Learn a IELTS 7 points in 3 minutes / paragraph (No. 220)

January 4,Express information website 2024

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IELTS 7 composition,

It is the accumulation of day after day, bit by bit.

In some cities, Plant Located Shops, Schools, Offices and Homes in Specific Areas Which may be

Do the Advantages Outweigh The Disadvantages?

【Sentence Example】

In some cities, especially Newly Developed Ones, LAND Is Segregated Into Different Zones Based on Specific Uses, Such As Residential and Commercial Areas.


1. Task Response

This sentence analyzes the characteristics of "cities divide the area according to the function of use", such as divided into residential areas and commercial districts.

2. COHENCE and Cohesion

This sentence can be used at the beginning as a conference of the phenomenon.After this sentence, the author can give his position to answer whether the "benefits are greater than the disadvantages" of this model.

3. Lexical Resource

"Segregate" is a verb, which means "separation".

"Zone" is a noun, which means "region".

"Residential" is an adjective, which means "residential".

"Commercial" is an adjective, which means "commercial".

4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy


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