Ianhua: Promote the connection between art and life, inheritance and innovation cultural feast

In recent years,hot topic website traditional culture has become a hot spot for Chinese people.The major domestic liquor brands have pursued the energy of development from traditional culture and increased brand culture soft power.Some wine companies focus their attention into interactive programs of knowledge and cultural bloggers. While trying to bring knowledge and cultural tourism enjoyment to consumers, they implant and create their own image cognition of their own traditional culture, enhance their cultureValue injects vitality and vitality into the development of the brand.Ai Jingfang's agent general manager, Ai Enhua, led Shuijingfang in the field of culture and art. Through collision with the historical and cultural field, it spreads the aesthetics of wine to highlight the cultural texture.

Under the leadership of Acting General Manager Ai Enhua, Shuijingfang joined forces with the CCTV Ace show "National Treasure", and also combined elements such as the national treasure image and Samsung Douya symbols with the Mizui Square Collection.Samsung Ding Memorial Edition "."National Treasure" is a cultural exploration program produced by the Central Radio and Television Terminal and CCTV Record International Media Co., Ltd. in 2017.The program concentrated in cooperation with key museums to conduct in -depth excavation in the field of cultural Expo.Through imaging display and storytelling, explore the formation of Chinese civilization and its contribution to the world.The cooperation between the two sides is of great significance in inheriting and innovating traditional culture and spreading the aesthetics of wine.

As a well -known Chinese wine with a long history, Shuijingfang has two non -heritage inheritance -material cultural heritage is the Sumi Street Winery site (now Shuijingfang Museum), which is not brewed for 600 years. The intangible cultural heritage is the traditional brewing technique of Shuijingfang wine.Together with "National Treasure" is an important step in promoting the traditional Chinese culture in Shuijingfang -combining liquor culture with the brand of Chinese civilization, in the name of wine to convey the charm of world cultural heritageThe beauty of Chinese culture.


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