The commercial breakout of the big data platform in the AI era

  Southern Finance All Media Reporter Shi Enze Shenzhen Report

  In 2023,热议资讯 the rise of the Chinese AI "Hundred Model War" has become a must -have homework for each company's boss.But what exactly is AI?There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people.

  History is always amazing.The once -current "big data" made each boss a "Big Data Age" on the head of the bed.But the effect of big data from concept to landing has only begun to appear in recent years.

  In 2014, the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences incubated the establishment of the Shenzhen Beidou Applied Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Beidou Institute") to focus on the intelligent upgrade of industrial intelligence in the large transportation field. Zhang Fan was appointed as the first dean of Beidou Institute.In 2017, Beidouyuan took the pace of the market. Shenzhen Beidou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. announced its establishment (referred to as "Beidou Smart"). Zhang Fan served as CEO and began to explore the combination of artificial intelligence and transportation.

  Recently, in the dialogue with the reporters of the Southern Finance and Economics, Zhang Fan talked about his thinking about Chinese big data to AI commercial breakout.In the scene of the scene, he proposed the "multi -faceted" model to radiate the experience of traffic big data outward to more industry scenarios.

  Combined with the above model, Zhang Fan believes that in the AI era, the data that were originally stayed on the large screen could be used to form a smaller floor -to -ceiling closed loop with the help of the edge hardware beading lines, making the AI front -end application become the exit of big data.This model is conducive to forming barriers to big data companies. At the same time, this also means that the arrival of AI will make big data new changes in commercialization -the project is lighter, the landing is faster, and the coverage is wider.And all of this change will be even more intense in 2024.

  (Zhang Fan, the founder and CEO of Shenzhen Beidou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) "Du Multi -Face", radiates the traffic scene experience outward

  In 2011, catching up with the big data wave, with the academic accumulation of big data for many years, Zhang Fan as Shenzhen Peacock Talent returned to China to join the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology ("Advanced Institute").After the popular track, Zhang Fan decided to take more standardized traffic scenarios as the entrance to help the government use big data to supervise public transport operations.

  According to Zhang Fan's memories, the application of big data in the early days focused on the direction of regulation.In 2014, when the online car was promoted, Zhang Fan's team undertaken a government research topic to specialize in the analysis of taxi operation and the impact of online car rental on the taxi industry.After that, Zhang Fan also took this opportunity to help the Shenzhen Transportation Bureau optimize the travel route of large transportation hubs."Government purchase services, and then provide services to the public. This is the earliest business model of data transactions."Zhang Fan said.

  However, there is always a problem that troubles Zhang Fan, that is, big data can only be used by a few people, and cannot be rolled to each node, which plays a greater role in daily decision -making.And all this is that "the algorithm model and business are always unable to form a close -ups," Zhang Fan said.

  To this end, Zhang Fan began to try more commercial exploration.In 2016, Zhang Fan's team and Shenzhen Bus Group jointly landed on the "advantage buses" of the flexible customized bus project to empower data to operate decision -making, and popularize and open it to more people through the front -end app.In 2017, Zhang Fan's team cooperated with Shenzhen Rail Public Security to develop a set of perception network and big data analysis platform based on the entire platform site of the subway to achieve abnormal personnel mining and abnormal behavior analysis, helping the subway scene to establish a set of three -dimensional security prevention and control and controlPlatforms can respond faster when abnormal events occur.

  Regarding the effect of this three -dimensional security prevention and control platform, Zhang Fan gave a set of data: On the basis of the 2019 Shenzhen Metro's daily peak passenger flow of nearly 6 million people, the system assisted thousands of fugitives."Beidou Institute participates in the technical specifications of urban rail transit police safety prevention systems and communication systems, and Metro Public Security in 14 cities across the country also uses the company's three -dimensional safety prevention and control platform for the company, and has achieved good results." Zhang Fanexplain.

  Based on the accumulation of "multi -faceted and wide -faced" experience of bus and subway scenes, Zhang Fan's team radiated this model into water, electricity, communication and other scenarios.The commonality of these scenes as the subway is that there are countless public nodes similar to subway stations in the city, such as water pumping stations, power distribution rooms, communication iron towers and other facilities.Mode.

  As a result, with the opportunity of the intelligent improvement of public infrastructure in the AI era, Beidou's smart goal is to break out the ceiling of the original traffic big data platform, extend the technology to every perception point of the city, and become a participant in smart cities.Drive by hardware to form a "small closed loop" and build a new barrier in the AI era

  In addition to the scene breakthrough, the big data platform also needs to cooperate with the evolution of technology to explore new business models with the evolution of technology.

  If it is also used in the way to build a big data platform, and based on the amount of explosive growth in the AI era, it is necessary to supplement the construction of a super large data center, which will cause enterprises to face the problem of too long and high costs in the platform construction.

  In response to this problem, the breakthrough method of Zhang Fan's thinking is based on the "point" breakthrough, which improves the intelligent level of the edge equipment. The data that was originally processed on the big data platform was made to form a set of small closed loops with faster feedback.Overlapping the management characteristics of the public infrastructure grid, if each node can become a "agent", real -time auxiliary people can make decisions and perform effective action, which can shorten the response time and decision chain to improve the overall business efficiency.

  In this regard, Zhang Fan vividly described it in the interview that "this is equivalent to implanting a 'little doctor' in each node's equipment."In this way, the company will bypass the large -scale mountain center to build a large -scale data center, and use the minimum cost to maximize the effect of AI empowerment.

  It is worth noting that in the previous model of the pure software platform, the data only stays on a large screen or viewboard, which causes the data to have a close closed loop with the process of the enterprise itself.Zhang Fan believes that the arrival of AI can allow grass -roots employees to use the characteristics of AI auxiliary decision -making, so that data can analyze in real time at each node, and give play to the value of the data."Zhang Fan said.

  Based on this thinking, Beidou Smart found the subdivision of the big data platform in the AI era, that is, cut in with the edge of intelligent hardware, and found the way of survival different from the AI factory in the reconstructed small closed ring iteration.Zhang Fan further explained that now on the market, manufacturers who are good at AI software are characterized by the "control" of the Internet of Things equipment;Algorithm development capabilities.The Beidou Intelligent will comprehensively comprehensively build a new barrier of big data platforms in the AI era.

  At present, Beidou Intelligent has completed three rounds of financing to the A+round. Among them, the A round was led by Sequoia Capital, and the A+round was invested by the government -guided fund Guangdong Yue property investment fund, Shenzhen Nanshan war, and new investment.One round of financing.


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