From Memphis to "Wei Si", the design of Master Zhijia X ALDO design, creating a new benchmark for artistic intelligence

Tianhu blue porch,一刻资讯 bud green carpet, zebra pattern and bright yellow cabinet, cardamom green, creamy white and maple lobe red & hellip; & hellip;18 color schemes.

It is Memphis & mdash; & mdash; eye -catching colors, strong style patterns, unique shapes and materials, vivid, abstract, and full of humor of life.

It is not all Memphis & mdash; & mdash; under the eye -catching color collision, it is the porch's tablet -free hand -storage cabinet.

Picture 7.png 

(Figure: The effect map of Zhi Aijia "Wei Si")

After Qingyu, Jian Ai, Milan, and Chan Song, Weisi, as the fifth art intelligent equipment product of Zhi Ai family, introduced ALDO CIBIC to Memphis's wanting and inspiration into home improvement design, bringing "only Si-Life-Life-LifeThe "color" new product style of color has achieved a new breakthrough in the artistic and functionality of home improvement.

The beauty of Memphis has a more earthy soul under the "thinking" of only thinking.

Image 8.png 

(Figure: Aldo Cibic)

Beauty of Memphis

The 1980s was a wonderful age.The rapid development of the economy broke through the low -key and darkness brought by the Cold War. The bright and bright colors and the strong style pattern became the darling of the design world.In 1980, at the home of Italian architect Ettore SottsAss, Bob Dylan's "Momfis is trapped in the town of Mombier again in the town of Momiis".The name is taken out and named the new aesthetic genre for yourself.

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Since then, the bright colors, pattern styles and geometric shapes, with the name of "Memphis", began to have a huge impact on post -modern design in the 1980s.In the fields of sculpture, painting, furniture, interior design, functional 桎梏 is broken, and the Memphis style with radical design is to respond to the rationality, minimalist and practical aesthetics of modernism through deformation and irony.

Naturally, Memphis's response not only stayed in the 1980s. With the rise of pop music culture, the appearance of MTV was also deeply influenced by Memphis's style.Blowing into the fashion industry, it continues to affect the public's aesthetics, leaving Memphis products with unique era characteristics in each era.

Picture 10.png 

In 2021, in the new village of Anshan, Shanghai, in the dilapidated neighborhood, a Memphis style was quietly born.The blue room main wall, yellow dining table, and red kitchen and bathrooms make the original crowded space glowing strong vitality.

This house is the residence of Aldo Cibic in Shanghai.In 1981, Aldo Cibic, 27, worked with his teacher and well -known architect Ettore Sotts. He participated in and witnessed the birth of Memphis style.When ALDO was 64 years old, he left his Venice mansion and moved into Shanghai, only 34㎡.Under his personal transformation, the house boarded the most well -known design magazine "Living" in Italy, and it became popular overnight.

Picture 11.png 

(Figure: Aldo Cibic's residence in Shanghai)

Aldo Cibic does not hesitate to show Memphis aesthetics more possibilities.Among the new products of Zhi Aijia, he based on Memphis style, based on the needs of the living space, provides exclusive custom colors for Weisi new products, and uses different materials into space design.Improve the visual level of space.In addition, ALDO CIBIC is even more original design furniture, bringing a new living experience with childlike and vitality.

Pind to

Compared with other home improvement products in the market, the master series of Masters of the Masters created by ALDO CIBIC is undoubtedly a new breakthrough and attempt.In the new product of Weisi, the first thing that can be glimpsed is the bold avant -garde of ALDO CIBIC in color use.

In the functional partition of the house, it is boldly expressed in different color languages.The porch uses the main color of the blue lake. The door design is elegant and clean. It uses a simple layout method to maintain the storage function while maintaining the texture.The dining room adopts an integrated design and uses Tianhu Blue as the main wall color, which weakens the sense of space pressure and the sense of boundary. With the bud green carpet, the space is more agile.The kitchen adopts the upper and lower design of the floor cabinet plus the hanging cabinet. The bright yellow cabinet and the blue wall paint of Tianhu are strong, making the main space of the house a visual symbol with a memory point.

