Jinan adds commercial landmarks!The sixth Wanda Plaza is gorgeous sailing


[Jinan adds commercial landmarks!The实时新闻 sixth Wanda Plaza is gorgeous] Jinan ushered in a new development milestone, and the sixth Wanda Plaza officially started construction.The project is located in the core area of the West Passenger Station area and is adjacent to many well -known commercial projects.As the largest fourth -generation Wanda Plaza in Shandong, the total construction area is as high as 650,000 square meters, including multi -functional areas such as Wanda Commercial Complex, office building and theme business hotels. It is expected to usher in the first batch of customers at the end of 2026.


Jinan's urban skyline will soon usher in a new height!The highly anticipated Sixth Wanda Plaza has been fully launched. This commercial giant located in the middle axis of the Xike Station area is not just a shopping mall. Its overall amount and functional diversity will bring unprecedented lives to the citizens of Jinan citizens.Experience.

The highlights of this project are endless: the golden location on the West Railway Station of Jinan, close to Weihai Road and Zibo Road, and other important commercial facilities in the city.Its heart area, Wanda Mall, will be guarded by four towering towers, two of which will be used as top office spaces, and the remaining two are used for business hotels and other commercial purposes.The design of the office building is particularly noticeable. The 270 -degree corner glass curtain wall window has raised the modern office experience to a new height.

It is expected that at the end of 2026, this complex will be officially opened to the public. At that time, residents will experience a new business model integrating shopping, office, and entertainment.The advent of Wanda Plaza will undoubtedly further promote the commercial development of Jinan City, adding an important force to the regional economy.

Editor's comment:With the addition of Wanda Plaza, Jinan's business layout has been expanded again.Wanda Group's move not only brings a multifunctional commercial complex to the city, but also a new interpretation of future urban lifestyle.The completion of this commercial giant marks that the urban development of Jinan has entered a new era.


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