How to look at 3000 points in A shares in May 2022?

Continue to shock down the bottom.Today,高速资讯 the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell below 3000 points again, but no obvious panic was seen, and the market twice shocked down the bottom.I have a few views on the market outlook for reference.
1. Or continue to shock down.It is expected that the stock market will continue to bottom out next week. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index may test the support position near 2930 points. This one must do psychological expectations.
2. The downside of the secondary shock is mainly killing weights and killing indexes. It will affect individual stocks, but it will not have a great impact as some time ago. The probability of continuous plunge is not high.
3. There are no signs of U.S. stocks at present. Although it has experienced a sharp decline last night, it still does not seem to be stable to prevent the risk of further decline in US stocks.
4. It is completely different from the previous period of time. At present, the systemic risk of A shares is lifted. This is the second fall to the bottom and grind the bottom. There is no need to panic in my heart.
5. It should not be too early to add positions. I will continue to maintain low positions in technology stocks.It is expected that there will be a continuous shrinkage in the back, but the decline will be significantly reduced.
6. In addition to the obvious signs of the bottom of technology stocks, although other sectors are also in the bottom range, the bottom is absolutely unclear, so it is important to choose the plate. This is the core logic.
7. At present, the biggest risk is mainly concentrated on high -level weight stocks. Try to avoid it. The main concentrated sectors are new energy, cyclical stocks and large consumption.

I have eaten meat for the Hongrun Construction of Fan Si, and I continue to eat meat in May., Do n’t miss Fan Si: I used the skills and methods of ten years of entering the market, re -invent 80 stocks, combined with market analysis, screening a big cow: a. Become a wave of market hotspots in the tour of the capital.b. The company's performance reversed, the performance continued to grow, the cash flow was stable, and the moat was stable.c. Low low price, the daily limit traversed through the annual line, the Japanese, week, and monthly line KDJ also appeared low -priced golden fork. D. Now is the bottom area.It is expected that 80%of the room for rise is controlled by flat lift.

8. Today, the decline of A shares is affected by the US stocks last night. It has fallen very fake, and the amount of volume can be severely shrinking throughout the day. This "infinite air drop" phenomenon shows that the market does not want to fall.

9. It can also be seen from the performance of individual stocks. Today, the two cities have a daily limit of 100 shares. Although the index fell 2.16%, it has fallen less than 5%.Ridiculous?

10. Many people today see that the market has fallen so much, and they can't shout again. I have to bottom out for the second time. Running quickly. Is the market rising for four days?

11. Some people say that the plunge of US stocks will affect A -share performance. I ask, can U.S. stocks fall every day?Since A shares are affected, there is no reason to be short. At this time, the US stocks have stopped falling and stabilized.

12. Now it is the bottom area. At present, the broader market is building the bottom. Just hold the shares honestly. If you eat a bite, you need to take a step by step. Don't worry.

13. In the end, the market will take off next week, and a large number of stocks will continue to fluctuate up. After a month, you will find that the market has gone out of a continuous tremor.

Well, I should say everything I should say, do n’t do what it ’s because of a call back today. There is no problem with the market. It’ s very healthy. I can continue to attack next week.Stocks, holdings, and shares!
Finally, it is emphasized that it should not be too early to add positions, and the bottom is grinded, take it slowly!I wish you a nice weekend

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On Friday, the three major stock indexes suddenly fell suddenly, and the trend of killing and falling in imagination made stocks of the two cities generally dive.Let the short -term expand the market, and the selling of the pressure plate is still under pressure.Unfortunately, the lunch disk still has not bottomed out, and the short energy continues to increase the decline in the losses to accelerate the vent. Can it rise again next week?

A -share: Return to 3000 points, and the news comes, next week, the stock market is forward!

Good news came out, and the central bank released the loan investment in financial institutions in the first quarter. In the first quarter, loans increased by 8.34 trillion yuan, an increase of 663.6 billion yuan year -on -year, and the balance of various loans of financial institutions at the end of the first quarter of the first quarter was 20101 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.4%year -on -year.The loan increased and the funds were abundant. After the sudden decline in yesterday, the market closed back to 3000 points. There was news that it came to favorable banks and consumer sectors.You can understand that the short -term plunge is still in a big opportunity. Next week, there is hope that it will be accelerated after sidewalking.

Since April, the institution has intensive investigations. More than 1,000 listed companies have surveyed more than 1800 times, and 128 companies have been surveyed by institutions 100 times.It means that the valuation of A -share has fallen out of attractiveness. The long -term funds of some sectors have continued to buy, and the basis of the basic orientation has not changed. The institution has frequently investigated it.It means that when the three major stock indexes fall, some sectors do not have the risk of falling.

