Sam settled in Qingdao and was exposed to the site?Behind is the great change of Qingdao business!

Now,hot topic website it is the time when Qingdao's business changes are under great changes, and it is also the time for new business.

01 Sam came to Qingdao?

On the afternoon of January 6, when the municipal party secretary Zeng Zhan Rong went to the city to investigate, a planning map marked the Sam membership store:

It is reported that this is also the first time that the Sam Member Store's proposed specific location in Qingdao (currently not signed the landing), which is in Happy Binhai City.

As a high -end member store owned by Wal -Mart, Sam has opened more than 30 member stores across the country.However, as the third city in the north, Qingdao has not settled in a son.

Earlier last year, the senior management of the online rumor Sam member store came to the Happy Binhai City Multinational Company Regional Headquarters Exhibition Center for field inspections and investigations.

However, the response of the North District of the North District is: At present, the North District is still actively communicating with Sam supermarkets, and Samfang has not officially released it.

As early as October 2021, the West Coast Transportation Business District posted an article in Guanwei, which mentioned that at the Sinochem Innovation Science and Technology City of West Passenger Station, negotiating to win the Sam Member Store.

Unfortunately, whether it is the Happy Binhai City in the North District or the West Passenger Station of the West Coast New District, the Sam member store has not officially landed.

02 Business introduction heat

In addition to the Sam member store, Qingdao is also introducing other business and has become a fashion trend.

In 2019, when the largest chain membership supermarket Costco (Kaishi) in the United States opened in Shanghai, it was so popular that it was a sensation across the country.

In 2021, Kai City Passenger announced the first batch of national urban layout maps. In the distributed map, there were 12 cities including Beijing, Qingdao, Nanjing, and Shanghai. Qingdao ranked among them.

It was also in 2021 that after the opening of the city's visit to Qingdao Chengyang, it was basically determined to settle in Chengyang.Since then, it has been spread, but there has been no substantial progress.

By April 2023, it was "the opening of the city Guochengyang project has been terminated."

In addition, in September 2023, Wangfujing Group settled in Licang District:

On the former site of Liaoyang West Road and Decathlon in the former city of the city, it settled in Wumi, which was also from Beijing.

In July last year, after Beijing and Shanghai, the third national "Ultra Permiated Shenghui Project" in the country settled in Li Cang.

At the same time as the new business is frequently landed, some of the original business in Qingdao started the tide of closing stores.

03 Old Commercial Close Tide

Not long ago, Li Cang Baolong Plaza officially closed the store, which was taken over by Daon Group and will build Shunhe Training Center.

In September last year, Carrefour (emerging store), which opened for more than 20 years, closed the store and was stationed by Jiajiayue Supermarket.

In July last year, Hisense Plaza officially took over the Carnival Tesco.

At the end of 2022, Oaks Square in Licun was taken over by Wanda Plaza.

Going forward, the Wal -Mart of Taitung was taken over by Liqun, Jiajiayue took over China Resources Vanguard, Hema Xiansheng's thumbs in the square closed stores, and so on.

New business has settled in, and the old business is constantly closing the store. Qingdao business is changing tremendous. What is the reason behind it?

04 Differential Qingdao Business

In recent years, Qingdao's hottest is the VIP closed store for Hisense Plaza. It has exceeded 200 million yuan in sales for many years.

From the above content, it is also known that the latest business introduced by Qingdao is also mostly high -end member stores and domestic head business brands.

Most of the closed shops are unsuccessful in the middle -grade business, and those who choose to take over them are medium and low -end brands mainly based on life supermarkets.

this meansQingdao's business two -polarization is divided. You either explore it up and develop into high -end business to make money from the rich; or go down to compete with the online business, farmers' markets, and life hypermarkets.Essence

The kind of business that can't be overwhelmed in the middle is inevitably educated by the market and entered the ranks of closed stores.

Behind the back,Rich people have their own circles, and they are not much of online merchants. The high -end business that has been successful has always had their own sources of stable customers; and as the consumption is downgraded, ordinary people have not entered the supermarket.Shopping or buying vegetables in the farmer's market can only attract their attention only by cost -effective supermarketsEssence


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