Music teachers' special concerts add kinetic energy to enhance the level of music teaching

On December 18,一线资讯 Shaoya County held a special concert in primary and secondary school music teachers' vocal music to further show the positive spirit of music teachers in primary and secondary schools in Shaya County, promote continuous learning of music teachers, enhance their business level, enhance the art between teachersCommunicate and improve the teaching level of music aesthetic education in Shaya County.

On the same day, at the concert site of Shaya County Second Middle School, music teachers from various schools came on stage to show their talents in the field of music.The performance of the entire concert covers a variety of vocal works such as ethnic songs, art works, ancient poems, theme songs of famous books, and original ecological flowers.The atmosphere at the scene was warm, and the audience was immersed in wonderful music, and felt the joy and emotion brought by music together.

Wang Jiahui, a teacher in Shaya County Second Primary School, said: "While this concert enriches the cultural life of campus and improves the aesthetic literacy of teachers and students, it can also allow students to feel the beauty of music and traditional culture without the campus, and promote ChinaExcellent traditional culture promotes and inherited in contemporary youth. "

The folk music ensemble "Iron Blood Dan Qing" adopts the form of a five -person ensemble to perfectly integrate the traditional instrument and modern musical instruments to interpret a song full of rhythm and emotional expression. The song is melodious and affectionate, capturing the hearts of the audience.Hao Caijuan, one of the performers, is the planning and director of the show. During the performance, she expressed the artistic conception of the music to the fullest with her right control of the music.

Hao Caijuan, the host of Shaoya County Music Studio, said: "This concert is the first time that this type of event has been launched in Shaya County Music Studio.Various styles such as theme songs have high artistic and ornamentality, broaden the aesthetic vision of teachers and students, cultivate artistic sentiments, enhance cultural cultivation, and further promote the construction and development of the beauty culture of our county. "

The concert was hosted by the Shanya County Music Teacher Teaching and Wiscomable Cultivation Studio. It was hosted by Shaya County Second Middle School. With the theme of "shining all the way to the same way," more than 30 music teachers brought 20 classic songs.EssenceEveryone either solo, or chorus, or playing musical instruments, or dance performances, while showing their outstanding musical talents and unique artistic charm, they also continuously promote the further improvement of the music education and teaching in Shaya County.


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