At the end of the first quarter, the market value of the three institutions shrinks, social security funds, QFII, and insurance companies shrink by 6%. At the end of the period, the total market value at the end of the period decreased by more than 170 billion yuan.At present, the enthusiasm of electronics and pharmaceutical biological institutions has increased, and the enthusiasm for investment in new energy track has declined.Institutions with high investment income requirements are likely to start to change, which means that the investment value of investment value has begun to enter a good time.

After closing the market, Hong Kong stocks fell 3.81%, and 20,000 points were in dangers. The Hang Seng Technology stock index plummeted 5.23%. The Nikkei 225 rose 0.69%.Ten years of US debt yields broke 3%, technology stocks, banks, and aviation diving.The trend of Chinese stocks is not satisfactory, the superposition of new energy vehicles has fallen, and the global stock market has continued to rise in short -term.

According to the data of the China -Foundation Association, the net value of public fund -raising fund managed by the institution has a total net value of 2.508 trillion yuan.The institution is still actively participating in the subsequent stock market, and many funds announcement will restore large subscriptions.However, 2196 stock funds and partial stock funds, the fund that revenue for the last month accounted for 8%, indicating that the short -term uncertainty and falling trend made the fund's general negative income.It is likely to continue until mid -mate.

Yesterday, the turnover decreased by 141.2 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day. After the festival, the turnover shrinks in two days. The Shanghai Index will return to 3,000 points to collect 3,000 points under the Shanghai Index.Although the disadvantaged environment of the Fed's current interest rate hike triggered the risk of funds and the short -term liquidity has not improved, the super -declined growth style stocks are likely to be greater than risks.

The private equity confidence index reached a new high in the year. The confidence of the hedge fund manager in May increased by 5.01%over April.From this point of view, nearly 60 % of the fund managers are optimistic.At the end of May, the average patent position of the stock of stocks was 70%, which was 3 percentage points from the end of March.It can be understood that the decline in Friday may be washing the disk, not the beginning of a new decline.

In summary, the author believes that the sudden decline in yesterday has continued to amplify due to domestic and foreign factors, and the risk of Hong Kong stocks has triggered A shares diving.What is pleased is that many listed companies have fallen out of cost -effectiveness. The good news of the central bank is released, and the risk of killing the fall next week is likely to decrease.At present, the mid -line has continued to decline, and the risk of a small decline in the short -term. Next week, there will be hope to construct the trend of platform finishing, and the bottom of the bottom is brewing.

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1. Promotion next week
First, it is clear that the direction of the market will be empty next week, and the overall will continue to run with the box shock, but after the inertia falls, there will be a short -term opportunity!Both and short parties next week will also start fierce competition around the 5th line of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index!

Because this Friday, the 5th line has been run to 3010, and the point with the most intersection of this line next week is 3000 points!Looking back at the running trajectory of A shares in the past ten years, 3000 points are the strong and weak watersheds of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index at the trend level!If it does not recover from this point for a long time, it is relatively large to destroy the market popularity.

Therefore, when a large return appears again on Friday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index is desperate to stand above this point!However, from the perspective of the physical periyin line with the upper shadow line this week, the short -term profit throwing and panic throwing disks are still relatively high!Coupled with recently, it has also been frequent, so it is difficult for A shares to quickly get rid of the weak situation in the short term.

And next week, there are more than 100 listed companies to lift the ban, with a total market value of more than 80 billion.Although it is not particularly large, it has exceeded the scale of more than 50 billion yuan this week!At the moment when the market's emotions are not stable, it is naturally a relatively obvious sharpness. Therefore, there will be a high probability that there will be an inertia decline tomorrow, which will inevitably fall below the 5 -day line.

But the short -term opportunities will become closer and closer, because the support next week is around 2973!This point is a clear technical support at the middle position of the low point last Wednesday and the middle position of this Thursday.Based on the macro analysis of the 5th line of next week, you can foresee it in advance. Once you fall to near 2973 next week, the main probability will have a strong protection disk.

2. Technology must be pre -judged in advance to be more effective
Because of this, the rebound after the shock next week will definitely not be reversed, but at least it will be a good short -term opportunity!And the sharp decline in Friday, except for the lack of market sentiment.It is also the operating logic of the market itself, as well as the common interference of external factors!The external factors are relatively simple, that is, the recent sharp shock of U.S. stocks.

The logic of the market itself is that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has rebounded 4 continuous love days from before the festival, and the rebound rate has exceeded 6%during the period!In the past, the rebound during the trend was basically 5%to 7%, so the market itself had a demand for callback.

In addition to Thursday morning, 30 minutes of MACD had signs of departure, so I reminded everyone strongly at noon that day that it was not suitable for chasing high!The market is even more blunt. The market will shock for 8 to 10 hours from noon that day!That is, to be precise, this short -term callback will fluctuate to the end of tomorrow.

It is based on this that after the day, it is speculated that if it shrinks on Friday for 30 minutes, it will be established!As a result, look back here again. The moment the shrinking was low on Friday, the departure of 30 minutes was indeed clearly established!It can be seen that technology must be pre -judged in advance to be more effective.

