guarantee, if the cost of vehicle maintenance is not paid, the owner needs to allocate commercial vehicle insurance as supplementary.

As the name suggests, commercial car insurance is the owner freely choosing to insure, and the insurance amount can also decide on the own.

Commercial insurance is mainly divided into 3 major main insurances and various additional insurances.

Now my dad introduces the three main insurances, namely motor vehicle loss insurance, third -party liability insurance for motor vehicle, and personnel liability insurance on motor vehicles.

Motor vehicle loss insurance is used to ensure the vehicle's own loss caused by the vehicle due to natural disasters or accidents. If you encounter an accident, you can use the vehicle to repair the car loss insurance.

Of course, if it is a vehicle loss caused by factors within the exemption clause, insurance companies will not apply through claims.

Since the new car insurance regulations, the whole car stealing, glass crushing, spontaneous combustion, engine wading, scheduled exemption, specified repair shop, and unable to find third -party special car damage insurance are summarized into the new car damage insurance.Essence

Picture source: Daddy Bao

Only by the owner insured the motor vehicle loss insurance, the above -mentioned protection can be obtained.

The third party liability insurance for motor vehicles is used to ensure third -party personal casualties and property losses.

For example, if you drive on the road to other people or vehicles, if you pay strong insurance competence enough, you can use the third party liability insurance to pay the rest.

Among them, the payment amount is determined according to the insurance amount of the third party liability insurance bought by the owner at that time. Under the premise of his own economy permit, the owner should try to configure the insurance amount as much as possible.

The responsibility insurance on the motor vehicle is also called seat insurance, which is used to ensure the casualties of the owners and passengers.

The personnel responsibility insurance on the vehicle can be insured according to the owner and passengers, and choose the insurance amount.

Many domestic insurance companies provide a dragon car insurance service, such as Pacific Insurance, Ping An of China, Chinese PICC, Sunshine Insurance, and so on.

The insurance companies mentioned above are all big domestic brand insurance companies. In the choice of insurance companies, there are many equally outstanding options. Masters can buy with confidence.

In addition, the purchase method and channels of new car insurance are also very rich.

On the one hand, the majority of car owners can choose to buy from the official website of the insurance company or offline business site, contact the insurance agent to provide offer and consult services, or they can also use WeChat public accounts, applets, and Alipay for insurance.

On the other hand, the majority of car owners can choose to buy in the 4S shop. There will be special staff in the 4S shop to introduce car insurance and choose the appropriate car insurance for car insurance for car.

Reminder: When insured the car insurance for the car, the owner needs to bring your ID card and vehicle -related documents.

In general, the way to buy new car insurance is more flexible, and you can choose the most suitable way according to personal needs.

The introduction of the question about "how to buy new car insurance" is here. I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of how to buy new car insurance.


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On the car, it is dangerous.Uranus superstar was not spared.

On November 19, when Guo Fucheng participated in the "Macau RV Cup -CTCC China Automobile Field Professional League", his sports car was out of control in the game, collided with another racer, the vehicle failed, and could not continue the game. In the endHelpless retirement.

Frequent accidents

Guo Fucheng was invited to join the shell Jieka Cyc team to participate. He drove a red sports car with a number "88" and competed with other players to compete for the championship.

It can be seen from the live video that Guo Fucheng was surpassed by a black and white sports car behind a curve. Then the two sides collided. Guo Fucheng's sports car first hit the opponent, then hit the fence towards the left, and then hit it again intoThe opponent's vehicle who loses the direction.

The opponent's sports car hit the fence directly, the front of the car was severely damaged, and the thick smoke rose.

Although Guo Fucheng's "88" cars can still be driving, it seems that there have been faults. The two sides can only retire. Guo Fucheng was fined for 30 seconds because of a crash.

In fact, this is not the first time that Guo Fucheng had a car accident in the car. As early as 2013, Guo Fucheng's driving number was "88" race, and it also collided with another car., Directly pulled away by the trailer to repair.

Is there any corresponding insurance for the frequent race of the accident, can it ensure the personal safety of the players?

What insurance is needed for racing?

Speed is the most harmful in all sports.In the "Play Speed" movement, the F1 and India 500 series can be described as the limit. It occupies the limit speed of human land movement. It often exceeds 300 yards.stay.At this speed, slight collisions and tiny deviations may cause major accidents.

On the car, the next second may encounter unpredictable situations, which is still under the premise of driving technology and complete safety measures.Because of this, in many races, anyone participating in the car movement must sign a "life and death" with the organizing committee before they can engage in the competition, referee and maintenance.

However, the risk is true, and my heart still loves it, and it is often the true voice of many "iron powder" of many racing cars.Therefore, it is necessary to give yourself a professional accident insurance when engaged in racing (whether it is a race or training), so that even if the accident really happens, the loss can be minimized in time.

The organizing committee of racing events generally provides personal accident insurance for contestants.This type of insurance is different from ordinary accident insurance, and is a team accident insurance specially customized for the event.

Why do I need to customize?Because general accident insurance is except for car motion, it is not within the scope of general accident insurance.Compared with ordinary insured personnel, racing risks are greater, and participants are obviously more likely to be injured, which is not matched with the compensation rate of ordinary accident insurance.

Insurance depends on the law of large numbers, and its price is matched with risks.

The probability of high risk exercise insurance is high and the compensation rate is high. If ordinary accident insurance contains high -risk exercise guarantees, it will increase the price of ordinary accident insurance.This is unfair to most insured people who do not engage in high -risk exercise.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop exclusive insurance products for high -risk sports.

