Wuhu City Chengnan Experiment Middle School won the first prize of the world robot Enjoy AI Global Finals in 2023

The一线资讯 2023 International Education Robotic Festival and the ENJOY AI Global Finals opened on December 9th in Chinese historical town -Wuzhen.The ENJOY AI Global World Finals include 11 contests including "Summer Games", "Non -attack", "Rescue Pioneer", "3D Online Virtual Robot", and "Little Whale Tour the ancient capital".Artificial intelligence, automation and other technologies cover knowledge in the field of STEM. Participants need to complete mechanical construction, software programming, and robot debugging. It is a science and technology carnival that really belongs to young people.From China, Russia, the United States, Australia, Ethiopia and other five continents, 24 countries and regions, more than 15,000 3-22-year-old elite robot team players gathered together to compete for the ENJOY AI 2023 global championship.

In the finals, the four junior high school teams sent by Chengnan Experimental Middle School in Wuhu City participated in the competition. In the extremely intense competition, the students fully played their wisdom.The robots they designed not only have strong functionality, but also work hard in terms of procedural details.In the end, with the solid technical skills, innovative design concepts and tacit team collaboration, the students successfully passed two rounds of competition and successfully completed various tasks.The school Wu Yuheng, Wang Lehan, Feng Qing, Fan Kexin, Chen Xinrun, and Shen Ronghui won the first prize of the finals, and Lu Yanqi and Li Yuze won the third prize of the finals.

This competition was a better result after winning the World Robotics Youth Design Contest in 2023 after winning the World Robot Youth Design Contest.The award -winning students said that the competition benefited them a lot.They believe that in the training and competition, they not only learned about robotics related knowledge, but also exercised their own team collaboration and communication skills.The students also said that the award will inspire them to work harder in the future study life and contribute to China's scientific and technological innovation cause.

In recent years, the school has attached great importance to the education of scientific and technological innovation in youth, has continuously expanded teachers, expanded students' participation, and provided students with more practical and innovative opportunities.The achievement of this finals not only reflects the enthusiasm of students in the city for AI technology, but also shows the school's results in science and technology innovation education.In the future, the school will continue to run scientific and technological innovation education, and is committed to doing a good job in scientific plus law in the "double reduction" to cultivate more excellent scientific and technological talents for the society.


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