Picture 12.png 

(Figure: The effect map of Zhi Aijia "Wei Si")

In the design of private spaces such as bedrooms, study rooms and bathrooms, Wei Si pays more attention to the color improvement of the living experience.The bedroom adopts the same living room, the same Tianhu blue, and the natural texture of the wall and wooden furniture creates a comfortable relaxation.The study room uses the collision of cardamom green and bright orange to make the space warm and neat.In the bathroom design, the storage function is used to use a very individual red wall cabinet to bring a quiet texture.

Image 13.png 

Image 14.png 

(Figure: The effect map of Zhi Aijia "Wei Si")

Cross -border, as one of the kernel reflection of Memphis style challenging and radical, is also presented in the new products of Weisi.In the combination of texture, only the texture of the natural rocks of the tiles with the wood texture of the floor can extend the texture in the space.In the combination of shape and function, ALDO advocates breaking the inherent function of furniture. Limited to the hidden drawer design of the buckle TV cabinet, which can be a TV cabinet or a long stool.Combined together, it can be supported, or the additional design of the hidden cabinet can be used to achieve storage function. The sofa in the study can also be used for bed, so that the function of the furniture can break through the shape of the shape.Essence

Picture 15.png 

Image 16.png 

Image 17.png 

(Figure: Zhi Ai Jia "Wei Si")

Naturally, the most Memphis part of the new product is undoubtedly the custom furniture of Aldo Cibic for the original design of Weisi.In customized furniture such as porch cabinets, meals, wardrobes, etc., simple lines and bright contrasting styles can be seen everywhere.The bright bright yellow in the open area of the meal cabinet is matched with the white contrasting color of the cabinet to form a space embellishment.The wardrobe uses yellow and white horizontal stripes and bright yellow, and the red gradient vertical stripes and purple -red double panels are combined with the striped texture with the color block to present a charming mixed beauty.

Image 18.png 

(Figure: Zhi Ai Jia "Wei Si")

Obviously, as an art intelligent rectification product, I think about custom colors, cross -border matching and fun furniture, and fully interpreted the many possibilities of Memphis aesthetics in home improvement products.As a product of Zhi Aijia, Zhi Aijia continues the master design of masterpieces with both art and functions in Weisi. It is also the blessing of the smart system of Zhi Aijia Z-Link, making Wei Si not only look good, but it is not only good-looking.Also better.

Wisdom of Zhi Aijia

As an art intelligent reorganization brand, Zhi Aijia adheres to the cooperation of design masters at home and abroad, and builds a very productive living product.And the exclusive designer studio team provides a tailor -made design plan for each home.The whole system is equipped with the smart system of Lingli. Through the 5 full -house smart manufacturing systems, it will finally deliver the beautiful new home that is obtained.

As a new artistic intelligent rectification product owned by the Zhi Ai family, in addition to providing all category of custom -made furniture, it also achieves a rich intelligent living life through the full system with the smart home system of Lingzhi.

Lingzhi's intelligence in Wei Si provides four major scene solutions: full -house security intelligence, full -house lighting intelligence, full -house environment intelligence and full -house control intelligent equipment management.Smart scene.In the indoor light control, switching, brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment, curtain timing opening and closing, etc. can be achieved. In terms of environmental control, air -conditioning temperature, mode, air volume, timing, etc. can be set.

In addition to the remote control of the APP, the core interaction of the Sisi family intelligent control is based on the Z-Touch intelligent control panel.The Z-Touch intelligent control panel manages more than a hundred smart devices through 4 intelligent systems, and has a built-in "small wooden steward", which can easily implement the intelligent control function through voice interaction.The customization of scenes and interactive panels allows new products to present new Z-Touch panels to limited color schemes, which can be perfectly integrated with the home improvement style, truly realizing one-screen control, full-house intelligence.

Picture 19.png 

(Figure: Z-Touch smart control panel)


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