Although the current competition organizations are generally insured by the contestants, they often look stretched in terms of insurance.

For example, on May 22, 2021, the Yellow River Shilin Mountain Marathon in Gansu Province suffered extreme weather in the 100 -kilometer off -road race, causing 21 people to be killed and 8 people were injured.In this marathon, the Yellow River Property & Casualty Insurance provided personal accidental injury insurance for all participants and participated in the Congress of Congai Minsheng Rescue Liability Insurance.The content of group accident insurance guarantee includes: an accidental damage compensation limit for each person, a limit of 500,000 yuan, a medical expenses compensation limit of 30,000 yuan, and an additional acute disease insurance of 100,000 yuan.For contestants and families, this compensation is not satisfactory.

In addition, accident guarantee is not limited to racing sportsmen. For the staff of racing races, such as maintenance personnel, trainers, volunteers, etc., accident insurance is also essential, but the risk level they face is different from racer, so they are different from racers, so they are different from racers.The guarantee content must also be adjusted.

Along with the third round of state -owned banks and a number of joint -stock banks to reduce deposit interest rates in the third round of the year, the impact of the 2024 "opening of the door" activity was superimposed, and the attractiveness of insurance products was relatively improved.Some insurance marketers (also known as "agent") seized this opportunity to promote insurance products on social platforms such as friends circle, but a few publicity was suspected of misleading.

The "Typical Cases of Financial Consumers' Rights Protection of the State Administration of Finance Supervision" issued by the State Administration of Finance and Administration in October mentioned that the insurance company's "marketing and publicity behavior is not standardized, causing a large number of consumer disputes[Enter the black cat complaint]"(Source: Securities Daily)

In 2023, the property insurance industry grew steadily.Among them, benefiting from the growth of new vehicles and the reduction of purchase tax reduction and exemption of new energy vehicles, the rapid growth of the insurance premium of new energy vehicle insurance has promoted the steady increase in premiums in vehicle insurance.

According to data recently disclosed by the State Administration of Finance and Administration, the premium income of property insurance companies has increased steadily in the first 11 months of 2023.As the head of property insurance industry premium income, auto insurance premium income also increased steadily. In the first 11 months, the premium income was 777.8 billion yuan, an increase of 5.9%over the same period last year.(Source: China Securities News)

Recently, the State Administration of Finance and Administration and the State Medical Security Bureau drafted the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" and solicited opinions from local governments.The "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" has been formulated from many aspects such as improving support measures and strengthening standardized operations.

According to the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions", the medical insurance departments of various places shall be under the premise that the "minimum must" and "original data are not out of the" minimum must "and" primitive data are not out of the region of relevant laws and regulations, data desensitization and desertensing, guaranteeing fairness and fairness, and a confidentiality agreement with insurance companies.The principle of data available is not visible ", and explores that during the design period of the custom medical insurance security plan, it provides some basic medical insurance presidential data to the insurance company to participate in the insurance company to determine the insurance liability and determine the insurance rate.(Source: Beijing Commercial Insurance Network)

Since the beginning of this year, everyone is insurance,China Life Insurance, Taiping Life,China TaibaoInsurance companies such as Taikang Insurance have all landed in a new pension community.

The construction and operation of the elderly community coverreal estate, Hotel management, medical care, nursing and other fields. The industry chain is long, involved in wide professionalism, difficult to connect, and has no standardized construction and operation standards.

Insurance institutions generally invest in the pension community as a strategic business. Its value is now more reflected in providing a guest scenario for life insurance policies, thereby promoting the increase in the main insurance industry.The visit of the real scene of the elderly community has increased the customer's imagination of the retirement life, so that it has a clearer perception of the effect of insurance, and at the same time, it also increases the interaction time of the agent and the customer.According to data provided by insurance, in 2022, the standard premiums of the Chengxin and Pension Community increased by more than 70%year -on -year.(Source: China Economic Network)

On December 25, the draft amendment of the National Border Health and Quarantine Law was submitted to the seventh session of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People's Congress for review.Yu Jianhua, Director of the General Administration of Customs, was entrusted by the State Council to explain the draft amendment to the State Council. The implementation of the State Health and Quarantine Law has played an important role in preventing cross -border transmission of infectious diseases, ensuring human health and life safety.At the same time, this law has exposed problems such as insufficient content and not adapting to development and changes in practice, especially in the new crown epidemic prevention and control, exposure of the emergency response measures of major infectious diseases and diseases in the outlet shoreThe issue needs to be further improved and improved by the relevant system and mechanisms of national health quarantine, building a port quarantine line, and providing a strong guarantee for the people's health and national public safety.(Source: Health News)

On December 25, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the High -quality Development of Disease Prevention and Control and Control," which proposed that by 2030, it will improve multiple departments, cross -regional, and military -land joint prevention and control mechanisms to build disease -control institutions and disease control institutions and disease control institutions and disease control institutions and disease control institutions and diseases and control institutions.The prevention and control institutions of various specialty diseases are backbones, medical institutions are relying on, and grass -roots medical and health institutions are the network bottom. The medical and control systems of military -civilian integration, combination of prevention and treatment, and cooperation of the whole society will be improved., Form a working situation of sound system, smooth mechanism, clear power and responsibilities, complete functions, efficient operation, coordinated linkage, and strong guarantee.(Source: Health News)


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