JD.com has restarted the front warehouse and selling vegetables. There are two teams in JD.com trying related businesses. From a business perspective, how do you think of this?

"Eleven Finance Eleven" was exclusively informed that JD.com has restarted the front warehouse to sell vegetables,Latest information website and two teams in JD.com have tried related businesses.One of them is the Fresh Institute of Enterprise (affiliated to the Dashang Super Industry Group). It is currently looking for points. It is planned to open dozens of positions in Beijing this year.The purpose is to explore new business opportunities.The other is JD.com.

In this regard, JD.com did not give a response.

In 2018, JD.com has briefly deployed the front position business.The front warehouse is a commonly used warehouse distribution model for the community group purchase industry. It is about to transport it, store it to the front warehouse first, and then distribute it from the front warehouse. Each warehouse is covered by about 3 kilometers nearby.Delivery in 30 minutes.The representative platform isDing Dong to buy vegetables, Meituan buy food, Park Park Supermarket, etc.A freshman industry said that after 2020, no news of JD.com continued to do the front position.

Do dozens of points in Beijing a year, and the volume is not small in the industry.A pre -warehouse industry told "Eleven Finance" that currently there are about 100 points in Beijing to buy vegetables and Meituan.The front warehouse of Sam Supermarket has about 20 points in Beijing, and the monthly revenue in the Beijing market is about 150 million to 200 million yuan.

JD.com has not yet taken the front warehouse as an important business.A person familiar with the matter said that at present, most of the resources and weights of JD.com have tilted to cooperative merchants, including large supermarkets, convenience stores, community stores, etc.Most of the users place orders on the "JD.com" channel, and most of them are also shipped by cooperative merchants.

The fresh fresh channel was the first -level entrance at the beginning of the "JD.com". In the second half of last year, it was renamed "JD.com to buy vegetables". The purpose is to hope that more consumers know that they can buy food at home at JD.com.

At present, on the "JD.com" APP, you can search at least two JD.com's self -operated front warehouse stores. The name of the store is "JD.com."A colorful commercial center in Chaoyang District, Beijing, with 18 categories including vegetable beans, fruit flowers, leisure snacks, beauty care, digital home appliances, including more than 1,400 pieces.On February 2nd; another headquarters in Jingdong Group, Daxing District, Beijing, with only 7 items on the shelves. On February 28, "store rest" was displayed.Both stores are provided by Dada Express, a subsidiary of JD.com. All the stores are Shenzhen Chunxiaohua Kaikai Technology Co., Ltd., which holds 100%of JD Hong Kong International Co., Ltd.

The characteristics of the front -standing model are large investment and high operation and maintenance costs.Since its birth in 2015, the industry has experienced expansion and shuffle, and many companies have closed down.The latest change is that the front industry leaderDaily bestIn July of last year, the main "rapid" business was shut down and abandoned the front warehouse model.

Many people in the industry mentioned that JD.com has a strong supply chain capability, and the storage point of e -commerce is dense, especially in Beijing, and JD.com's early -stage cost of restarting the forefront freshness business will not be too high.Not only that, the front warehouse business, which has been considered as "losing money for growth" before, has developed a trend of profit.Ding Dong ’s purchase of vegetables shows that the total revenue in the fourth quarter of 2022 was about 6.2 billion yuan, an increase of 13.1%year-on-year; net profit was 49.9 million yuan, and the net profit under Non-GAAP was 115.8 million yuan, which achieved a single quarter profit for the first time.

Ding Dong's buying food can achieve profitability. In addition to the platform itself reduced expenses, shrinking positions, and cost reduction, the overall competitiveness of the industry is also declining, and the frequency of burning subsidies has decreased significantly.

Earlier, JD.com tried community group purchase and fresh -fresh positions.In 2018, JD.com launched community group purchase projects such as purchasing and Youjiapu; in January 2021, JD.com launched the "Jingxi Fun" (the next day of community group purchase) and gave a lot of resources to support.Under the continuous losses, Jingxi stopped the business of most provinces in 2022.

JD.com's low -key review before the market sells vegetables to sell vegetables

JD.com's front warehouse dream was re -ignited.Recently, media reports said that JD Group will set up an innovation retail department to integrate Qixian and fight as independent business units to go deep into retail offline business layout.The business was previously responsible for Yan Xiaobing, who was responsible for JD International as the person in charge and reported to the CEO of Jingdong Group.At the same time, JD.com also restarted the front position in a low -key restart.It is exclusively informed that JD.com has been put into operation in Beijing to operate two self -operated front warehouses to explore the front position business of the self -operated e -commerce model.Logistics distribution "method.At this step, JD.com took five years.In 2018, JD 7FRESH supermarket opened, and the pre -warehouse fresh model of the "warehouse shop" was trial.Subsequently, it was repeatedly tried to break through the businesses such as Jingxi and Qixian Supermarket, but did not hand over the answer that made JD.com satisfied.Will this front -to -position model innovation help "Giant" JD.com to find the second growth point?