3. Trend pressure line
In summary, regardless of whether there is a sharp one next week, the short -term callback is a high probability in the near future.The short -term support is 2973, but the pressure next week is related to the trend pressure line!Specifically, since the end of last year, A shares have been in a state of trend at the trend level.Among them, the trend pressure line has been run from 3138 in April to 3105 this Friday.

Under the short -term throw this week, even the high point in the week failed to break through the trend pressure line!The possibility of touching this line will be touched next week!In this regard, I have also taken meticulous calculations. It is speculated that the trend pressure line next week will run from 3105 to near 3070, so 3070 will be the weekly pressure next week!

The focus is on the significance of the pressure next week in advance. It is that when rebounding again after the current fluctuations, it will avoid seeing the high point last week as the pressure of next week, thereby reducing the possibility of being stuck again by short -term!

4. This year's eating market starts in the third quarter
Finally, look at the trend level. In fact, the sharp recovery from January to April this year has brought the uncertain factors that have been fully released internally and outside the market!The 5th line has also formed a turnaround upward shape near 3000 points. After the collection with 3000 points next week, although there is a higher probability of running below this point, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index is still likely to have a high probability that it will probably likelyStand up.

The point is that while the impact of external losses on A shares gradually weakened, domestic in China was affected by changes in the living environment last month, which caused a certain resistance to the production and operation of physical enterprises. Some industrial chains were also stopped!However, over time, this situation will definitely improve and recovery. It is nothing more than time. I am full of confidence in this.

So the key is when it will be fully recovered!Recently, I have also given specific judgments many times, and the time node proposed is around July this year!Although I dare not assert that it will be normalized, it will at least be much better than the situation in May and June.

Because after the sharp recovery of January to April, the market confidence and emotions need time to recover, and the two months from May to June are the empty window period of policy and fundamentals, so I realize that a box is used.The form of shock runs.There may be changes in the top of the week, but the space will not be too big regardless of the rebound or decline during the period.

In July, it is the window period when the policy is released throughout the second half of the year. By then, it will work hard to complete the economic goals during the year, and many industries will be greatly supported!The structural expectations brought by this will promote A shares to get out of a large wave of rising markets.

As for what point will it rise to the time of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index, because it is still early!But here I can combine the trend to let you talk about it in advance:

Looking back at the history of A shares, it will be found that no matter the bull market or a bear market, there will be one or two waves of eating every year!From the beginning of the third quarter, this year's meal market will be repaired by the market, and the probability will cover most of the declines from January to April this year!

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Today, the defending war at 3,000, the last moment won.The market stays for 3,000 in two consecutive days, and it is said that if you continue to stay tomorrow, if you continue to keep it, a big rebound should come!

Although the two cities have sold 670 billion yuan, the lowest level of the past year.However, the hype of individual stocks is hot. Nearly 4,000 red disks in the two cities, 165 daily limit, 0 shares daily limit, and the mid -range and median are+1.43%.The broad market index does not rise, but you can make money. This market is beautiful!How much did you return?

Aijun believes that the market in May is more similar to March, which is sluggish, but the stocks are dancing.The next new shares Kaichun shares have been 4 consecutive boards, and they have doubled their trends. This is very inspired by short speculators!Against the background of the institution's no money, foreign capital is not strong, the capital+retail investors control the market leadership, just one word: dry!

Finally, wait for you, my 700 billion!

Today, the broader market opened low, and then kept the shock throughout the day, and the end of the market was red, which was completely consistent with my expectations.We do not talk about the index. Today's performance of individual stocks is also remarkable. The daily limit of 165 has also refreshing the day with the largest number of daily limit families in the near future, which shows that the "smart" funds of various ways have begun to attack!

Chunjiang Water Warm Duck Prophet can already be seen from today's daily limit!

I proposed that two weeks ago that the conditions for the end of the market to build the bottom was that the transaction volume of the two cities had to be reduced to 700 billion yuan. Two weeks ago, the trading volume of the two cities remained at about 900 billion.Many people say that it is impossible at all.So today, I finally waited for the scale of the broader market!Today, the trading volume of the two cities is only 671.3 billion. Although there is no participation in the funds of the north, the capital of the north will also be tens of billions of transactions every day. Therefore, today the broader market has reached the standard of extreme shrinkage.

Many people say that shrinking means a decline, which means that the decline has not ended, but my point of view is just the opposite!I think that the "land volume present land price", the emergence of land volume also means that the market is ending, and the new round of offense is about to start.

If the scale is not enough to explain anything, then it is the time to witness the strength.Now that I have seen the extreme shrinkage I want today, from tomorrow, the market will be able to attack Zhongyang at any time. I originally planned to start on Wednesday.It's!

Everyone, hold the chips and wait for taking off!

(The picture below is the prediction before. There are pictures and truths.


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