The latest 100 UP owners are released, revealing the commercialization of commercialization in station B

On the evening of January 6,Hot discussion information website Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as "BRC") awarded the top 100 UP owners of the year in 2023.In each single award, the UP main "Hurricane of Film and Television" won "the highest popularity of the year", the UP master "chess player battle eagle" won the "live annual black horse", the work of the UP master "Matto AlanBecker"Get "Best Work of the Year".

The main ceremony of the top 100 UPs of Station B is an annual event for video creators.In the third quarter of 2023, the average daily active user of Station B was 103 million, and the number of active users of the month increased to 341 million.The main number of daily active UPs increased by 21%year -on -year, and the number of UPs above 10,000 powder increased by 36%year -on -year; the average monthly video contribution increased by 37%year -on -year to 21 million.

The reporter sorted out and found that in 2023, the top 100 UP owners, Zhongxin and the old faces, interspersed alternately, and the anchors were diverse.For example, "Hurricane of Film and Television" has won the top 100 UP owners in five years, and the familiar names such as "Sword Sword", "Luo Xiang said criminal law", and "old tomato" continue to appear on the list of top 100 UPs.At the same time, the first award -winning vertical field appeared in the list of UP owners, such as the UP owner "Mr. Song Hao Official".Forecast analysis of weather and science of disaster prevention and mitigation.In addition, from the perspective of the main order distribution of the UP, among the top 100 UP owners in 2023, the number of fans with a number of fans is between 1 million and 2 million.

A trend worthy of attention is that 16 -digit UPs including "MR Story" and "Dean Xiaochao Dean" won the "annual business influence" and the "new commercial forces of the year" award.

Judging from the recommendation of the awards on the platform, commercial monetization ability has become an important consideration for the platform.According to Station B, one of the eight UP owners of "New Business of the Year", one of the eight UP owners of the "Xiaochao Dean", on the "Double 11" video in 2023, to the first list of the platform ranking; as the "The annual commercial influence "one of the eight winners" stares "During the Double 11 period of 2023, the cumulative payment amount of the full channel of live broadcasts and goods was 1.68 billion yuan, an increase of more than 400%year -on -year.

"The success of the fascination in commercialization has made a good demonstration for other UP owners who want to try to live and bring the goods." Station B said.

The reporter noticed that the categories of many UP owners also fit the direction of the platform's advertising growth.According to the platform, the average daily contribution of science and technology products in the third quarter of 2023 increased by 80%year -on -year. The average daily submission volume of home appliances category increased by 89%year -on -year, and the video playback volume of maternal and child parent -child categories increased by 170%year -on -year.Correspondingly, in the third quarter, the top five advertisers industry in Station B were games, digital home appliances, e -commerce, food, drinks and cars, and total advertising revenue increased by 21%year -on -year.

Commercialization is one of the most concerned about the future of the industry in the current industry.In the third quarter of 2023, on the one hand, the commercialization rhythm of the platform accelerated, and on the other hand, under the fierce competition of e -commerce, the demand for cross -platform buying surged.The company's COO Li Yi said at the telephone meeting that "the third quarter is generally the off -season of the e -commerce industry, but the e -commerce advertising revenue of Station B still achieves a year -on -year increase of over 90%."

It is worth mentioning that when the platform was accelerated by the platform, the transmission data of the hundred UP owners broke the long -term question of the outside world: the platform increases the density of advertising and marketing activities, which will cause certain user loss.The reporter saw that in the third quarter, the daily active users of Station B had passed the 100 million mark for the first time; monthly active users increased to 341 million, which was also a record high.The proportion of daily active users in monthly active users increased to 30.2%.

Picture source: station B


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