1. Restart the front position in a low -key restart

Father's Day launched the "son" of the Dada rider to become the elderly.A series of actions all show that its importance to real -time retail has further increased.

As an important branch of real -time retail, the front position business at the end of the community is also undercurrent.In February this year, it was reported that JD.com restarted the front position business in a low -key, and it is planned to open dozens of positions in Beijing this year.In this regard, JD.com did not respond.Although it remained low -key to the outside world, as soon as the news of JD's restarting self -operated front positions came out, it attracted a lot of attention in the industry.After more than 3 months, how did JD.com's self -employment progress progressed?Walker Finance is exclusively informed that as of now, JD.com has two self -operated front warehouses in Beijing to enter daily operations, which are located in Shilihe and Tiantong Garden.The front warehouse is in the intense construction and preparation stage.It is understood that there are currently two teams in JD.com before testing the warehouse business.One is the JD.com team, but the resources and weights of JD.com are mostly tilted to the cooperative merchants. They have not yet used the front warehouse as an important business.The other is the fresh business department belonging to the Dashang Super Industry Group.According to public information, at present, Ren Tao, the person in charge of JD.com's front positioning business, is also the general manager of the open platform business department of JD.com's major business super business group. This also proves from the side.Leading.In the context of the leading business department of Dashang Super Institution, JD.com tried to rely on e -commerce capabilities and e -commerce logic to copy the self -employed e -commerce model that had been successfully depends on in the front warehouse delivery, which is self -evident.

2. Personal delivery mode, can be delivered within 2 hours

In terms of city selection, the reason why JD.com first opened a pilot in Beijing was mainly because the supply chain, warehousing, and logistics were relatively complete. The early cost of restarting the front warehouse business would not be too high.Through the visit of the horse, the restarted JD.com's front warehouse is not a new service format under real -time retail, but it is more like an extension of the traditional e -commerce business of the main station.It adopts the "mixing of the same city" model in the performance. In the two front positions of operations, the orders can cover areas with a diameter of 5 kilometers around. The goods in the same area can be distributed after successful "spelling orders".From the perspective of efficiency, compared to the previous day and the same day of JD e -commerce, the front warehouse of the "same city" model can be accelerated to 2 hours.At present, users in the Beijing area choose the address near Tiantong Garden or Shili River. You can enter the business entrance from the main station. Through "JD APP -JD Supermarket -JD.com Purchase -Searching JD Time Purchase", you can find "JingdongSupermarket "self -operated front position.On the one hand, this entrance setting proves that the front warehouse of JD is still in the early stage of the initial stage, and the other party also shows that the front warehouse is more valued, and it can be divided into a share from the main station traffic.In the initial stage, the orders of JD.com's front warehouse mainly came from e -commerce traffic.A staff member in the warehouse said that recently caught up with the 618th promotion, the order volume from the main station was very large, and the man was nervous.From the perspective of the user's perspective, the pre-warehouse store page of the operation is displayed, and the reservation delivery time category of the ordering page settings is set according to two hours (such as from 17: 00-19: 00).

According to the observation of Malaysia Financial, there are problems with low orders in the two front warehouses. There are only two or three items per order for each order, and some are only a box of eggs.Paper towels, laundry solution, etc.This may be related to the logic of JD.com's diversion to the front warehouse with the current "main station product". The user is not a page to buy products on the page of the store, and the number of natural pieces is low.A person in charge of a rider introduced that the current order type is mainly an appointment form. Each rider can take 7 to 13 orders. Each order will be arranged in the same direction as much as possible, and a trip will be delivered within 2 hours.

According to reports, JD.com's ordering in front positions adopts a "wave -order distribution" mode, that is, the number of orders will be available within a certain time range to reach a certain value, and then releases the delivery needs of the rider.Many riders also said, "There are no particularly obvious peak hours, running alone, and sending it by wave." This distribution method is largely different from the "buy and sending" method such as Hema, Ding Dong, etc.Like the performance logic of "e -commerce+logistics".If the unified entrance and the main station in the future and the main station, whether the capacity distribution can meet the needs of the peak, it is necessary to observe further.

3. The front warehouse is the upgraded patch of Jingdong's self -operated e -commerce


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